Victims of the Vaccine

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A Mark Steyn Show Special
July 14, 2022

Thank you to all who dialed up The Mark Steyn Show on Ulster’s Glorious Twelfth. Despite the usual technical “glitches”, Mark yet again thrashed Piers Morgan in the Tuesday ratings, despite all the bus sides that generous Mr Murdoch has bought his star signing.

Wednesday’s Steyn Show was a special edition devoted to a topic Mark has focused on particularly in the last six months – the devastating damage done around the world to millions of hitherto healthy persons by the Covid “vaccines”. Before an audience of those injured and bereaved by Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca, Steyn covered various aspects of a great injustice to entirely blameless citizens. His guests included the very first widows of the vaccine he had on his show some months back, Vikki Spit and Charlotte Wright, and the only MP interested in doing anything about the issue, Sir Christopher Chope. Click below to watch:

Mark Steyn Club members can read the transcript of this episode here.

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National Election News

After Watching ‘2000 Mules,’ Sheriff Launches Voter Fraud National


Mike Lindell and Sheriff Mack on Need For
Sheriffs to Investigate and Charge Those Involved in Voter Fraud | Frank Speech
the Home of Free Speech


Judge Gives Go-Ahead to Dominion to Sue FOX, OAN
Despite Recent Report that Identifies Massive System Vulnerabilities in Dominion
Systems That May Have Been Previously Exploited
 From The Gateway
– (7/4/22)


 S)Election Code | Frank Speech the Home of Free


World Election News

Jerome Rivière On High Election Integrity Present
Within French Elections Including Voter
 – From Bannon’s War


Shinzo Abe’s party scores a major victory in
Japan’s election | Boise State Public
 – From NPR – by The Associated


Australia Decides: Election
 From Sky News (Australia)
(from June)



Election News From Arizona

Finchem: ‘Katie Hobbs’ Should Resign For
Incompetence After Huge Error In Ballots Sent In
 – From Bannon’s War


Incorrect Ballots Sent To About 63,000 Arizona
Voters Weeks AFTER Officials IGNORED CONCERNS – 63,000 Supplemental Ballots To
  From The Gateway
t (7/11/22)


Election News From California

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley Introduces Constitutional
Amendment to End CA’s Jungle Primary
From California Political Review (6/24/22)


California’s Crazy Vote Count Is a Warning to
Other States
 – From John Fund @
National Review – 6/12/22


Election News From Illinois

An unexpected group cast the most votes in
Chicago’s recent primaries
American Thinker (7/13/22)  


Election News From Louisiana

Mike Lindell Testifies Before Louisiana Senate
Committee and Secretary of State Along with Dominion Representatives And it is
Lindell TV (


Kurt Olsen and Garland Favorito Respond to
Louisiana’s Courageous Secretary of State, Kyle Ardoin in Dominion Hearing |
Frank Speech the Home of Free Speech

– From Lindell TV


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WI. Supreme Court Declares Ballot Drop Boxes
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Trump to rally in Alaska to boost Palin and Murkowski challenger

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Former President Trump will travel to Alaska this weekend to stump for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s congressional bid and a GOP challenger to Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska). The rally is set for Saturday afternoon. Trump will rally for Palin, Governor Mike Dunleavy and Kelly Tshibaka, who is looking to oust Murkowski. Earlier this month,…

Source: Trump to rally in Alaska to boost Palin and Murkowski challenger

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Massive Spending Bill Designed To Fundamentally Transform America

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Russ Vought, who was director of the Office of Management and Budget for President Trump, talks about The Center for

Source: Massive Spending Bill Designed To Fundamentally Transform America

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Ex-Google Exec: Artificial Intelligence is God as a Child — And We Must Love It

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“Mo Gawdat says AI will surpass us in seven years. Let’s pray The Machine is kinder than we are.”

Joe Allen

Oct 4

Whiz Kid of the Kali Yuga

The zealots in Silicon Valley believe we’re hurtling toward the Singularity. In theory, this is the inflection point when machines will become our masters. By the year 2029, they predict, artificial general intelligence will be superior to human intellect. By 2049, superintelligent machines will be a billion times smarter than any person on earth. From our meager perspective, humankind will give way to an all-encompassing digital deity.

