“Winter of Death”

The White House has taken their hostility towards the un-vaccinated straight to their official, TAXPAYER FUNDED website!

Joe Biden’s White House released an unacceptable public health response to the new Omicron variant…calling for a “Winter of Death” for those who have not received the vaccine.

Enough is enough. The fear mongering must STOP. Americans are sick and tired of:

  • The TYRANNICAL White House calling on a “Winter of Death” for Americans who don’t comply…
  • Unelected, big-government bureaucrat Dr. Fauci suggesting we extend the vaccine mandates into OUR HOMES
  • Big Tech CANCELLING users for sharing information about the vaccine they see as “fake” or doesn’t align with their political agenda…

GETTR was created to combat censorship, fake news, and give users the chance to share independent thoughts without the fear of being censored by the Tech Tyrants in Silicon Valley OR threatened by the swamp rats in Washington.

With GETTR’s Live-Streaming capabilities you can hear from the best and brightest conservative leaders across the nation as they discuss real news in real time, including:

CEO of GETTR, Jason Miller

Real America’s Voice Host, Steven Bannon

Social Media Influencers, Diamond and Silk


Will you join us on the frontlines at GETTR as we defend our core American values?

Millions of Americans are standing up to Big Tech and fighting for their right to free speech, independent thought, and rejecting political censorship by joining GETTR. We look forward to seeing you there!

Merry Christmas,

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