Biden (?) Buys Website Named ‘Keep America Great’ Using it To Ridicule The President of the United States

Ok, now you know! When you want to find out about keeping America great you will more than likely get this as your first choice to begin researching:

Source: Trump’s Promises Made, Promises Broken

This is Joe Biden’s, or one of his handler’s way of trolling President Trump.  So let’s put it to good use.

Now that you’re armed, knowing they’ve blatantly aired their insanity, use it as a place to begin.  Go there daily to find out what the left is assuming, making up or just flat out lying about.  Know that everything their website purports, even what Toilet Paper to use, is a FLAT OUT LIE.  What a great way to make seeking truth a bit easier.  Just go to your favorite enemy’s ‘website of shame’ to find the lie and then you’ll be closer to the truth.

Pass it on…

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