The Kimono Is Open: The Biden’s Real Story Unfolds

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The elite globalists believe if you tell a lie enough people will eventually believe it. Sad to say the Biden’s legacy is riddled with lies, deceit, shamelessness and greed. They have stolen the people’s money and sold one of the highest held offices in our land to anyone who’d pay for access. We now know they’re not the only ones either. The truth is gushing out and there is no stopping this avalanche of what the American public will soon have to admit. We fell asleep at the wheel, bought into the lie and are at the crossroads of losing it all.

In some part it was done to you and for that the hair on the back of your neck should be standing up with an awakened passion for justice. It’s time to turn the table on those who would lie, rob and steal from the pockets of hard working Americans! This is our country, our government, our house and nobody is allowed to undo our Constitution!

If you love this country you will get involved locally and hold your nose while voting ‘red only’ in the 2020 elections. If you don’t know why you really need to get informed to figure it out! Democrats must be completely voted out and taught a lesson that we the people are still in charge and they work for us! We don’t want socialism, open borders, high taxes, we want to keep our private health coverage and medicare, but certainly not the subjugation the Democrats are offering you. If some Americans cannot see that, there is no hope for you. Just step aside. Yes, it’s that serious.

It’s time to bring in the snake to drain this swamp and the President cannot do it alone! Do you love America enough? We don’t have long to wait to find out. What will your legacy be when your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren judge your part in how you handled handing down this tremendous history of America, a 243 year experiment in true liberty! Will you toss it to the side and embrace the questionable future of your country, humanity, the world? Time is not on your side, my side or the worlds side. The tail spin is here. Will we be triumphant as a nation committed to the values handed down or will we succumb to the uncertainty knocking at our doors and throw this nation away? For me I will stand fighting and never fall to my knees in subjugation. Humanity is too important, and America is STILL the beacon of hope. ~ TiLT

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