The relic of whose blood (usually) liquefies today?

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Three times a year, throngs of faithful come to witness the miracle.

“Il miracolo é fatto!” “The miracle has happened!”

These words are traditionally proclaimed in the Cathedral of Naples when the preserved blood of the city’s beloved martyr-bishop, St. Januarius, miraculously liquefies each year.

We do not know much about this saint’s life. He was the Bishop of nearby Benevento, and was martyred for the Faith in the 4th century under Diocletian. Some sources say that he and his companions were thrown to the wild beasts, but were not harmed by them and had to eventually be beheaded.

Januarius’ blood—contained in glass phials in a silver reliquary—is normally coagulated and solid. But for hundreds of years it has, on regular occasions, become liquid again.

The miraculous liquefaction occurs three times a year: the commemoration of the transfer of his relics to Naples on the Saturday before the first Sunday in May; his feast day, September 19th (that’s today!); and December 16th, the anniversary of the occasion when his intercession saved Naples from an impending implosion of Mount Vesuvius in 1631.

The people process with St. Januarius’ relics as Mount Vesuvius threatens

The people process with St. Januarius’ relics as Mount Vesuvius threatens

On each of these occasions, a silver bust housing fragments of the saint’s skull is placed near the reliquary containing the phials of blood. Throngs of people pray for the miracle and watch in anticipation. Then, the hardened blood (usually) becomes liquid, often bubbling and foaming. The Archbishop of Naples or another officiant holds up the reliquary and turns it sideways to demonstrate the liquefaction. The people come to kiss the relic and sing the “Te Deum,” the Church’s traditional hymn of thanksgiving.

The miracle usually happens, but not always. Sometimes it stays solid, and this is often taken as a foreshadowing of calamity by the observers. But whether it happens or not, the blood of Januarius remains a stunning modern-day, ongoing miracle that bears a beautiful testament to our Faith. (Editor’s note: the blood did indeed liquefy today!)

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Jeff Bezos and the New Pharoahs

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Take note fellow humans: Cut through the nonsense, these folks care about only one thing, their own eternal life and we are playing with fire! They are trying to remove individuality, your individuality byway of “transhumanism”. Which is the greater sin, those who have the money and power to manifest their sick ideas by any means necessary AND ending up extinguishing you and everyone else OR those who allow it to continue. #FightBack Will we help usher in the new species of earth and end once and for all the human existence? #FightBack If we do not stop it now for whatever reason, we have locked in Judgement day, signed sealed and as promised WILL be delivered. Almighty God’s grand experiment because he loved us before we came to be, over. Good luck with that….just sayin’… TiLT

Today’s technocrats are reviving the archaic god-kings’ desire to achieve personal immortality.

Joe Allen

Bezosian Transcendence Expressed in Fruedian Phallic Symbols

Two days ago, MIT’s Technology Review reported that Jeff Bezos and Yuri Milner just founded a new immortality startup: Altos Labs in Silicon Valley. Their mission is to reverse cellular aging through reprogramming—via epigenetic reconstitution and induced pluripotent stem cells—and perhaps the in vitro synthesis of various replacement organs. The tech tycoons are investing heavily in the prospect of living forever—or at the very least, a much closer approximation of eternity than any mortal has ever enjoyed.

So far Altos Labs has amassed $270 million to lure the best and brightest minds. One of the key recipients reportedly onboard is Juan Carlos Belmonte. The Salk Institute biologist’s most recent claim to fame was successfully giving birth to human-macaque chimeras in glass containers. Aside from creating a near impossible tongue-twister—try it: “human-macaque chimeras, human-macaque chimeras, human-macaque chimeras”—Belmonte proved that it’s possible to give birth to viable man/monkey hybrids.

Now, at the behest of Bezos and Milner—the Pharoah of Technocracy and the Prophet of Scientism—pulsating broods of mutant babies will be born in test tubes, only to be sacrificed and dissected so that the rich and powerful can cling to this mortal coil.

The Technology Review writer notes that Bezos’s farewell letter to Amazon shareholders, posted last April, contains a curious hat-tip to the crowned Goblin King of New Atheism:

Here is a passage from Richard Dawkins’ (extraordinary) book The Blind Watchmaker. It’s about a basic fact of biology.

“Staving off death is a thing you have to work at. Left to itself—and that is what it is when it dies—the body tends to revert to a state of equilibrium with its environment. … [I]f living things didn’t work actively to prevent it, they would eventually merge into their surroundings, and cease to exist as autonomous beings. That is what happens when they die.”

In the letter, Bezos claims this quote is intended as a metaphor for human individuality struggling in the face of social homogeneity. That’s pretty ironic coming from a guy who’s done more to destroy quirky independent bookstores and mom-and-pop shops than Wal-Mart and Communism combined.

But the Technology Review writer paradoxically finds a hidden meaning. He simply takes Bezos’s quotation at face value: confronted with the godless void he imagines at the end of the human assembly line, Bezos inadvertently reveals an abiding fear of oblivion.