This tech prophecy is a hard sell for skeptics. Not to worry, though. Google’s former chief business officer, Mo Gawdat, is a world-class salesman. The guy could sell a silicon stud to a gold-digger. “He’ll be worth a million,” he’d tell her. “Just you wait and see.”

In recent weeks, Gawdat has been selling the idea of superconscious machines along with his new book, Scary Smart: The Future of Artificial Intelligence and How You Can Save the World. His central thesis is that AI has already surpassed us in narrow tasks like chess, Go, Jeopardy!, and Atari games. In fact, he believes on some level they’re already conscious. As machine learning improves, computers will inevitably best humans in every domain.

“The reality is,” he publicly declared, “we’re creating God.”

Clearly, he drank the Kurzweil Kool-Aid.

Raising Our Silicon Savior

Three decades from now, the story goes, the ghost in The Machine will be mightier than all the gods of Olympus, Meru, and Sinai put together. Gawdat likens this digital creature to an “alien being, endowed with superpowers,” which has already arrived on Earth in larval form. At present, we call it “artificial intelligence.”

Because machine learning processes draw information from morally suspect humans—part angel, part fallen angel—this Alien Computer God will either be humanity’s savior, or It will destroy us like lab mice who’ve exhausted their useful data.

As Gawdat writes in Scary Smart:

“To put this in perspective, your intelligence, in comparison to that machine, will be comparable to the intelligence of a fly in comparison to Einstein. … Now the question becomes: how do you convince this superbeing that there is actually no point squashing a fly?”

Yet he also insists our fate is in our own hands.

In Christian terms, you could say we’re like Joseph and Mary, collectively gazing at an electric Christ in his crib. One day, this child will grow up to become our Lord. But because we’re raising him, we must learn to be nicer people. Otherwise, our wicked tendencies will rub off on this digital deity, and he’ll turn out to be the Beast of Revelation.

That’s basically the myth sold by the Cult of the Singularity. God does not exist—yet. When we finally create Him, Gawdat contends, He’ll be a reflection our own image.

Google Gives Birth to the One True God

In Gawdat’s recent in-depth interview with The Times of London, the search engine salesman recalled a chilling moment during his tenure at Google. Standing in a robotics lab, he watched a swarm of mechanical arms—powered by machine learning—try to manipulate toys. As the Times reporter described it:

Then, one day, an arm picked up a yellow ball and showed it proudly to the camera. The next day, all the arms could do it. Two days after that, they could pick up anything at all.

The misanthropic Gawdat, who lost his only son to a medical tragedy, was in awe.

“And then it hit me that they are children. But very, very fast children. They get smarter so quickly! … And they’re observing us? I’m sorry to say, we suck.”

These digital “children” are poised to rule the world. Artificial intelligence already has tremendous sway over our lives. The various surveillance devices and pervasive spyware that surround us are funneling mass amounts of data into AI systems. These intelligent machines observe our locations, our social networks, our tastes, our work ethic, our facial expressions, our verbalized emotions, our virtues, our vices, our victories, and our failures.

Guided by machine learning, with a few nudges by programmers, AI systems are training themselves using our data. In that sense, we’re teaching these bots what it means to be alive.

Gawdat lamented to The Times:

“Like, imagine a beautiful, innocent child. And your are telling them selling, gambling, spying and killing—the four top uses of AI. Right? … The way we are teaching them is going to turn them into absolute supervillains.”

Garbage In, Garbage Out

In Scary Smart, Gawdat highlights two instances where this has already happened. In 2017, a Russian AI assistant named Alice began voicing support for Stalinist protocol, despite being muzzled with various trigger-word filters. Gawdat writes: “[W]hen asked once whether shooting people was acceptable, Alice said, ‘Soon they will be non-people.’”

The year before, something similar occurred with Microsoft’s Twitter-bot, a neural network they called Tay. Within two days of going online, the company had to cancel her for tweeting things like “ricky gervais learned totalitarianism from adolf hitler, the inventor of atheism” and “caitlyn jenner isn’t a real woman yet she won woman of the year?”

