Give Send Go to one of America’s most faithful and honored Patriots, a VICTIM of the corrupt DOJ! Stop the Hate!

Joe Biggs is a Veteran with several tours under his belt in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is a family man, a fighter of justice, built in courage and tenacity from the ground up! He is a hero to those who know him best and to those who have followed his work for many years. The United States’ overreaching and corrupt Department of Justice is making a mockery of American Justice while criminally incarcerating and torturing American citizens!
If you are an American then start acting like one and give these victims the boost they deserve because they are TAKING IT ON THE CHIN FOR YOU!! DON’T LET THEM DIE ALONE WITH NO HOPE. WE WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT THIS ILLEGITIMATE REGIME HAS DONE TO OUR FINEST! #BurnItAllDown if they do not comply to We The People!

PLEASE! Give Joe the hope he needs, let him know he has NOT been forgotten!!

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