This Blathering Idiot Just Sent Articles of Impeachment to the Senate With NO, Zero, Nada Viable Evidence of High Crimes or Misdemeanors!

Understand this! The Democrats don’t care who you’re mad at as long as you stay mad! They play only on emotion, causing chaos to complete their goal of undermining America while we sit around with our thumbs up our derriere trying to figure out “..what is she saying???”.

This is not a joke it’s a ploy to steal America right out from under you and Nancy Pelosi’s abuse of power is cause for an investigation into her and her finances. The table is too rich with “look over here, quick…” not to blatantly wonder what the hell is she hiding? Her days are numbered. Don’t be fooled, Nancy’s father was Mafia through and through. She comes by crime honestly through her upbringing she pretends was all bushels of hugs and kisses. Like her father before her she rapes and pillages anybody’s assets she can get her hands on. Just look at her salary compared to the billions she now holds. Nah, she needs to be held to account for ALL her sins, only a “real” Catholic would. She is no Christian right now, but every body gets a chance to repent. But that is between her and God.

Her comeuppance is also with We The People, in this realm, in this time when evil runs rampant across the planet, and as moral humans it is our duty to smite that which would pull us down and under from the face of God. Yes we have become a godless society, why do you think things look so bad? Why do you think evil runs through the veins of your own children when they’ve been taught to hate America? Wake up! Our task is now two fold, save America and every American child from age 0 – 50 who got it all wrong because we trusted the schools they went to.

The onus is on all of us who see through this charade we are living. It is our responsibility to right this wrong till our very last breath because we are in the fight of our lives, make no mistake! The fight between evil and good is everywhere you look. We either stand for goodness or our children’s children will pay the ultimate price of total loss of liberty and nothing but subjugation. That is NOT what the Forefathers envisioned for this country! It’s up to us to honor the legacy we’ve been given and put it in the light of God where it belongs! Start where you are standing. You’re a child of God, you have no idea the things you are capable of achieving until you trust in God to guide you. He’s waiting.

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