BWAHAHAHAHA This coming from a guy who does not know where he is much of the time. Joe Biden is a joke and so too America bears the brunt of a Clown Show.

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Joe Biden: ‘A Range of Programs’ Are Needed for Americans to Not ‘Pull the Trigger’ (VIDEO)

June 23, 2021/by Breitbart

President Joe Biden delivered remarks Wednesday on the administration’s strategy to prevent gun crimes across the country when he said there is “a range of programs” he believes are needed to keep Americans from pulling the trigger.

A reporter asked Biden what he feels would be the “most effective thing that government can do to change the mindset of those who feel compelled to pull the triggers” of guns.

Biden said in response to the question that one could hope to change the mindset of people by “being engaged in a whole range of programs.”

He continued to say that involves “everything from mental health programs” to start engaging with people earlier on and “letting them know there’s other options.”

We need to be “making sure that when a child is young, they have access to real education, they get started off on the right foot,” Biden continued.

President Biden says he thinks “a range of programs” for education, mental health and public housing are the most effective ways government can change the mindsets of people who commit gun violence

— CBS News (@CBSNews) June 23, 2021

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