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Newsoms Civic Lessons continue: “He also tried to distance himself from my removal as Education Vice Chair after seeing the backlash.” Kevin Kiley CA State Legislator

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Gavin Newsom ended 2021 with a flourish – by wildly attacking me. In an article headlined “Newsom vs. Kiley,” The Sacramento Bee reports:

Gov. Gavin Newsom took a rare jab at one of his loudest critics last week, when his office put out a statement suggesting that Rocklin Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley might need “a basic refresher course on how the legislature and a separate branch of government works.

Yes, Newsom – who has literally proclaimed himself an autocrat and ruled the state by decree for two years – actually tried to lecture me about the separation of powers. He also tried to distance himself from my removal as Education Vice Chair after seeing the backlash.

In any case, today that “separate branch of government” reconvenes for the 2022 Legislative Session. To start off, given that the rationale for vaccine passports has entirely collapsed, I’m renewing my legislation to ban them throughout California.

But the arrival of legislators wasn’t the most significant event at the Capitol today. The true civics lesson was provided to Newsom by thousands of parents from across the state who gathered to protest his outrageous student mandate. You can see my remarks at the rally here.

We begin 2022 with not only the nation’s only student vaccine mandate, but also a statewide mask mandate, a school mask mandate (with some insisting on N95s), “stricter” quarantine rules than the CDC, and even talk of another school shutdown.

Yet we also begin the year with a movement that is stronger than ever, that is growing by the day, and that is poised to take on the corrupt and radical leadership in both Sacramento and Washington, DC.

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New big data study of 145 countries show COVID vaccines makes things worse (cases and deaths)

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I missed this study. So did the mainstream media for some reason. But this study is yet another independent analysis that is difficult to refute: we have been misled by the CDC, FDA, and NIH.

Steve Kirsch

Jan 8

The next time you see you county health officer, President Biden, or Boris Johnson why not ask them if they can find a mistake in this study by Kyle A. Beattie entitled Worldwide Bayesian Causal Impact Analysis of Vaccine Administration on Deaths and Cases Associated with COVID-19: A BigData Analysis of 145 Countries (the PDF version is here).

The study found that the COVID vaccines cause more COVID cases per million (+38% in US) and more deaths per million associated with COVID (+31% in US).

The abstract says:

The statistically significant and overwhelmingly positive causal impact after vaccine deployment on the dependent variables total deaths and total cases per million should be highly worrisome for policy makers. They indicate a marked increase in both COVID-19 related cases and death due directly to a vaccine deployment that was originally sold to the public as the “key to gain back our freedoms.” The effect of vaccines on total cases per million and its low positive association with total vaccinations per hundred signifies a limited impact of vaccines on lowering COVID-19 associated cases.

These results should encourage local policy makers to make policy decisions based on data, not narrative, and based on local conditions, not global or national mandates. These results should also encourage policy makers to begin looking for other avenues out of the pandemic aside from mass vaccination campaigns.

In other words, we were lied to

The vaccines are making this worse, not better. This is why we are not getting ourselves out of the hole. Mandating vaccines are making this

This is hardly the first study to reach those conclusions. These studies, all done independently, found the same thing—the more you vaccinate, the worse things get.

  1. The Lyons-Weiler paper

  2. The Harvard study

  3. The German study

  4. The Denmark study (which shows Dr. James was right; you have to boost every 30 days to maintain protection.

  5. German government data (this is from The Expose)

  6. 80% of the COVID deaths in the UK are vaccinated

  7. Lancet: 89% Of New UK COVID Cases Among Fully Vaxxed

The response to this new study by the health authorities is predictable

I think I’ve figured out the pattern and can now confidently predict how health authorities worldwide will react to this stunning result: they will ignore it. Instead, they will mandate vaccines for everyone of every age ASAP. Am I right?

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I write about COVID vaccine safety and efficacy, corruption, censorship, mandates, masking, and early treatments. America is being misled by formerly trusted authorities.

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“Winter of Death”

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The White House has taken their hostility towards the un-vaccinated straight to their official, TAXPAYER FUNDED website!

Joe Biden’s White House released an unacceptable public health response to the new Omicron variant…calling for a “Winter of Death” for those who have not received the vaccine.

Enough is enough. The fear mongering must STOP. Americans are sick and tired of:

  • The TYRANNICAL White House calling on a “Winter of Death” for Americans who don’t comply…
  • Unelected, big-government bureaucrat Dr. Fauci suggesting we extend the vaccine mandates into OUR HOMES
  • Big Tech CANCELLING users for sharing information about the vaccine they see as “fake” or doesn’t align with their political agenda…

GETTR was created to combat censorship, fake news, and give users the chance to share independent thoughts without the fear of being censored by the Tech Tyrants in Silicon Valley OR threatened by the swamp rats in Washington.

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Merry Christmas,

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Ex-Google Exec: Artificial Intelligence is God as a Child — And We Must Love It

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“Mo Gawdat says AI will surpass us in seven years. Let’s pray The Machine is kinder than we are.”

Joe Allen

Oct 4

Whiz Kid of the Kali Yuga

The zealots in Silicon Valley believe we’re hurtling toward the Singularity. In theory, this is the inflection point when machines will become our masters. By the year 2029, they predict, artificial general intelligence will be superior to human intellect. By 2049, superintelligent machines will be a billion times smarter than any person on earth. From our meager perspective, humankind will give way to an all-encompassing digital deity.

This tech prophecy is a hard sell for skeptics. Not to worry, though. Google’s former chief business officer, Mo Gawdat, is a world-class salesman. The guy could sell a silicon stud to a gold-digger. “He’ll be worth a million,” he’d tell her. “Just you wait and see.”

In recent weeks, Gawdat has been selling the idea of superconscious machines along with his new book, Scary Smart: The Future of Artificial Intelligence and How You Can Save the World. His central thesis is that AI has already surpassed us in narrow tasks like chess, Go, Jeopardy!, and Atari games. In fact, he believes on some level they’re already conscious. As machine learning improves, computers will inevitably best humans in every domain.

“The reality is,” he publicly declared, “we’re creating God.”

Clearly, he drank the Kurzweil Kool-Aid.

Raising Our Silicon Savior

Three decades from now, the story goes, the ghost in The Machine will be mightier than all the gods of Olympus, Meru, and Sinai put together. Gawdat likens this digital creature to an “alien being, endowed with superpowers,” which has already arrived on Earth in larval form. At present, we call it “artificial intelligence.”

Because machine learning processes draw information from morally suspect humans—part angel, part fallen angel—this Alien Computer God will either be humanity’s savior, or It will destroy us like lab mice who’ve exhausted their useful data.

As Gawdat writes in Scary Smart:

“To put this in perspective, your intelligence, in comparison to that machine, will be comparable to the intelligence of a fly in comparison to Einstein. … Now the question becomes: how do you convince this superbeing that there is actually no point squashing a fly?”