Jeff Bezos, the Technocratic Pharoah

The ancient Egyptians constructed pyramids as houses for immortal bodies. Having given up the ghost, pharoahs had their brains pulled out their nostrils and their internal organs crammed into clay pots. The remainder was embalmed and wrapped. Priests chanted magic spells over them for power and protection. These mummies were then stuffed into sarcophagi and placed inside secret chambers in slave-built pyramids, alongside fine food, splendid furniture, and the sacrificed bodies of servants.

These archaic god-kings fully expected to enjoy earthly splendor for all eternity. Today’s technocratic god-kings exhibit similar ambitions.

For the past two and a half decades, Jeff Bezos has constructed a digital pyramid that spans the globe. At the base is the public—the homebound, periodically locked down, smartphone-addicted customers with which he is so obsessed. Their private conversations are monitored by his Alexa eavesdropping devices. Their neighborhoods are monitored by his Ring cameras on their doorways.

Their data is siphoned up into Amazon’s proprietary artificial intelligence systems. Their heads are filled with livestreamed shows and movies. Their bellies filled with overpriced groceries from Whole Foods.

The next level above is comprised of Amazon’s 1.3 million workers. Their every action is monitored for efficiency. Their workplace rhythms are dictated by relentless, overbearing robots. Every package and person is tracked by cameras and QR codes, converted into data, and streamlined by pervasive machine learning.

Above this are the ideological organs. One element is literature itself. Preferred books are recommended on the basis of ingenious algorithms. Forbidden titles are tossed down the memory hole.

Then there is the Washington Post, which Bezos owns, and Business Insider, in which he has a stake.

Vast portions of the public mind are carefully shaped on the basis of machine learning, editorial manipulation, and politically correct deletions.

Above this is Amazon Web Services—one of the largest cloud computing services in the world—whose clients include Disney and the CIA.

Above this is Blue Origin, the space exploration corporation that recently sent Bezos into orbit on the tip of a hilarious phallic rocketship.

And now at the pinnacle is Altos Labs, where chimeric fetuses and pluripotent stem cells are expected to yield the Elixer of Immortality.

Whether openly or implicitly, our tech oligarchs have embraced the goals and dogmas of transhumanism.

Yuri Milner, the Prophet of Scientism

Earlier this year, the Russian-born Israeli Yuri Milner—an early investor in Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify—published his Eureka Manifesto.

The concise pamphlet argues for the search for alien intelligence, the development of artificial superintelligence, the elevation of scientists to the stature of an elite priesthood, and a one-world culture that hinges on a “Universal Story” based on cosmic, biological, and cultural evolution.

Milner’s totalizing “Mission” includes:


We may be at a phase transition in the evolution of intelligence. By directing more AI research toward fundamental science, the immense potential of this technology can power dramatic, perhaps transformational progress on the biggest questions and significantly improve our lives.


Recognize the contribution to our civilization of great scientists of the past and the many brilliant researchers changing our world today. Raise their profile and prestige, and so inspire the next generation to stand on their shoulders.


Thinking in terms of the Universal Story offers a new alternative to our fragmented, hyperspecialized approach to teaching children. There is ultimately only one field of inquiry: the Universal Story, which contains the history of our Universe, our planet, and our civilization, including the realm of the social sciences and humanities.

This approach will make the syllabus coherent and interconnected, and the epic nature of the Story can motivate young people to contribute. Even so, once they leave school, most are unlikely to keep closely following science. But they are deeply affected by movies, television, books, music, and other forms of storytelling. Art has enormous power to express the ideas of the Universal Story in a comprehensible, emotionally resonant, and inspiring way.

This sacred mythos would move from the Big Bang to the first cell to mammalian intelligence to the Global Brain to the seeding of Earthling lifeforms throughout the cosmos—whether they be carbon- or silicon-based.

A primary goal of Milner’s Scientism blueprint is to fuse human minds with technology to create a single biomechanical superorganism.

“After all, from the point of view of the Mission, the most important issue is not which type of intelligence advances fastest and farthest, but that some intelligence does. If the discoveries of the future are made not by us, but by the silicon minds we birth into the world or by a global human-silicon system, our destiny will still be fulfilled.”

This all sounds noble enough, until we contemplate the place of traditional religious systems and ancient mythologies in this futuristic scheme. Clearly, the old ways must either be absorbed as quaint relics, or shed like dead skin covering a nascent cybernetic Godhead.

Examining the far-reaching goals of Bezos and Milner, we see a reinterpretation of the perennial philosophy to suit technocratic elites. Both men are driving forces in the civilizational transformation unfolding before our eyes. As we near the culmination of this transitional phase—destined to enshroud each of us in a single, unified global brain—the end of individual existence appears immanent.

That is, the end of individual existence for those who lack the power to assert their ideals or identity. For the self-aggrandizing elite who stand atop this pyramid, fevered dreams of personal immortality provide hope for transcendence.

In a sense, it doesn’t matter whether they achieve their ambitions or not. They’re hell-bent on transforming the entire world. They’ve amassed enough wealth and power to attempt it.

The rest of us are just along for the ride.

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