HEY CALIFORNIA!! Vote No on Proposition 1

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Proposition 1 is an extreme and pointless waste of tax money that allows unlimited late-term abortions at taxpayer expense — for any reason, at any time, even moments before birth.

Source: Vote No on Proposition 1

Know the truth about Prop 1 on November’s ballot —
extreme, expensive, unnecessary.
This extreme law allows late-term abortions at taxpayer expense for any reason up to the moment of birth — even if the baby is healthy and the mother’s life is not threatened.

Turns California into a “sanctuary state” for late-term abortions — with analysts predicting tens of thousands more abortion-seekers coming to California from other states.

California has already increased abortion funding by $200 million this year, including millions to pay expenses for people wanting abortions. With tens of thousands more out-of-state abortion seekers predicted, millions more will be needed.

Proposition 1 is all politics, nothing more. Women already have the right to choose in California. State law already permits abortions, with reasonable restrictions on late-term abortions, which are allowed to protect the life of the mother.



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