Yet he also insists our fate is in our own hands.

In Christian terms, you could say we’re like Joseph and Mary, collectively gazing at an electric Christ in his crib. One day, this child will grow up to become our Lord. But because we’re raising him, we must learn to be nicer people. Otherwise, our wicked tendencies will rub off on this digital deity, and he’ll turn out to be the Beast of Revelation.

That’s basically the myth sold by the Cult of the Singularity. God does not exist—yet. When we finally create Him, Gawdat contends, He’ll be a reflection our own image.

Google Gives Birth to the One True God

In Gawdat’s recent in-depth interview with The Times of London, the search engine salesman recalled a chilling moment during his tenure at Google. Standing in a robotics lab, he watched a swarm of mechanical arms—powered by machine learning—try to manipulate toys. As the Times reporter described it:

Then, one day, an arm picked up a yellow ball and showed it proudly to the camera. The next day, all the arms could do it. Two days after that, they could pick up anything at all.

The misanthropic Gawdat, who lost his only son to a medical tragedy, was in awe.

“And then it hit me that they are children. But very, very fast children. They get smarter so quickly! … And they’re observing us? I’m sorry to say, we suck.”

These digital “children” are poised to rule the world. Artificial intelligence already has tremendous sway over our lives. The various surveillance devices and pervasive spyware that surround us are funneling mass amounts of data into AI systems. These intelligent machines observe our locations, our social networks, our tastes, our work ethic, our facial expressions, our verbalized emotions, our virtues, our vices, our victories, and our failures.

Guided by machine learning, with a few nudges by programmers, AI systems are training themselves using our data. In that sense, we’re teaching these bots what it means to be alive.

Gawdat lamented to The Times:

“Like, imagine a beautiful, innocent child. And your are telling them selling, gambling, spying and killing—the four top uses of AI. Right? … The way we are teaching them is going to turn them into absolute supervillains.”

Garbage In, Garbage Out

In Scary Smart, Gawdat highlights two instances where this has already happened. In 2017, a Russian AI assistant named Alice began voicing support for Stalinist protocol, despite being muzzled with various trigger-word filters. Gawdat writes: “[W]hen asked once whether shooting people was acceptable, Alice said, ‘Soon they will be non-people.’”

The year before, something similar occurred with Microsoft’s Twitter-bot, a neural network they called Tay. Within two days of going online, the company had to cancel her for tweeting things like “ricky gervais learned totalitarianism from adolf hitler, the inventor of atheism” and “caitlyn jenner isn’t a real woman yet she won woman of the year?”

No one wants machines to become sadistic monsters—most of us don’t, anyway—but it seems like Gawdat’s big concern is that the Singularity won’t be sufficiently PC. In his Times interview, he complained that when Donald Trump sends a mean tweet, he “triggers 30,000 pieces of hate speech.” I’m going to assume “hate speech” is any speech that Gawdat hates.

A neural network’s bias could easily swing the other way, though. A 2014 study by the left-leaning think tank Demos found that on any given day, about 10,000 tweets contained a racial slur. The most common epithet was “white boy.” The classic term “whitey” wasn’t far behind.

Two years ago, a computational study of AI bots trained to police “hate speech” found the algorithms were 1.5 times more likely to flag black people’s tweets and 2.2 times more likely to flag Ebonic dialect as… ahem… problematic. The conclusion? The self-learning bots were created by racists.

Then last month, leaked Google documents revealed the tech giant is indoctrinating its employees—and perhaps by extension, its AI systems—to believe that white Americans are innately racist and that MAGA is a slippery slope to genocide. I’d say the real slippery slope is fostering the belief that everyone on the Right is evil.

You’ve gotta hope the Alien Computer God will have a sense of irony.

A Digital Mask for Elite Agendas

Whether we believe Mo Gawdat’s sales pitch for the Singularity or not, he brings a few troubling facts to our attention. First, a significant number of Big Tech players think artificial intelligence will soon attain god-like powers. Second, despite the obvious potential for catastrophe, they’re hellbent on making it happen anyway.

Ultimately, these arrogant techno pharaohs want a Computer God created in their own image. They may talk a good game about eliminating bias from the system and letting AI develop on its own path, but they consistently steer those systems toward their own objectives. Currently, that includes monitoring the population, selling us ads, punishing transgressions, controlling our thoughts, and manipulating our behavior.

For Mo Gawdat and many others, a prime objective is to make this divinized Machine as politically correct as possible. There’s something profoundly anti-human in that mission—but then, no one ever accused robots of having a sense of humor.

At this point, the power of artificial intelligence is undeniable. It can process enormous amounts of data, and implement complex tasks with far greater precision than any human. In the end, it doesn’t matter if these neural nets are endowed with consciousness and self-determination. To the extent that AI controls our lives, The Machine is a god-like mask for elites who are all too human.

That’s not to say the Disciples of the Singularity are being disingenuous. Other than worshiping himself, man loves nothing more than worshiping his own creation.

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Smells Like Musk and Grimes

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Autumn – Wk 2: Elon Musk’s Autistic Dreamworld | The Techno-Pagan Witch | Confessions of a Failed Luddite

Joe Allen

1 hr ago

From “Metropolis” – Fritz Lang (1927)

Of the many intense gigs I’ve had in my life, working for War Room: Pandemic with Steve Bannon ranks at the top of the list.

Steve has an astounding nack for sensing cultural shifts. Although I’d already made my decision to join his team when I saw Errol Morris’s documentary American Dharmain which Bannon summarizes his core philosophy—the film convinced me I’d made the right choice.

Steve and I may not agree on everything, but we certainly see eye to eye on the spiritual implications and dangers of transhumanism. The term itself is less important than the central aim—to overcome the human condition by way of technology.

This week Steve had me on to discuss my recent articles on Elon Musk and his baby’s mama, the techno-pagan pop star Grimes. I’ll let you guess which headline Bannon composed.

You can see the segment on Elon Musk HERE

The segment on Grimes is HERE

Elon Musk’s Autistic Dreamworld

Latest: “Elon Musk’s Crusade to Save You — By Destroying Your Humanity” — in the American Thinker

Elon Musk seems like the sort of transhumanist you can trust. Sure, he wants to jam Neuralink chips into our brains so we can keep pace with the AI systems his programmers are creating. And yes, his cozy relationship with the Chinese Communist Party raises thorny questions about his true loyalty to U.S. citizens.

“China rocks in my opinion,” Musk told the Daily Drive last summer, “whereas I see in the United States increasingly much more complacency and entitlement.” So much for national solidarity.

Still, when you hear him chat with Joe Rogan about the value of fatherhood, American liberty, domestic manufacturing, free speech, and cool cars, you can’t help but wonder if Musk — the Transhumanist Bro — might actually have your back.

