Patience Is A Virtue For Americans Today

In the age of awakening, it’s good to note that the wheels of justice grind slowly when in search of truth. Because we are waking up to the realization that the FBI, DOJ and something known as the Deep State have been committing crimes behind our backs and in our name, what is far more grave was their intent to nefariously rule America from behind the scenes where we continue to have no say.

They have gotten away with undermining the Constitution for decades and it is time we took our country back. This may be our last chance to do so! It’s imperative to get out and vote in 2020, both in the primary and general elections and to motivate others as well, sound the damn alarm!! Don’t be reluctant to pitch in! Support and VOTE every Republican in and every traitorous Democrat OUT! You may have to hold your nose to do it, but it is the only way for President Trump to get the support he needs in both the Congress and the Senate! He’s trying to do everything in his power to secure this nation economically and at the borders. In spite of the continuous Presidential harassment he continues to make strides in improving millions of American lives every single day! If you don’t believe me than pull your head out and go find out yourself. Look to the right and left of this article on my website, you’ll find everything you need to start your research. Otherwise you are missing out, in real time, one of the greatest stories ever, playing out right now for the world to witness!

Stay engaged after the election. Any Republican NOT performing is going to hear from every one of us!! This is about taking control of the reigns, doing our civic duty and finally putting Americans first! We pay our taxes, we abide by the law and we expect that our prosperity and safety are first and foremost across this nation! You can’t help others if you’re too weak to help yourself. We have years of work to do to clean up this mess if we expect to sustain the legacy our forefathers, parents and grandparents fought to uphold for us. That is if we intend to hand it down to our own children in tact!

You either love America enough or you don’t. It’s that simple. If you want to be the ruler of your own destiny than I suggest you get in the fight to save America! If not, than step aside and pray to God those of us who are ready to give our lives to save the Republic complete our mission. Do the rest of us a favor though, pray for America, vote all Democrats out, keep your opinions to yourself if you don’t know the whole story and know if you choose to fight against us, there is no place on the planet that we won’t find you to make sure you get your just dues.

‘One if by Land Two if by Sea’ The battle has already begun…

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