2 thoughts on “Lara Trump from Studio 45 in Trump Tower”

  1. If there is all this “proof” against Obama and the rest of his people, as stated on your web post from May 23, WHY have not any charges been put forth and people arrested?

    1. Patience is a virtue my friend. Currently there are 11 grand jury’s sat, meaning they’re still looking at evidence. There are also grand jury’s who’ve finished their cases and sealed indictments have been issued. As far as Obama is concerned, all that info just got exposed within the last couple of weeks and yes Attorney General John Durham has already started investigating President Obama himself. That is why he is in such a panic. He is being exposed. Let’s be clear though he may never go to jail, just prepare yourself. Proving Treason is very tricky. Do not discount the felony’s he committed though, that is where Durham is starting. You should listen to James R @realpersonpltcs on pscp.tv/realpersonpltcs or youtube.com/JamesR or DLive.Tv/realpersonpltcs, one of my best sources and they have not been wrong yet. I always post his live shows and videos here. As far as the rest of the cabal, rest assured it’s more likely you’ll see the lower minions go to jail, just not the big names. However, they will live eternity as the cautious tale we tell our children and that their names are synonymous with MUDD! #Benghazi #SealTeamSix #FastAndFurious It will be a miracle if Obama DOESN’T GET INDICTED, but it may be year or two before we get that far. People have no clear idea of just how deep corruption has been planted in the American nation. Breaks my heart we let it get this far. I pray America survives many many centuries God willing.

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