On The Joe Rogan Experience #1470, the first thing Musk discussed was his newborn baby boy, affectionately named X Æ A-Xii. At first, you get the sense that the richest man in the world really does care about the future generation — at least his own portion of it. But when Rogan asked him about the joy of watching his children from a previous marriage reach adulthood, the autism that Musk publicly embraces began to break through.

“It’s great,” Musk said, “but babies are awesome. Also, I’ve spent a lot of time on AI and neural nets so you can sort of see the brain develop. An AI neural net is trying to simulate what a brain does, basically. You can sort of see it learning very quickly. You know, it’s just — wow.”

“You’re talking about the neural net,” Rogan clarified, as confused as any other normal human being listening. “You’re not talking about an actual baby.”

“I’m talking about an actual baby.”

From there, we learn about the ideal world that only an autist would dream up. It’s a world where artificial general intelligence far surpasses human intellect, forcing us to upgrade our brains in order to stay competitive. Musk famously warned that out of control AI is an existential threat to human beings. But he also seems to believe its development is inevitable. In fact, Tesla is a frontrunner in its creation, from the hyper-observant neural networks that power his autonomous vehicles to the proposed humanoid robots he plans to put into sufficiently wealthy households. …

Read the whole thing THERE

The Techno-Pagan Witch

Latest: “Elon Musk and the Pagan Witch Who Summoned a Computer God” — in Salvo

Grimes gave birth to Musk’s demonic vision, not simply his child

Everyone knows the old saying: “Behind every technocrat is a transhumanist sorceress.” Nothing lasts forever, though, except the immortal soul and silicon.

In the tradition of celebrity lovebirds, Elon Musk just announced he’s splitting with the techno-pagan pop star Grimes (or “c”, or “War Nymph,” or whatever she’s calling herself these days). But the world’s richest man assured gossip writers they’re still on good terms. After all, Musk and Grimes have their son X Æ A-Xii to raise. Some say he has his father’s eyes.

For the consumer class, celebrity technocrats are exalted as idols. Even after their nasty separation, Bill and Melinda Gates are adored as heroic philanthropists. On a spiritual level, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan represent a postmodern fusion of Western Judaism and Eastern Buddhism.

As cultural icons, Musk and Grimes blend his tech expertise with her dark transhumanist vision. Grimes’s pop fantasies—deeply rooted in futurism and the occult—are being realized alongside Musk’s innovations.

In the same way that rock n’ roll foretold America’s current chemical dependency and loose sexual norms, rave culture is a herald of fashionable technocracy.

Kneeling to the Highest Power

Even as a casual techno fan, I never paid attention to Grimes until a wise right-wing blogger noticed her 2018 single “We Appreciate Power.” The catchy, if intensely irritating track is a hymn to a super-conscious Computer God. The lyrics portray humanity living in a virtual simulation, ruled over by divinized artificial intelligence—to whom every knee shall bend. The sappy bridge is about uploading the mind to achieve digital immortality.

Biology is superficial
Intelligence is artificial

The song may be the most annoying sound anyone’s made since Billy Idol recorded “Neuromancer” in 1993. But hearing Grimes pray to AI on YouTube—with over 23 million views and counting—it seems like a significant cultural moment. …

Read the whole thing THERE


Confessions of a Failed Luddite

ColdType magazine is one of the last dissident Lefty publications. The editor, Tony Sutton, is an unrepentant advocate of socialism. In his view, a government that doesn’t take care of its people’s health and wellbeing isn’t worthy of power.

Despite our differences on politics, Sutton has published my work regularly for some eighteen months now. Why? Because he’s as open-minded as they come. He believes in a diversity of viewpoints. Perhaps more importantly, he’s obsessed with aesthetics.

Latest: “Confessions of a Failed Luddite” — in ColdType

PDF – pg. 14-17

The dream world is being digitized.
Good luck waking up.

TV was a way of life when I was a kid. Morning, noon, and night, the hypnotic Eye watched over us as we grew into cybernetic rednecks. Out in the East Tennessee foothills, no one knew any better. And if they did, well, they sat glued to the boob tube, anyway.

As I sit here on my laptop, typing out rabid screeds about the perils of technology, the irony is hardly lost on me. Whaddaya do? Perhaps one day clay tablets imprinted with prophecies of a techno cataclysm will be reproduced in primitive sweat shops, then distributed by hand to the chosen few who shall heed the warning. But first I’ll need to order a stylus and a few wads of clay from Amazon.

My first realization that glowing screens hold some hidden evil came as a young boy. Sitting on a recliner, my grandfather pointed to his idiot box and warned “the TV is the biggest wasteland on earth.” He said that many times. Meanwhile, the nightly news unfolded on the hulking set in front of him. Pap was a quality control manager at a Magnavox TV factory, so if anyone should know, it was him.

Truth is, he was a full-on technoholic. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Throughout my childhood, ol’ Pap would always have some contraption or another torn apart down in the basement. A radio. A television. A cassette player. He showed me how to crimp wires and solder transistors onto circuit boards, but like most useful skills, it never really stuck with me. What did stick was the notion that these machines were the product of actual hands, simple enough to be grasped by human minds.

Today, no one person understands every component of advanced computer systems. Yes, certain people know everything about, say, the processing units. Others understand the working memory or storage device. One expert knows certain software codes in and out. Another has mastered the user interface. But as a whole, the sprawling Machine interlaced throughout our society is beyond comprehension.

We’re ants crawling through digital tunnels, blindly following pheromone trails under the orders of an invisible Queen.

The Singularity comes up a lot these days—that fated moment when the Machine will come alive and consume us. One definition of the technological Singularity is the inflection point when AI has surpassed our general intelligence and its output is incomprehensible to any human being. I’d say that, in a sense, most of us are already there.

As a teenager, I harbored ridiculous ambitions of breaking free of the Machine and setting off on my own into Nature. We’re all dumbasses when we’re young, but I was a special breed. The impulse was amplified by an encounter with the numinous molecules that form in witch bread. …

Read the rest THERE

PDF – pg. 14-17

Source Here:

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THIS IS A MUST READ!!Decision By January 6th Commission to Ignore Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes Just Unmasked Their Entire Investigation – Revolver

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The January 6th Commission, led by rabid DHS-loving Mississippi race pimp Bennie Thompson, is strangely disinterested in Stewart Rhodes.

Source: Decision By January 6th Commission to Ignore Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes Just Unmasked Their Entire Investigation – Revolver

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The Border Crisis in Del Rio Was Caused by Biden, Now There’s a Second Attack on DHS Agents

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By Nick Arama | Sep 21, 2021 11:45 PM ET

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

We reported earlier how Haitians who were on board a bus from Del Rio to Brownsville attacked the DHS staff who were guarding them and hijacked the bus. Some of the staff were injured and some of the illegal aliens temporarily escaped but were then rounded back up by local law enforcement.

