Stone: Anti-Competitive Libs Want to Shut Down Independent Media

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The discredited mainstream media wants censorship of alternative media which is more influential, says insider Roger Stone.

“What they realize is in this most recent election the tipping point has been reached,” Stone said on The Alex Jones Show Wednesday. “Independent net-based media now has more power than the networks and cable TV and the mainstream media who were in the tank for Hillary Clinton from day one.”

“Therefore, they’re hysterical trying to discredit us.”

“These people lie, they go on air and they say these things that they know are falsehoods again and again,” he added.

Ironically, the media’s accusations of Infowars, Breitbart, and The Drudge Report being “fake news” have only backfired and accelerated their irrelevancy because the attacks themselves have been debunked.

“All these attacks have done is make us stronger,” Stone pointed out. “Their ratings are falling. No one’s watching because no one believes them now. And ultimately they’ll go out of business because they will no longer be profitable.”

When leftists lose elections, as they did with Reagan and Nixon, their next move is to try to co-opt the winner, Stone said.

“The glad-handers and the self-promoters are marching onto Trump Tower en masse,” he warned. “These people are submitting their résumés to this transition who never shared Trump’s philosophy and in fact are probably responsible for a number of the bad policy decisions that brought the country to where it is today.”

The establishment is so determined to shut down real news sites that the European Union recently demanded that social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to begin censoring so-called “fake news” under the guise of combating “illegal hate speech” and “online radicalization”.

Infowars is responding by spearheading a petition calling for President-elect Trump to defend legitimate independent media.

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