CNN About To Get Booted! Atom Bomb Drops On Networks Head—You’ll Smile Ear To Ear – YouTube

Lisa gives a great rundown on Exposing CNN. However CNN is privately funded unbeknownst to the public. They do not need our revenue or advertisers to continue plus they are televised in every airport across the planet brainwashing hundreds of millions of unsuspecting people every day, all day. CNN is an organization run by the cabal, the destroyers, the one world order globalists!

The most important thing you can do is to turn off ALL mainstream media. CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC – everything that is on cable, Netflix and on, get rid of cable! There are many many people speaking out with countering opinions and facts on the internet right now, you just have to know where to look. Don’t worry all those same fake news media agencies are everywhere on the internet as well, so you can always see what they are up to.

In this environment it is up to you to find truth and not buy into a plate of lies just because it’s easier. Currently, all you have to do is follow the President’s timeline on Twitter to know what’s going on in our government, or do your own research, it’s true! I have not had cable television in over fifteen years. I got tired of the cookie cutter news that were actually contrived narrative entertainment shows all with the same droning of conditioning the masses, it was always so subtle, but not anymore!

Do yourself a favor and tell the communication oligarchs you’ll just take the internet and phone services, that’s it. It will be cheaper, less stressful, less conditioning, less advertisements in your face or PC culture with no countering opinions, just the same message, submit or be shamed. I could go on but you get the picture. Seriously your life will have more meaning, more joy and you’ll be focused on things you’d rather be focused on if you stop allowing others to tell you how to think or speak. This is America kids, like it or not we don’t hold back when it comes to truth and injustices just make sure it’s your voice speaking and not someone else’s words. Speak from the heart, with facts in their totality.

Set aside an hour a day to do your research, get FeedDemon or Feedly to aggregate all of your favorite news agencies into one application on your desktop or your phone, watch you tube because there are still countering opinions to the leftist ideology being heard. There are multiple news organizations print and televised offering alternative voices. Take your pick! It’s all out there waiting for you to use that God given brain to find truth and knowledge. Question everything, it’s the only way to get as close to the truth as possible. Either humanity lives in truth or we live a lie, which is it?

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