But this is just one of the many problems that Biden’s border disaster has fostered.

First let’s start with the fact that again, the almost 15,000 Haitians living under a bridge at the border in squalor was a crisis of Biden’s own making.

From NY Post:

These are not people escaping an earthquake or political unrest or extreme poverty in Haiti, according to one of the most informed border observers, Todd Bensman, senior national security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies and author of “America’s Covert Border War.”

All the Haitians he has interviewed have been living in Chile or Brazil for the past three to five years.

“I’ve never met one yet who is actually coming directly from Haiti,” he said. “But they will probably apply for asylum on the basis of [problems] in Haiti.”

Bensman has covered the border crisis for more than a year, traveling through Guatemala and Mexico to interview migrants.

The Haitians now in Del Rio were “living a pretty good life [in South America] but they are seeing an opportunity to improve their situation,” he says.

“They say they heard Joe Biden was opening the border up so they came.”

Most of the folks aren’t being deported, according to reports, but rather, secretly bused to other places all over the country to then be released. The reports were that single men were being deported, while family unit were getting to stay.

Of the 3,300 processed over the weekend from under the bridge, just 327 were sent out on flights to Haiti. So only about ten percent. So where did the other folks go? To centers to be processed elsewhere, to be released into the U.S.

But there were problems caused today on one of the flights back to Haiti.

DHS confirmed to Fox’s Bill Melugin that Haitian migrants who were on a deportation flight back to Haiti caused “two separate disruptions” on the tarmac in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, injuring three ICE officers who sustained non-life threatening injuries. Haitian crowd control police were involved in responding.

They don’t want to go back to Haiti because they haven’t been there in years and would be at a complete loss.

Although most are being released into this country, this threat of being possibly deported back to Haiti is now actually having a positive effect and causing some to decide to go back to South America rather than risk being deported to Haiti.

So Biden accidentally tripped across one of the things that made the Trump policies so effective — deterrence. That said, there are still a tremendous number of people just being released into the United States.

Source Here:

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AZ Processed 673,000 Voter Identities With The Social Security Administration… 58% Had NO MATCH FOUND

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( Exclusive) – Over the course of the last 10 weeks, the state of Arizona has been busily checking voter registration credentials with the Social Security Administration on 673,560 applicants.
AZ Processed 673,000 Voter Identities With The Social Security Administration – 58% Had NO MATCH FOUND

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EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Fauci Used Taxpayer Money to Have Dogs Tortured and Eaten Alive By Parasite Infected Flies in Tunisia (PHOTOS)

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By Cassandra Fairbanks
Published August 31, 2021

The White Coat Waste Project, a taxpayer watchdog group, has provided The Gateway Pundit with new examples of Dr. Anthony Fauci facilitating cruel and unnecessary taxpayer funded experimentation on dogs — this time in Tunisia.

Documents uncovered by the organization found that the National Institutes of Health division that is led by Dr. Fauci shipped part of a $375,800 grant to the lab in Tunisia to infest beagles with parasites.

The grant money funded a study published last month that detailed the horror inflicted upon the unlucky dogs.

One of the tortures that the beagles were subjected to included locking their heads in mesh cages filled with infected sand flies so that the parasite-carrying insects could eat them alive.

Beagles are often used for these tests because of their gentle nature, even towards those who harm them.

There was a photo of the test, which is sure to haunt anyone with a conscience.

Fauci’s taxpayer funded animal experiments in Tunisia

According to their paper, the scientists starved the sand flies in order to make sure they were hungry enough to attack the dogs.

“The sand flies were then allowed to feed on the sedated dogs….” the report explains.

The nightmare for dogs did not stop there. The experimenters locked beagles alone in cages in the middle of the desert, isolated, for nine consecutive nights, to use as bait to attract more infectious sand flies. There is also a photo of this horror.

Fauci’s taxpayer funded animal experiments in Tunisia

“Fauci’s dog testing debacle is now an international disgrace. Not only is Fauci paying for beagle abuse here at home, but he also shipped our tax dollars overseas to have beagles eaten alive by insects in an African lab with no oversight from U.S. authorities. Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to foot the bill for this government waste and abuse. Congress must take action to investigate the full extent of Fauci’s dog testing debacle,” Mackie Burr, Director of Digital & Grassroots Development at the White Coat Waste Project said.

The article’s “Funding Statement” confirmed that it was given money by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and that NIH funding was given to the lab in Tunisia.

“EZ and AS received funding from the US National Institutes of Health,” according to the grant. “EZ” is one of the paper’s co-authors, Elyes Zhioua, from the Institut Pasteur de Tunis, Tunis, Tunisia. “AS” is Abhay Satoskar, from Ohio State University.

White Coat Waste Project pointed out that on the NIH’s website, Zhioua is listed as the co-PI on the grant along with Satoskar.

White Coat Waste Project, using the Freedom of Information Act, recently revealed that Fauci spent $424,000 to commission another study in which healthy beagles were given an experimental drug and intentionally infested with flies that carry a disease-causing parasite that affects humans.

The researchers are developing infections in 28 beagles and allowing them to suffer for three months before being euthanized.

The report from White Coat Waste Project explained that records show that the dogs were “vocalizing in pain” during the experiments.

The organization also noted that experimenters admit this investigational drug, “has been extensively tested and confirmed…in different animal models such as mice…Mongolian gerbils…and rhesus macaques….” Meaning that this painful torture is completely unnecessary.

In a letter sent to Fauci last week, Congressman Scott Perry and 14 colleagues cited their investigation and demanded answers about the project — including has much money has been spent to date, how many dogs have been killed, and why the NIH commissioned the deadly dog testing when the Food and Drug Administration has said it’s not required.

The letter was signed by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Ken Calvert (R-CA), Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), Rodney Davis (R-IL), Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Diane Harshbarger (R-TN), Yvette Herrell (R-NM), Fred Keller (R-PA), Brian Mast (R-FL), Bill Posey (R-FL), Greg Steube (R-FL), Glenn Thompson (R-PA), Randy Weber (R-TX) and Daniel Webster (R-FL).

In 2016, White Coat Waste exposed how Fauci’s NIH division was using tax dollars to buy beagle puppies and strapping capsules full of infected flies to their bare skin.

Fauci and the NIH have also been under fire for using American tax dollars to fund the Wuhan Animal Lab’s coronavirus experiments on bats and other animals.

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House Republicans vow to not vote for increased debt ceiling

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Citing trillions of dollars of government spending proposed by Democrats, the 103 House Republicans promised not to increase the debt ceiling under any circumstance.

Source: House Republicans vow to not vote for increased debt ceiling

Over 100 Republicans in the House are vowing in a new letter that they will not vote to increase the debt ceiling — calling the issue a “problem created by Democrat spending.”

Citing trillions of dollars of government spending proposed by Democrats, the 103 House Republicans promised not to increase the debt ceiling under any circumstance, according to the letter obtained by Fox News.

