What is Propaganda? This is Propaganda

by Jason Van Tatenhove , August 9, 2016


Jason Van Tatenhove

“Propaganda” is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. Propaganda is often associated with the psychological mechanisms of influencing and altering the attitude of a population toward a specific cause, position or political agenda in an effort to form a consensus to a standard set of belief patterns.

Propaganda is information that is not impartial and is used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, often by presenting facts selectively (perhaps lying by omission) to encourage a particular synthesis, or using loadedmessages to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information presented.” (according to Wikipedia)

This video is a perfect example of propaganda being put out by the SPLC.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-w1l7tDbgc]

We find ourselves surrounded and inundated by such propaganda everyday. Over the weekend I came across a new video that was making the rounds across social media. It was, of course, put out by the Southern Poverty Law Center and was narrated by “Waco” Jim Cavanaugh. Waco Jim has spent over 30 years in and leading the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. He has been a part of some of our largest government overreaches we have seen in recent generations, including Ruby Ridge and Waco. Waco saw the death of over 80+ men, women, and children. Ruby Ridge saw an FBI HRT sniper shooting a mother with a child in her arms after U.S. Marshals had already shot her 14 year-old son in the back.

Jim was leadership through these actions and now he is again stoking the fire and seeking to further divide us. In this particular video, he speaks on the dangers of a movement of citizens that have come together to stand up against what they see as a government overreach. He begins by presenting the “standoff in Bunkerville, NV of 2014.” What he does not touch on is that the Bundys were literally one of the last families that were still able to make a living in that region through ranching. He also does not show the videos of the peaceful protests that led up to the people combining their First Amendment rights with their Second. This video linked here, clearly shows that the ranchers who came out to protest with the Bundys were specifically unarmed (at first).  It was not until a militarized law enforcement arm of the Bureau of Land Management brought in assault rifles, sniper rifles, attack dogs, and proceeded to tackle a grandmother, who had just survived cancer treatment, and a pregnant woman almost got mauled, that the patriots decided it may be in their best interests to be armed for the sake of self defense, to prevent another Waco-type incident.

I would like to note that it has never been those on the side of the patriots that have initiated violence.  At Ruby Ridge and Waco, government agents fired first, by shooting dogs, and then people.  The government initiated violence in Oregon, where LaVoy Finicum was killed at a road block.  No patriots shot at any government agents, nor at anyone else. The patriots at Bundy Ranch and at Burns, Oregon knew better than to shoot first, because to do so immediately escalates the situation to a deadly force situation. The patriots do not want violence, they just want their government to abide by its founding legal charter and obey their own law. In Oregon the people involved surrendered peacefully. In the video, Jim also mentions the Millers, a husband and wife that killed two Las Vegas Metro police officers in a Las Vegas Cici’s pizza restaurant six weeks after the Bundy situation, and he mentions that the Millers attended the Bundy Ranch protests.  He completely ignores the fact that the Millers were asked to leave by the patriots at the Bundys’ property once it was discovered that Jerad Miller was a felon, and the Millers were never part of the security operation there.  When the powers that be put out this type of propaganda we must do everything that we can to shine the light of truth onto them.

I must ask why is it that the SPLC only seems to direct it’s ire onto groups and movements that fall to the right side of the ideological spectrum. Where are their outcries about Black Lives Matter and other like-minded groups who riot, destroy property, and directly threaten law enforcement and incite others to commit violence against police? The SPLC has never left their Ivory Tower to come out and actually investigate these claims that they make of us all being racists who want to overthrow the government. Both of these claims are just plain false. Anyone who has spent any time with the patriot groups knows that they are comprised of many colors (for example, on our “About” page, you can see interviews with black Oath Keepers including footage of black Oath Keepers veterans at Bundy Ranch). In a recent documentary co-produced by the SPLC “Hate in America, A Town on Fire” they had the audacity to show an image of so called racists that included three friends of mine from Montana an Idaho.  One is Hispanic, one is Canadian and one, through marriage is the only “white” person in his family. But it does serve as a great illustration as to just how wrong the SPLC gets things.  I, for one, have never wanted to overthrow the government. I just want to see them do a much better job and follow the laws that our founders set forth, and in particular, the Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the land!

This type of one sided video serves to further divide us along racial, political, and social lines. Make no mistake there is an agenda to divide us, because the powers-that-be know that we are much easier to control when we are fighting among ourselves. I implore all of you to reach out across socioeconomic lines and across blue lines. Take the time to get to know and listen to each other so that we might understand each other a little better as Americans. Dismiss the one sided propaganda.

NOTE FROM STEWART:  Please see my response to this SPLC hit piece here.



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