Another Democrat Calling For Truth? UNKNOWN Former City Council Speaker C. Quinn(D): Democrats ‘Don’t Have the DNA’ to Fight Trump ‘in the Gutter’

This is a prime example of using the Saul Alinsky playbook. Blame everything YOU DO, on your enemy. So considering the source, this woman (pictured below) is a liar devoid of any discernment. Because as far as the American people are concerned, we have more money in our pockets, (which President Trump promised – tax cuts), more jobs to be had, (which President Trump also promised) and the biggest promise of all was to Secure The Border, (Democrats are the problem here simply because they hate the man more than they love this country). This woman, all Dems, all progressives and anyone brainwashed by their lies DON’T WANT a border, they are not loyal to their positions, Americans and their number one job of keeping us safe. They call a wall immoral, but call for open borders to invite more crime and drugs that are killing our children, they demand higher taxes, socialism and to throw the ONE RULE OF LAW, the Constitution out the window. These turncoats cannot be trusted now or ever. They answer to their masters and not the American people. They should be stripped of their citizenship and they’d be lucky if all that happened was that they got kicked out of the country. Treason comes at a very high price when proven guilty and the American people are not as stupid as you like us to be. We may be slow getting to justice but we will get there in spades, that’s a promise.



QUINN: “He has no connection to the truth. He doesn’t care. And that man in the diner who said I want him off Twitter. I don’t want all this you know, craziness. He wants his life to be better. So one, as Democrats, we don’t have the DNA to beat Donald Trump in the gutter. Because he’s grown up in the gutter, he lives there. He’s comfortable there. Two, we have to rise above. You know, Harvey Milk used to say give them hope, give them hope. That’s who we need to be and we need to do that in a respectful, buoyant way.”

Call or contact the President and let him know you are not buying into the Democrat lies.  That it is as clear as day they are pushing a non-American agenda and upsetting the rule of law. That they are not doing their job and ignoring their oath of office to keep Americans safe. Their masters (because they don’t answer to you anymore) have given them their marching orders and it is to stop Trump at all cost.  Are you going to let them?


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