“Democrats have embarked on a massive and unprecedented deficit spending spree. Without a single Republican vote, they passed a $1.9 trillion ‘Covid relief’ bill in March even though $1 trillion was still unspent from previous bipartisan Covid relief bills,” the letter said, also citing the recently passed $3.5 trillion budget resolution.

“In order for this spending to occur, our nation’s debt limit will have to be increased significantly,” it continued. “Because Democrats are responsible for the spending, they need to take responsibility for increasing the debt ceiling.”

The Republicans, led by Reps. Kevin Hern (R-Okla.) and Jim Banks (R-Ind.), vowed they will not increase the debt ceiling if it comes “through a stand alone bill, a continuing resolution, or any other vehicle.”

Earlier this month, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) warned Democrats that they should not expect any GOP support in raising the debt ceiling, after calling the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill “their latest socialist shopping list.”

Capitol building.Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called the Democrat-backed $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill “their latest socialist shopping list.” Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

“In just a few days, our colleagues will start ramming through yet another reckless taxing and spending spree. Trillions more in inflationary spending when families just want good jobs and stable prices. But there’s something funny happening,” McConnell said.

“Even as Democrats crow about how all this spending is so good and so needed, they’re petrified to vote for the credit limit increase that would make it possible,” he continued.

“Democrats are about to tell Republicans to go take a hike and start teeing up trillions more dollars in borrowing and spending without a single Republican vote. But at the same time they’re extolling the virtues of their latest socialist shopping list, they are afraid to up the limit on their credit card.”

Rep. Elise Stefanik.Reps. Elise Stefanik, Jim Banks, Dan Crenshaw and Andy Biggs have joined the Republican Study Committee Budget and Spending Task Force.Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

On July 31, the two-year suspension on the debt ceiling expired. Democrats have been weighing attaching the debt ceiling to a sweeping spending bill this fall, forcing Republicans to get on board.

“We should not default on our debts under any circumstances,” the GOP letter added.

“If Democrats threaten a default, it will only be because they refuse to vote for the debt ceiling increase necessitated by their own irresponsible spending. Democrats, at any time, have the power through reconciliation to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling, and they should not be allowed to pretend otherwise.”

Monday’s letter comes as Democrats attempt to pass the budget resolution while facing a number of hurdles due to their razor-thin majorities in both chambers, with moderates expressing concerns about the price tag and progressives pushing for numerous controversial provisions to be included in the final reconciliation package.

Last Tuesday, the budget’s blueprint was passed 220-212, after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) convinced 10 Republicans to support the bill’s framework. While the massive spending bill has yet to be written, last week’s vote allows Democrats to move forward.

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CORTES: Mass Migration Was Never Part Of America’s $2 Trillion Afghan Debacle.

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Source HERE.
Migration to the United States should exist for one purpose only: to enhance the prosperity and security of existing American citizens, whether native-born or legally naturalized.

This statement should not actually be controversial. To many on the Left, however, immigration is either some intrinsically inherent and pure good, or a cudgel with which to batter American culture and identity. For globalists, mass migration must be embraced, as a means to cheap labor and free votes, but now also as a matter of “social justice”. Because nothing says “equity” like stripping impoverished nations of their labor force and working them to the bone before sending them back to their American ghettoes.

This folly drives the present, dangerous rush for America to welcome hundreds of thousands of Afghans fleeing the ongoing civil war in their country as the Taliban takes over most of that land. After two decades, thousands of deaths, and trillions of dollars expended by America in Afghanistan, what debts do we owe that country and its people?

For those who took material risk to assist American operations there, surely our country can assist their safe removal from immediate danger. We have many bases in the region, plus allies nearby who share cultural and religious traits with these migrants and can provide refuge. But not one of these Afghans should be coming to America. That was never the deal.

In a time of pandemic and a fast-rising economic anxiety, the present is no time to welcome vast amounts of refugees into America, many of whom will require enormous resources from taxpayers.

When I tweeted out a picture of a record-setting American airlift jam-packed with Afghanis, making the point that no American town should be burdened with this influx of largely unskilled and unvetted young men from the other side of the world, blue-check Twitter was predictably aghast.

A simple (and widely-held) opinion earned condemnation from the likes of former CIA Chief Michael Hayden, anti-gun activist David Hogg, and CNN’s Jake Tapper who used a Bible reference from the Gospel of Matthew in response to me. Strange times when a host of that network, who is married to a former operative for Planned Parenthood, uses Christian scripture to try to shame others.

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No one, though, addressed what the picture makes clear: the plane is packed with young, Afghani men. The best thing for that country would be for these young men to stay and save their homeland, to fight the Taliban and establish civil society. But if they choose to leave, settlement here in America should not be offered.

One huge reason: we cannot be blind to the awful experience of Europe in recent years trying to deal with a massive influx of Afghan refugees who have created enormous costs for citizens there and committed heinous crimes against Europeans. Just this summer, a 13-year-old girl was raped and murdered in Austria. Three Afghan immigrant men are charged with that horrific crime, creating a national scandal in Austria.

Speaking about this issue, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz observed, “We cannot solve Afghanistan’s problems by taking in large numbers of people into Germany and Austria, as in 2015. We have to improve the situation on the ground. If people have to flee, then I consider neighboring countries, Turkey, or safe parts of Afghanistan, to be definitely the more suitable.” Just this weekend, he reiterated his sensible stance that Austria will not accept new Afghan migrants.

The shocking crime against the 13-year-old was not out of character regarding the Austrian experience with Afghan men. Cheryl Benard is a former Rand Corporation analyst who is married to the former US Ambassador to Afghanistan. She wrote a revealing article on the Afghan migrants in Austria, titled:I’ve Worked with Refugees for Decades. Europe’s Afghan Crime Wave Is Mind-Boggling.”

She describes “the large and growing incidence of sexual assaults committed by refugees against local women.”

MUST READ: EXC: A Senior Biden Staffer Wrote An Afghanistan Policy Paper Which Was Sponsored By a Top Chinese Communist Influence Group.

The ongoing crimes are “vicious, no-preamble attacks on random girls and women, often committed by gangs or packs of young men. At first, the incidents were downplayed or hushed up—no one wanted to provide the right wing with fodder for nationalist agitation…[but] with the official acknowledgment and public reporting, a weird and puzzling footnote emerged. Most of the assaults were being committed by refugees of one particular nationality: by Afghans.”

Benard cites that the relatively small Afghan population of Austria commits a staggering half of all sexual assaults there, according to police statistics. According to Hoover Institution research, between 2015 and 2018, during the wave of refugee settlement in Austria, sexual assaults there climbed 53 percent. Next door in Germany, in 2017 and 2018 one third of all sex crime suspects were foreign-born.