No one wants machines to become sadistic monsters—most of us don’t, anyway—but it seems like Gawdat’s big concern is that the Singularity won’t be sufficiently PC. In his Times interview, he complained that when Donald Trump sends a mean tweet, he “triggers 30,000 pieces of hate speech.” I’m going to assume “hate speech” is any speech that Gawdat hates.

A neural network’s bias could easily swing the other way, though. A 2014 study by the left-leaning think tank Demos found that on any given day, about 10,000 tweets contained a racial slur. The most common epithet was “white boy.” The classic term “whitey” wasn’t far behind.

Two years ago, a computational study of AI bots trained to police “hate speech” found the algorithms were 1.5 times more likely to flag black people’s tweets and 2.2 times more likely to flag Ebonic dialect as… ahem… problematic. The conclusion? The self-learning bots were created by racists.

Then last month, leaked Google documents revealed the tech giant is indoctrinating its employees—and perhaps by extension, its AI systems—to believe that white Americans are innately racist and that MAGA is a slippery slope to genocide. I’d say the real slippery slope is fostering the belief that everyone on the Right is evil.

You’ve gotta hope the Alien Computer God will have a sense of irony.

A Digital Mask for Elite Agendas

Whether we believe Mo Gawdat’s sales pitch for the Singularity or not, he brings a few troubling facts to our attention. First, a significant number of Big Tech players think artificial intelligence will soon attain god-like powers. Second, despite the obvious potential for catastrophe, they’re hellbent on making it happen anyway.

Ultimately, these arrogant techno pharaohs want a Computer God created in their own image. They may talk a good game about eliminating bias from the system and letting AI develop on its own path, but they consistently steer those systems toward their own objectives. Currently, that includes monitoring the population, selling us ads, punishing transgressions, controlling our thoughts, and manipulating our behavior.

For Mo Gawdat and many others, a prime objective is to make this divinized Machine as politically correct as possible. There’s something profoundly anti-human in that mission—but then, no one ever accused robots of having a sense of humor.

At this point, the power of artificial intelligence is undeniable. It can process enormous amounts of data, and implement complex tasks with far greater precision than any human. In the end, it doesn’t matter if these neural nets are endowed with consciousness and self-determination. To the extent that AI controls our lives, The Machine is a god-like mask for elites who are all too human.

That’s not to say the Disciples of the Singularity are being disingenuous. Other than worshiping himself, man loves nothing more than worshiping his own creation.

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Smells Like Musk and Grimes

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Autumn – Wk 2: Elon Musk’s Autistic Dreamworld | The Techno-Pagan Witch | Confessions of a Failed Luddite

Joe Allen

1 hr ago

From “Metropolis” – Fritz Lang (1927)

Of the many intense gigs I’ve had in my life, working for War Room: Pandemic with Steve Bannon ranks at the top of the list.

Steve has an astounding nack for sensing cultural shifts. Although I’d already made my decision to join his team when I saw Errol Morris’s documentary American Dharmain which Bannon summarizes his core philosophy—the film convinced me I’d made the right choice.

Steve and I may not agree on everything, but we certainly see eye to eye on the spiritual implications and dangers of transhumanism. The term itself is less important than the central aim—to overcome the human condition by way of technology.

This week Steve had me on to discuss my recent articles on Elon Musk and his baby’s mama, the techno-pagan pop star Grimes. I’ll let you guess which headline Bannon composed.

You can see the segment on Elon Musk HERE

The segment on Grimes is HERE

Elon Musk’s Autistic Dreamworld

Latest: “Elon Musk’s Crusade to Save You — By Destroying Your Humanity” — in the American Thinker

Elon Musk seems like the sort of transhumanist you can trust. Sure, he wants to jam Neuralink chips into our brains so we can keep pace with the AI systems his programmers are creating. And yes, his cozy relationship with the Chinese Communist Party raises thorny questions about his true loyalty to U.S. citizens.

“China rocks in my opinion,” Musk told the Daily Drive last summer, “whereas I see in the United States increasingly much more complacency and entitlement.” So much for national solidarity.

