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The Big Steal from Donald J. Trump is on- and only you can stop it.

The Bush-Cruz-Kasich-Romney-Ryan-McConnell faction has united and is moving into high gear to steal the nomination from Trump. The immediate plan is an all-out bid to deprive Donald Trump of victory – and to steal the delegates to defeat him. We have seen the will of the voters who voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump thwarted by Republican Party bosses in Louisiana, Colorado, Arizona, and now in Indiana where party leaders are stacking the delegation with anti-Trump hacks even before the voters in that state have voted. But that is only part one of the BIG STEAL.

Even if Donald Trump secures 1237 commitments on the first ballot, the anti-Trump forces are stealing a majority on questions of rules and Credentials. By placing anti-Trump Republicans in the Trump delegate seats (so called Trojan Horse delegates) they plan a rules change that will unbind the delegates. Because they have stacked the Trump delegate seats with ringers, this crucial vote comes before the first ballot for President. If passed the Trump delegates will no longer be bound by party rules to vote for Trump. Anti-Trump quislings are being planted in various delegations that will be free to betray Trump, regardless of the will of the voters. This is the BIG STEAL.

That’s why we have called for a peaceful but massive, non-violent STOP THE STEAL RALLY MARCH ON CLEVELAND #OurVotesMatter- July 18th. This is a peaceful, non-violent rally. We must send the GOP a clear signal through our sheer numbers that we will not vote Republican, nor work for the ticket if Donald Trump is robbed.

This grassroots rebellion is co-sponsored by Stop The Steal, Citizens for Trump, We Will Walk, Truckers for Trump, Women for Trump, Students for Trump, and Bikers for Trump.

Even if you can’t make it to Cleveland, we need your help and support today.

We plan the biggest Rally in Cleveland history. We must own the streets. In numbers there is strength. We must bring thousands of Trump partisans to Cleveland. We must ask each Trump delegate to sign a ballot pledge to respect the will of the voters. We must lobby our elected Delegates at their hotels. We must fill the streets! We need thousands at our March and Rally.

We have applied for a permit from the City of Cleveland for a Rally and March. We are working closely with law enforcement to insure the safety of Trump supporters. We must outnumber the paid professional agitators sent by radical Mexican groups, Move-On, and Black Lives Matter to incite violence, which the Main stream media will blame on Trump and his supporters. Above all, we must not be provoked into violence.

Even if you can’t make it to Cleveland, we need your immediate help

We need buses to bring protestors from all over America and back home. We need inexpensive housing for Trump supporters. We need Big Screen Staging. We need porta-potty facilities and a sufficient sound system. Bottom line we need to raise $262,000 in the next two weeks.

If you can’t make it to Cleveland will you help those who can? Will you send $500, $200 or even $100 to this crucial effort? Of course, if you can send $1000 you will have a dramatic impact on our effort.

We are NOT a SuperPAC, or any other kind of PAC. “Stop the Steal”, which is organized under the Internal Revenue Code and so all contributions, in any amount, including corporate donations, are legal and gratefully accepted. Let’s make history! Let’s make America Great Again! Time is short.

Paid for by the Stop The Steal ( and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.  Contributions will be used in connection with federal elections.  Contributions or gifts to the Stop The Steal are not deductible for Federal income tax purposes as charitable contributions.

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