Beyond the critical need to defend American women, the issue of potential for terrorism must also be considered. The sad reality of “green on blue” attacks in Afghanistan, wherein trusted Afghan partners turn on Americans or their fellow Afghan soldiers, proves that even the carefully-vetted can present dire risks.

Just last year, two American soldiers were killed and six wounded when a supposed Afghan army ally turned on them with a hail of machine gunfire. In total, over 150 American and coalition lives have been lost in such attacks. The death toll has been much worse for the Afghans. In 2019, insider attacks killed a stunning 172 Afghan armed forces fighters, slain by their own allegedly-vetted fellow servicemen.

Given these risks, we simply should not allow the globalists to, once again, inflict the costs of their disastrous war and mindless nation-building upon the citizens of America. This pattern of invading a country, massively destabilizing it, creating a refugee crisis, and then settling those migrants in America is not a sustainable path to security and prosperity. But then again, the globalists know that all too well.

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EXC: Joe Biden’s State Dept Halted a Trump-Era ‘Crisis Response’ Plan Aimed at Avoiding Benghazi-Style Evacuations Just MONTHS Before Taliban Takeover.

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August 18, 2021

Joe Biden’s State Department moved to cancel a critical State Department program aimed at providing swift and safe evacuations of Americans out of crisis zones just months prior to the fall of Kabul, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal.

The “Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau” – which was designed to handle medical, diplomatic, and logistical support concerning Americans overseas was paused by Antony Blinken’s State Department earlier this year. Notification was officially signed just months before the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

“SENSITIVE BUT UNCLASSIFIED,” an official State Department document from the Biden State Department begins, before outlining the following move the quash the Trump-era funding for the new bureau.

The document is from the desk of Deputy Secretary of State Brian P. McKeon, confirmed in March by the United States Senate.

Evidence of the pause in the program by Biden’s State Department.

The document is dated June 11, 2021, though The National Pulse understands the decision to pause the program may have come as early as February, both undermining the original Trump-era date for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, and certainly giving the Taliban time to threaten American assets and lives on the run up to Joe Biden’s September 11th date of withdrawal.

The subject line reads: “(SBU) Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau,” and the body of the document recommends:

“That you direct the discontinuation of the establishment, and termination of, the Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau (CCR), and direct a further review of certain associated Department requirements and capabilities.”

It goes on:

“That you direct the discontinuation of the establishment, and termination of, CCR, consistent with the applicable legal requirements, necessary stakeholder engagement, and any applicable changes to the Foreign Affairs Manual and other requirements.”

The document reveals the recommendations were approved on June 11th 2021.

Speaking exclusively to The National Pulse, former President Donald J. Trump blasted Biden’s irresponsible move:

“My Administration prioritized keeping Americans safe, Biden leaves them behind. Canceling this successful Trump Administration program before the withdrawal that would have helped tens of thousands Americans reach home is beyond disgraceful. Our withdrawal was conditions-based and perfect, it would have been flawlessly executed and nobody would have even known we left. The Biden execution and withdrawal is perhaps the greatest embarrassment to our Country in History, both as a military and humanitarian operation.”

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In a lengthy article in Vanity Fair from May 2021, the Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau (CCR) – also referred to in overlap with a predecessor/partner bureau called “OpMed” is described as a “little-known team of medics and miracle workers—hidden deep within the U.S. Department of State.”

“Even before COVID reared its head, OpMed was finding ways to do all sorts of things, serving as the hidden hand behind daring and often dangerous operations to rescue Americans from peril abroad,” the article states, before going on to quote Secretary of State Tony Blinken on the importance of the program’s goals.

“The Bureau of Medical Services’ Directorate of Operation—or ‘OpMed,’ as we call it—is a lifeline for the Department of State and the American people… Though perhaps lesser known outside of the Department, it’s vital to our operations. That’s because OpMed provides the platform and personnel to save American lives around the world, especially in times of crisis. During the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, OpMed was integral to our evacuation and repatriation of 100,000 Americans to the United States as countries began locking down their borders.”

But The National Pulse understands that career officials inside the State Department objected to the Trump-era aim of creating a Contingency and Crisis Response bureau with the express purpose of avoiding a future Benghazi-style situation for Americans overseas.

Instead, Biden’s team revoked the funding and the approval for the plan, even as the COVID-19 crisis reasserted itself, and and Afghanistan withdrawal loomed.

Vanity Fair reported in May:

“OpMed emerged from the ashes of Benghazi, where, on September 11, 2012, militants attacked the U.S. consulate, killing America’s ambassador to Libya, an information management officer, and two CIA contractors. The day’s events rocked the national security establishment and prompted years of recrimination, congressional hearings, and blue-ribbon commissions. When the dust more or less settled, several findings emerged: First, Pentagon officials had long warned their counterparts at the State Department about the “tyranny of distance” in Libya and other parts of North Africa. Second, CIA medics on the scene in Benghazi played an indispensable role in saving the lives of gravely wounded diplomatic security personnel. Finally, an interagency panel of experts concluded that, in light of the “grossly inadequate” response time to evacuate the injured from Benghazi, “State must ensure it has the capability to rapidly deploy crisis responders and evacuate […] personnel in harm’s way.”

“Responsibility for internalizing these lessons and bolstering the department’s ability to treat its own fell in no small part to William Walters, who had joined State in December 2011 in what for nine months had largely been a role in search of a mission: managing director of operational medicine. He had served with the Army’s most elite special operations unit and held the euphemistic title of deputy command surgeon for sensitive activities at the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). “They wanted a guy who understood the Pentagon but could also wear cuff links,” he said with a laugh, recalling the clash of cultures. And yet Doc Walters, as he is known in the corridors of Foggy Bottom, quickly emerged as a contrarian (in a department that values consensus) and an egalitarian (in an organization that’s been a bastion of elitism since 1789).”

A 2022 State Department Budget Justification document presented to the U.S. Congress earlier this year notes on page 22: “The Department has paused implementation of Op Med (CCR) pending a policy review.”

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On August 15th, Biden’s State Department was forced to issue a humiliating statement warning U.S. citizens that the Embassy in Kabul would be unresponsive to their requests for help.

At the time of publication, Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said the U.S. military is attempting to move 5,000 to 9,000 people to safety per day, according to the Associated Press.

The news flies in the face of Joe Biden’s claims that his government planned for “every contingency” in the war-torn country.

The National Pulse also understands no Congressional notification was sent to the United States Congress, as is required, upon the pause.

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CORTES: Welcome to Joe Biden’s American Carnage.

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CORTES: Welcome to Joe Biden’s American Carnage.

August 17, 2021 Afghanistan, Analysis, inflation, Joe Biden, open borders, Vaccine No comments

In his Inaugural Address, President Donald J. Trump promised that the misery inflicted on everyday Americans by globalists, via constant war and economic abuse, would end with a new America First agenda. He pledged, “this American carnage stops right here and stops right now.” And stop it did, as Trump ended senseless wars and ushered in record-setting wage growth in 2019 before the CCP virus hit America like an epidemiological Pearl Harbor.