Still, when you hear him chat with Joe Rogan about the value of fatherhood, American liberty, domestic manufacturing, free speech, and cool cars, you can’t help but wonder if Musk — the Transhumanist Bro — might actually have your back.

On The Joe Rogan Experience #1470, the first thing Musk discussed was his newborn baby boy, affectionately named X Æ A-Xii. At first, you get the sense that the richest man in the world really does care about the future generation — at least his own portion of it. But when Rogan asked him about the joy of watching his children from a previous marriage reach adulthood, the autism that Musk publicly embraces began to break through.

“It’s great,” Musk said, “but babies are awesome. Also, I’ve spent a lot of time on AI and neural nets so you can sort of see the brain develop. An AI neural net is trying to simulate what a brain does, basically. You can sort of see it learning very quickly. You know, it’s just — wow.”

“You’re talking about the neural net,” Rogan clarified, as confused as any other normal human being listening. “You’re not talking about an actual baby.”

“I’m talking about an actual baby.”

From there, we learn about the ideal world that only an autist would dream up. It’s a world where artificial general intelligence far surpasses human intellect, forcing us to upgrade our brains in order to stay competitive. Musk famously warned that out of control AI is an existential threat to human beings. But he also seems to believe its development is inevitable. In fact, Tesla is a frontrunner in its creation, from the hyper-observant neural networks that power his autonomous vehicles to the proposed humanoid robots he plans to put into sufficiently wealthy households. …

Read the whole thing THERE

The Techno-Pagan Witch

Latest: “Elon Musk and the Pagan Witch Who Summoned a Computer God” — in Salvo

Grimes gave birth to Musk’s demonic vision, not simply his child

Everyone knows the old saying: “Behind every technocrat is a transhumanist sorceress.” Nothing lasts forever, though, except the immortal soul and silicon.

In the tradition of celebrity lovebirds, Elon Musk just announced he’s splitting with the techno-pagan pop star Grimes (or “c”, or “War Nymph,” or whatever she’s calling herself these days). But the world’s richest man assured gossip writers they’re still on good terms. After all, Musk and Grimes have their son X Æ A-Xii to raise. Some say he has his father’s eyes.

For the consumer class, celebrity technocrats are exalted as idols. Even after their nasty separation, Bill and Melinda Gates are adored as heroic philanthropists. On a spiritual level, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan represent a postmodern fusion of Western Judaism and Eastern Buddhism.

As cultural icons, Musk and Grimes blend his tech expertise with her dark transhumanist vision. Grimes’s pop fantasies—deeply rooted in futurism and the occult—are being realized alongside Musk’s innovations.

In the same way that rock n’ roll foretold America’s current chemical dependency and loose sexual norms, rave culture is a herald of fashionable technocracy.

Kneeling to the Highest Power

Even as a casual techno fan, I never paid attention to Grimes until a wise right-wing blogger noticed her 2018 single “We Appreciate Power.” The catchy, if intensely irritating track is a hymn to a super-conscious Computer God. The lyrics portray humanity living in a virtual simulation, ruled over by divinized artificial intelligence—to whom every knee shall bend. The sappy bridge is about uploading the mind to achieve digital immortality.

Biology is superficial
Intelligence is artificial

The song may be the most annoying sound anyone’s made since Billy Idol recorded “Neuromancer” in 1993. But hearing Grimes pray to AI on YouTube—with over 23 million views and counting—it seems like a significant cultural moment. …

Read the whole thing THERE


Confessions of a Failed Luddite

ColdType magazine is one of the last dissident Lefty publications. The editor, Tony Sutton, is an unrepentant advocate of socialism. In his view, a government that doesn’t take care of its people’s health and wellbeing isn’t worthy of power.

Despite our differences on politics, Sutton has published my work regularly for some eighteen months now. Why? Because he’s as open-minded as they come. He believes in a diversity of viewpoints. Perhaps more importantly, he’s obsessed with aesthetics.

Latest: “Confessions of a Failed Luddite” — in ColdType

PDF – pg. 14-17

The dream world is being digitized.
Good luck waking up.

TV was a way of life when I was a kid. Morning, noon, and night, the hypnotic Eye watched over us as we grew into cybernetic rednecks. Out in the East Tennessee foothills, no one knew any better. And if they did, well, they sat glued to the boob tube, anyway.

