The Audit report has come out, and it showed over 50,000 questionable ballots in Maricopa county alone!

But here’s the question: What happens now?

The answer is clear: we have the information. Now, we change laws and arrest offenders.

I’m Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers. I am the Arizona Senator changing laws and exposing fraud in our elections! Help me make those who messed up the election pay for it!

I keep hearing “ok, we had the audit, what’s happening now?”

So, there’s a number of things we have to push forward at the same time to take advantage of the knowledge discovered by the audit.

1. Wrangle Maricopa County, whose supervisors committed many of the offenses.

2. Indict the offenders, including socialist Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

3. Assemble a national coalition for election integrity and audits.

First, Maricopa. They have been dodging our subpoenas for too long, trying to escape consequences for the election they stole.

Cyber Ninjas dispensed with Maricopa’s excuses, one by one. Now it’s time to see a perp walk.

That leads me to step #2, charges being brought.

The AZ Senate does not have the authority to send people to jail. But the Attorney General does!

BizPacReview reports:

Some critics accused Brnovich, who’s currently running to unseat Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly, of not being focused on what they say truly matters.

What they appear to want specifically is for the AG to deliver the fabled “Kraken.”

“With all due respect AG, we want to see arrests – literal crooks being perp walked in hand cuffs. Now, not later,” Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers, a Republican who’s been seeking to overturn the 2020 election, tweeted.

“We want indictments. We want arrests. We want justice!” Kari Lake, a Trump ally and Arizona gubernatorial candidate, added.

Our election was stolen here, through lawbreaking and fraud. That demands justice!

The third piece, I am happy to report so much progress!

We have 172 state reps and state senators who have signed on to the Audit All 50 States Letter. That’s almost double what we started with!

We have 38 states represented now. That is REAL progress.

We have a long way to go, but now you know the master plan for following up on the Audit!

The ones who stole the election are still trying to get away with it. The Audit showed what they did beyond a reasonable doubt! Will you help me pursue justice after the Audit?

Nearly 1.1 million patriots have signed my petition. We can do this! Help us grow our movement for audits!

We are playing the long game, to change the country’s elections forever. Help me push for this!

America First,

Wendy Rogers, Lt Col USAF (ret)
Arizona State Senator
Arizona’s 6th Legislative District

P.S. George Soros and the leftwing billionaires are going to target my district again with millions of dollars in attack ads like they did last time. Will you help me fend off the attacks by contributing before the end of this month?

Wendy Rogers is a retired member of the Air Force. Use of military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Air Force or the Department of Defense.
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