But now, under Joe Biden, the carnage begins anew, with astounding swiftness and scale, only months into his administration. Biden’s failures exceed even the most dire prognostications of his fiercest critics prior to him assuming the presidency under dubious electoral circumstances.

Presently, America’s mood plunges, as evidenced by the University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment survey which is widely followed by economists and financial markets. On Friday, that index saw one of the steepest drops in its decades-long history. After climbing from Spring 2020 lockdown lows of 71.8 to 81.3, the preliminary August reading crashed back to 70.2, surrendering all pandemic recovery gains, and hitting a 10 year low.

Little wonder that US citizens report such pessimism given the concurrent crises created by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris:


Consumer negativity flows mainly from the dreadful news on staggering price increases. First, the Consumer Price Index reported another 5.4 percent annualized inflation increase, the steepest such advance since 2008 and further evidence that the recent surge in prices is structural and not “transitory” as the White House would have us pretend.

Then, the Producer Price Index revealed a staggering 7.8 percent inflation rate at the wholesale level, the worst number in the history of the current index (going back to 2010), and likely the worst producer price acceleration since the early 1980s at the end of Jimmy Carter’s “stagflation.”

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This inflation surge results directly from the massive spending and borrowing of the Biden/Schumer/Pelosi agenda, aided and abetted by eunuch Republican senators bereft of the fortitude to stand their ground against a suddenly deeply unpopular Biden.

Open Borders.

Even the incompetent chief of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, conceded in leaked audio discussions that the open borders madness grows “unsustainable” and predicted that “we’re going to lose.” The numbers reveal a torrent of illegal trespassers into America, with 212,672 illegal migrants encountered at our southern border in July alone, the highest total in two decades.

Scorching summer heat did not deter this human tsunami which included, for the fifth month in a row, all-time record totals of unaccompanied minors.

Medical Apartheid.

While Biden eliminates our borders and incentivizes those breaking-and-entering into our country, he actually considers shutting down domestic interstate travel to citizens of our republic who make rational and personal medical decision to forego the new COVID mitigation therapies, widely advertised as vaccines.

Joe Biden purposefully leaves America’s figurative door wide open to any and all comers while simultaneously sending government agents to knock on the literal doors of citizens to pressure them to inject an experimental medicine that many of them do not need or want. How will these leftists explain why minority Americans, with severely lagging vaccine rates, deserve new legal segregation?

Afghanistan Implosion.

Regarding minorities and other working-class constituencies, they paid the heaviest price for the disastrous Afghan War. Globalist elites pushed a nonsensical nation-building experiment for two decades. Think-tanks and the military-industrial complex grew rich. But the price for interventionist folly was paid primarily by young men from places like rural Tennessee and the urban barrios in the Bronx.

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Trump thankfully wound down this adventurism. Biden’s lack of planning and foresight turned the exfiltration process into a disaster that still unfolds right now. It appears that, within days of a final US withdrawal of personnel, the Taliban will be back in power, only this time heavily armed with materiel bought by US taxpayers.

Given these myriad, historic failures, what can be done to mitigate this rapid descent into American carnage?

On inflation, options are limited after the feckless GOP failed so miserably on the infrastructure bill and its evil twin, the Green New Deal reconciliation behemoth. But, some leverage still exists via the debt ceiling, if worthless Lindsey Graham and minority Mitch McConnell can find backbones. On open borders, strong state leaders like Ken Paxton show initiative with his successful suit against Biden’s asylum process abuses. Governors Abbott and Ducey need to step up with more state enforcement to counter federal inaction.

Regarding medical apartheid, red state legislatures and governors must follow the strong lead of Governor Ron DeSantis and stop employers and cities from abusing the privacy and rights of citizens. On Afghanistan, few levers avail themselves to the GOP presently, but this epic failure, the worst foreign policy collapse since the fall of Saigon, must become a central tenet of America First campaign pledges into 2022, an agenda of overseas realism and restraint.

In these very dark days for America, patriots must think creatively and act forcefully to stop the carnage inflicted by Biden and his cabal of credentialed White House dilettantes who fetishized his new administration as an episode of West Wing.

August 17, 2021 5:25 pm

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American Voter’s Alliance

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Source: Home – American Voter’s Alliance

The election irregularities, infusion of private monies, and illegal conduct surrounding the 2020 presidential election brought the integrity of our election system into question for many Americans. Our government was built around the understanding that “we the people” would be engaged and involved. One of the primary reasons we are engage in this process is to ensure the American voice is rightly represented through our vote.

2020 was an unprecedented year in many ways and Americans are at a crossroads deciding who we will be as a nation. But in order for the voice of the American people to be accurately heard and represented, we must first deal with protecting the integrity of our vote.

The answer is what our Founders originally intended – an active and engaged citizenry.

We The People are the solution, if we are willing to be.

American Voter’s Alliance chooses to engage the election integrity issue from the standpoint of equipping and empowering engaged citizens with the tools, resources, connections, and the training needed to make a lasting impact. Our three primary areas of focus are: Litigation, Legislation, and Grassroots.

In order to unlock the full benefits of our resources and content, become a member and join our robust community. It is only through each of us engaging and taking personal action that we will be able to leave an ongoing legacy of freedom for generations to come.

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HUGE: Dr. Shiva Discovers Existence of the Secretive Long Fuse Report — Exposes Twitter-Government Collusion — As Momentous Discovery as Pentagon Papers & Update: Hearing Tomorrow with Link

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By Jim Hoft
Published August 3, 2021 at 7:45am

Previously we reported on Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai was able to uncover Twitter’s “partner support portal.”

Dr. Shiva discovered that Twitter built a special portal offered to certain governmental entities so that government officials can flag and delete content they dislike for any reason, as part of what they call their “Twitter Partner Status.”

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, the man who invented email, ran for US Senate in Massachusetts as a Republican and made allegations of voter fraud on Twitter. These tweets were then deleted by the far-left tech giant.  Later it was discovered that they were deleted at the direction of government employees of the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office.

Discovering this, Dr. Ayyadurai filed a federal lawsuit by himself, alleging that his federal civil rights were violated when the government silenced his political speech in order to affect an election.

TRENDING: HUGE: Dr. Shiva Discovers Existence of the Secretive Long Fuse Report — Exposes Twitter-Government Collusion — As Momentous Discovery as Pentagon Papers …Update: Hearing Tomorrow with Link

Legal observers noted back in May that the judge is signaling that Twitter’s days of claiming it is a private company so as to avoid it’s clear oppression of conservative speech, banning scores of conservative journalists, and promotion of liberal views, may be coming to a close end:

This case could spell the end of CDA 230.

