Newsoms Civic Lessons continue: “He also tried to distance himself from my removal as Education Vice Chair after seeing the backlash.” Kevin Kiley CA State Legislator

Gavin Newsom ended 2021 with a flourish – by wildly attacking me. In an article headlined “Newsom vs. Kiley,” The Sacramento Bee reports:

Gov. Gavin Newsom took a rare jab at one of his loudest critics last week, when his office put out a statement suggesting that Rocklin Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley might need “a basic refresher course on how the legislature and a separate branch of government works.

Yes, Newsom – who has literally proclaimed himself an autocrat and ruled the state by decree for two years – actually tried to lecture me about the separation of powers. He also tried to distance himself from my removal as Education Vice Chair after seeing the backlash.

In any case, today that “separate branch of government” reconvenes for the 2022 Legislative Session. To start off, given that the rationale for vaccine passports has entirely collapsed, I’m renewing my legislation to ban them throughout California.

But the arrival of legislators wasn’t the most significant event at the Capitol today. The true civics lesson was provided to Newsom by thousands of parents from across the state who gathered to protest his outrageous student mandate. You can see my remarks at the rally here.

We begin 2022 with not only the nation’s only student vaccine mandate, but also a statewide mask mandate, a school mask mandate (with some insisting on N95s), “stricter” quarantine rules than the CDC, and even talk of another school shutdown.

Yet we also begin the year with a movement that is stronger than ever, that is growing by the day, and that is poised to take on the corrupt and radical leadership in both Sacramento and Washington, DC.

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