I Called It! – YouTube

Politics is down stream from culture – no joke Sherlock! This is total b.s.! There are two genders! That’s it. You are not a pronoun! You are a human being (questionably), with a pension to play the expecting victim and insist on making the rest of the world pay for your inability to function in normal society! Then have the audacity to shame people into submission of this ridiculously PC culture madness being perpetrated on the public! Bullshit from beginning to end. Wake up America they are trying to make it law that your words that come out of your mouth right wrong or indifferent will become liable to anyone, anywhere. What’s that you here? The death knell of Free Speech?? These “children” need to grow up, get hit hard in the face with a real trauma, not some bullshit line “I’m offended!” Personally I would sue them first for ruining my day simply by being in my space. Two can play at this game! ~TiLT

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