Character Determines the Ultimate Future of a Politician! – Steve Pieczenik Talks

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Source: Character Determines the Ultimate Future of a Politician! – Steve Pieczenik Talks

Character Determines the Ultimate Future of a Politician!

Character Determines the Ultimate Future of a Politician!

Personal Character Determines the Fate of a Politician!

Ted Cruz Has ZERO!

In contrast, Mike Pence Soars Like a New Ronald Reagan!

By now, you have seen or read about Ted Cruz’s pathetic performance last night at the Republican Convention. Like the dribbling narcissist he is, he showed his true colors as a failed Canadian and a Cuban Evangelical sycophant.His paean to the very values of freedom and moral conscience fell on deaf ears because he was speaking to a crowd that wanted to hear an endorsement of Trump rather than Cruz’s blithering blather.

Oblivious to the audience, Cruz continued talking about/ to himself and his non-existent future as Republican President.The delegates correctly booed him off the stage because he was, as he has always been, self-righteous, boorish and un-American.


There is, within this sick puppy Cruz, a malicious strand of envy, competitiveness and cowardliness that strains to the sounds of a false bravado when he talks about our warriors, fighting ISIS, veterans and American freedom.

He was born in Calgary, Canada.
He never was, or will never be, an American. He can’t! He has evidenced no core values that can withstand defeat or persistent attacks on his unctuous personae.

In contrast, I was completely blown away by Governor Mike Pence [R-Indiana] an exceedingly articulate, modest, self-assured American with strong Midwestern values.The moment he spoke, I noticed that impish smile of a confident speaker who informs the audience that he and they are in a unique collusion of fun, endeavor and eventual success.

The first thoughts that came to me, as I listened to his well-timed mellifluous voice, was the fact that I was watching the reincarnation of a new Ronald Reagan. He was deferential to his wife and children [son is a Lieut. Marine Corps]. He then thanked his mother who had reared him on the corn-stalked landscape of the Hoosier State.

Unlike Cruz, Pence had no problem subsuming his own self to the more flamboyant personality of his new boss, Donald Trump.Whoever chose Mike Pence to be the counterweight to Donald’s more acerbic self, struck gold and deserves major kudos.


No two men could have been more different and, yet, more alike in their collective ambitions to reach the White House. Mike Pence showed himself to be a real heavy weight contender in the national arena of Republican politics. He spoke about Donald in terms of their dual aspirations, accomplishments and future achievements.

Never once did Pence, use the words I, me, or even enter the Cruz-like self-referential terms like ‘personal conscience’ and other nonsensical bullshit.

Welcome on board! Governor Mike Pence! and let’s proceed to destroy the Clinton machinery, once and for all.Then let’s get onto the White House and Make America Great Again!  

Who would have thought that in one single night Cruz would self-destruct while Pence rose like a Phoenix to salvage the remnants of a new Republican Party?

Soar, Mike! Soar!

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