Breaking News |Christian Pastor  Artur Powlowski Arrested by the Stazi in Canada

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The folks who are on the wrong side of history better wake up because it’s coming to YOUR doorstep and in a wink of an eye you will be literally begging to be saved by the people who are enslaving you.
Christians, Whites, Conservatives, Trump Supporters, Patriots and Heroes, ALL being cancelled, murdered, indicted, silenced, imprisoned and made examples of to scare YOU!
Those above who will be first are our heroes because they will not die or be be brutalize in vain. When you stand with and for God and make His name Holy, your glory will be with him for eternity. We are God’s children and do not answer to imperfect and sinful men or women.

We know where our loyalties lie. There is nothing that can’t be done to us that could EVER be as painful as dying on a cross for the sins of every human being’s past, present and future.

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