Never Forget...9/11 | 911 never forget, Never forget quotes, We will never  forget


This was done to Americans by our own government. President Bush was complicit as were Congress, the Senate and all those involved in the take down of America. YOU FAILED

You will continue to fail because you cannot kill an idea. You cannot kill our rights we derived from our creator AND you will NEVER kill the HUMAN Spirit!

Americans are committed to worldwide freedom for all people and we will never relent until this evil has been purged from this beautiful blue planet created by God.

God Bless America

God Bless The Men and Women Who Died For this Country.

And may God Bless each and everyone of his children alive today to give them the strength, the tenacity, the wisdom and the courage to never give up, never give in and to NEVER lose your connection with your creator, Almighty God.

In this we pray.

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