Trump to Nullify Oaths Taken On The Quran

Because they were sworn in with the Quran their positions in office are illegitimate at best, and illegal at worst.


Hugh Parsons June 15, 2019

On his birthday, President Trump let Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar know their position in office is in jeopardy. As leaders of the Hamas Caucus in D.C. Tlaib and Omar have been issued an ultimatum: to reswear into office using the King James or the Gideon Bible or be fired under the The McCarran-Walter Act of 1952.

This has created an uproar in the Muslim community with calls for lawsuits and Jihad throughout Little Mogadishu, previously known as Minneapolis.

Ilhan Omar has responded as such:

I will most certainly re-take my oath to office when I am voted back in. I will also recite the oath in Somali to make it clear I am unafraid.

Minutes after Ilhan Omar’s embittered response Rashida Tlaib chimed in:

If Cheeto in Chief has something to say he can say it to my face. Or does he have a doctor’s note for that too?

These women clearly don’t understand what country they are in, or what kind of president they work for. The GEOTUS won’t stand for this kind of talk and will most certainly fire back!

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