Once A Gentleman, Always A Gentleman

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Immediately after taking a severe bashing from Hillary at a “Catholic Fundraiser for Kids” Donald Trump still proves himself a gentleman as shown in the screenshot with him actually helping Hillary get into her chair! This really is who this guy is, he doesn’t see anyone differently as can be continually noted when he is not being shown in the negative bad light the MSM loves to do. He treats women and men with the same respect NATURALLY, regardless if you are the most hated woman in America.

However, this event and others of its kind are a negative. It is meant to bring all the rich together to bash each other in the name of humility and laughter while raising money for kids. This notion is touted notoriously with many religions that in fact is really meant to tear down being human which is an age old conditioning that most people do not even recognize because it has become the norm. As someone surviving Catholicism that is the one major thing you walk away with – Mea Culpa Mea Culpa you horrible human sinner! I did say I survived though and I think the human species is magnificent and does not need to be torn down to be built up again because someone or entity says so. No, life is tough enough. You don’t need a religion to wake up to that reality! Perhaps the Catholic Church would do better to stand by its own purported Dogma but they have always talked out of both sides of their mouth, so no surprise here then, knowing the money will probably get laundered through some sex slave pedophilia trade.

The reality of knowing that you are going to walk into and speak to a room where 99% of the people there do not like you in your new claim, but liked you when you gave them money – had Donald Trump NOT gone to this sham of an event HE WOULD HAVE BEEN CRUCIFIED BY THESE SAME PEOPLE, THEY CRUCIFIED HIM ANYWAY – HOW CHRISTIAN OF ALL OF YOU! You want to be a Christian, then walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ who had no brick and mortar building to teach his message. I do appreciate the history and Latin lessons from 12 years of parochial school, but the most important thing I learned was in second grade, ‘Honor God and treat others as you want to be treated’ and if I had a voice then I would’ve told my parents ‘ok I’m good, now get me out of here…’ Organized religion has always been the downfall of mankind, humans are much more magnificent than they would have you believe.

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