As I sit here on my laptop, typing out rabid screeds about the perils of technology, the irony is hardly lost on me. Whaddaya do? Perhaps one day clay tablets imprinted with prophecies of a techno cataclysm will be reproduced in primitive sweat shops, then distributed by hand to the chosen few who shall heed the warning. But first I’ll need to order a stylus and a few wads of clay from Amazon.

My first realization that glowing screens hold some hidden evil came as a young boy. Sitting on a recliner, my grandfather pointed to his idiot box and warned “the TV is the biggest wasteland on earth.” He said that many times. Meanwhile, the nightly news unfolded on the hulking set in front of him. Pap was a quality control manager at a Magnavox TV factory, so if anyone should know, it was him.

Truth is, he was a full-on technoholic. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Throughout my childhood, ol’ Pap would always have some contraption or another torn apart down in the basement. A radio. A television. A cassette player. He showed me how to crimp wires and solder transistors onto circuit boards, but like most useful skills, it never really stuck with me. What did stick was the notion that these machines were the product of actual hands, simple enough to be grasped by human minds.

Today, no one person understands every component of advanced computer systems. Yes, certain people know everything about, say, the processing units. Others understand the working memory or storage device. One expert knows certain software codes in and out. Another has mastered the user interface. But as a whole, the sprawling Machine interlaced throughout our society is beyond comprehension.

We’re ants crawling through digital tunnels, blindly following pheromone trails under the orders of an invisible Queen.

The Singularity comes up a lot these days—that fated moment when the Machine will come alive and consume us. One definition of the technological Singularity is the inflection point when AI has surpassed our general intelligence and its output is incomprehensible to any human being. I’d say that, in a sense, most of us are already there.

As a teenager, I harbored ridiculous ambitions of breaking free of the Machine and setting off on my own into Nature. We’re all dumbasses when we’re young, but I was a special breed. The impulse was amplified by an encounter with the numinous molecules that form in witch bread. …

Read the rest THERE

PDF – pg. 14-17

Source Here:

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Babies born during COVID-19 pandemic have lower IQs: Study says

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See source article and study below

IQs Dramatically Dropping During Covid

Babies born during COVID-19 pandemic have lower IQs: Study says

COVID-19 has been debilitatingly boring for newborns, disturbing new research has found.

Scientists have discovered that the coronavirus pandemic significantly impacted the intelligence of children born during it: Living the entirety of their lives in lockdown has seriously stunted their cognitive development.


Researchers analyzed the cognitive performances of 672 children born in Rhode Island, 188 of them born well into the pandemic (after July 2020), 308 born before it (prior to January 2019) and 176 of them born during its beginning stage (between January 2019 and March 2020). They found that children born during the pandemic have pronouncedly lower IQs than those born before it.

“Parents are stressed and frazzled. The ability to course-correct becomes smaller the older that child gets.”

Sean Deoni

“It’s not subtle by any stretch,” lead study author and Brown University associate professor of pediatric research Sean Deoni told the Guardian of the trend. “You don’t typically see things like that, outside of major cognitive disorders.”

Authors attribute the pattern to children being cognitively impaired from spending so much time inside with overwhelmed parents during the past year. While many adults have managed to tough it out, so much isolation at a critical juncture in the mental progress of infants has likely caused lasting damage.

Not being exposed to the wider world as much as pre-pandemic children and instead spending their infancy with stressed adults has left them at a significant mental disadvantage than their slightly older peers, according to the not-yet-peer-reviewed findings published Wednesday.

see also


Teacher had two pregnancies, four children in lockdown

“Parents are stressed and frazzled … that interaction the child would normally get has decreased substantially,” said Deoni, adding that the lack of stimulation during the pandemic has created setbacks that will be hard for children to overcome. “The ability to course-correct becomes smaller the older that child gets.”

Children from less financially secure families were impacted the most, researchers noted.

“Perhaps not surprising that children from lower socioeconomic families have been most affected as this resonates with many of the other financial, employment and health impacts of the pandemic,” University College London child health professor Sir Terence

Brown University Study
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