CDA 230 is the provision of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 that gives internet and social media companies legal immunity from lawsuits due to the content they publish.

This provision in law gives companies like Facebook and Twitter a way to dismiss lawsuits, but it also gives them the ability to act with impunity so that their actions cannot be legally challenged. These companies have, according to their detractors, abused this immunity by suppressing dissident, and specifically conservative, views, viewpoints and journalism.

Because Dr. Ayyadurai did not argue about Twitter’s “Terms of Service,” everything will instead hinge on the degree of interaction between Twitter and the state government of Massachusetts.

EXCLUSIVE: More proof that tech giants are working with Democrat State Governments to Censor Conservatives

We noticed back in early July that Dr. Shiva’s lawsuit also included the National Association of State Election Directors (NASED):

We’ve reported on the NASED previously.  This group of election directors in the US, as well as the group of Secretaries of State, worked with the UN before the 2020 election:

These non-profits received donations from voting machine companies, ballot printing companies, Zuckerberg’s non-profit as well as a Hillary-related non-profit in 2020.

And we also know that NASED was working with Twitter to prevent free speech in the US.

In late July Dr. Shiva released another explosive report.

Dr. Shiva revealed how election officials and government actors work together to coordinate with social media platforms to silence speech in America.

Via Vashiva.comclick here for high resolution image.

Dr. Shiva described this discovery in his latest amended legal complaint filed on July 22.

1. This case is about the government surveilling and blacklisting a minority, political candidate Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai (“Dr. Shiva”), and then eventually silencing his speech, in the midst of his U.S. Senate campaign, because he criticized government officials, thereby violating his First Amendment rights – the foundational principle of the United States.

2. Starting in June of 2020, Dr. Shiva, a candidate for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, was one of the top six (6) individuals in the United States who had been identified,in The Long Fuse Report, as an Influence Operator (IO) per the Playbooks (created by the Defendants), and was under 24/7 surveillance by teams working 4-hour shifts, using an infrastructure – of technology and relationships as shown in Exhibit A, coarchitected by the Defendants in this case. Dr. Shiva is mentioned twenty-two (22) times in The Long Fuse Report.

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3. Starting in October 2017, government officials concluded that though the nature of U.S. elections was decentralized – spread across 10,000 jurisdictions and using different kinds of machines (and diverse methods: paper and electronic) – was the best defense to cyberhacking, they needed to eliminate such decentralization because it was a hindrance to their desire to establish and use a centralized infrastructure with nongovernmental entities to “fill the gap” between domestic government agencies who had no power to curtail speech, and federal intelligence agencies who were forbidden from curtailing domestic speech, in order to censor speech by surveilling, blacklisting, and silencing U.S. citizens, domestically, and thus allow government officials to violate the First Amendment without fear of being sued.

4. The Defendants in this case were architects of this infrastructure. The Defendants and their allies co-authored the foundational documents – The Playbooks – at Harvard’s Belfer Center for Defending Digital Democracy, testified to the US Senate Intelligence Committee to lobby for such an infrastructure, and forged relationships with billionaires, in particular Pierre Omidyar, through his Democracy Fund, as well as the Rockefeller Brothers, the Murdoch Family’s Quadrivium, Mark Zuckerberg, and other nongovernmental entities, to fund, design and deploy this centralized infrastructure for censorship of speech. The network diagram in Exhibit A provides a visual illustration of those relationships and the technology infrastructure they created to censor speech. These relationships provided the Defendants special access to channels to use if when and necessary for personal benefit, to not only blacklist and surveil US citizens, but also to silence their domestic speech, which is what they did to Dr. Shiva starting on September 25, 2020.

5. The existence of this infrastructure was discovered during the course of this lawsuit: On October 30, 2020, testimony elicited by this Court, revealed for the first time the existence of a “Trusted Twitter Partnership” between Government and Twitter; on May 19, 2021, Dr. Shiva discovered the “Playbooks” co-authored by the Defendants, which were presented to this Court during the May 20-21, 2021 hearings, that detail the step-by-step process for identifying Influence Operators (IOs), monitoring them and silencing their speech; and, on June 28, 2021, the staggering discovery of The Long Fuse Report, confirmed that this infrastructure had been monitoring Dr. Shiva starting as early as June of 2020. Discovery of The Long Fuse Report is as momentous in US History as discovery of the Pentagon Papers. This lawsuit provides the context to understand it.

6. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai (“Dr. Shiva”), MIT PhD, the inventor of email, is a scientist, technologist, political activist (see Exhibit B), and educator – an independent thinker -, a minority, who was born as a low-caste “Untouchable” in India’s deplorable caste system, earned four degrees from MIT, a Fulbright Scholar, Westinghouse Science Talents Honors Award recipient, Lemelson-MIT Awards Finalist, nominee for the Presidential National Medal of Technology and Innovation. His life has been about identifying problems and proposing solutions based on a systems science approach – that is neither partisan nor bi-partisan -, is beyond left and right, and is based on objectively understanding the interconnections of the parts of any system. He developed a systems science curriculum, which he originally taught at MIT, that he now teaches to the broad public to educate them on applying a systems approach to any problem. This approach is what Dr. Shiva employs in his videos and social media posts in analyzing a problem or situation.

7. Since 2011, Dr. Shiva worked hard to build his followers on Twitter – his main platform for education, outreach, and political activism – from 0 to 360,000 followers with a reach of tens to hundreds of millions as documented in The Long Fuse Report, before he was deplatformed by these Defendants on February 1, 2021. His content, combining text posts, images and video streams, enabled his students and followers on Twitter to get a deep and unique education, from a systems approach, on any number of issues be it innovation, healthcare, education, agriculture, vaccines, election integrity, Big Tech, etc. Given that Twitter is the most powerful megaphone for politics (politicians and political activists must be on Twitter to even have a chance of their message being heard), Dr. Shiva’s content, based on this systems-based approach, appealed to the broad mass of independent thinkers in America. Up until September 25, 2020, Dr. Shiva was never
suspended or deplatformed from Twitter, though he spoke on a number of controversial topics, from a non-mainstream, systems-science-based approach.

8. In February of 2017, Dr. Shiva decided to engage in electoral politics. He ran as an Independent for U.S. Senate from Massachusetts in 2018 against Elizabeth Warren. In 2020, he ran as a Republican (though the Massachusetts GOP did not support him, given he had his own independent base) in the U.S. Senate primary; and later, in the U.S. Senate general elections as a write in candidate on the platform of #StopElectionFraud and #TruthFreedomHealth.

10. On September 1, 2020, following the confounding results from his own U.S. Senate Primary election Dr. Shiva began his journey to discover two (2) systemic problems in the processes of U.S. electronic voting systems:
a. The certification by State Election Directors of voting systems software with features that allowed for the multiplication of a voter’s vote by a factor (the “weighted race” feature), thus denying one person one vote; and,
b. The lack of adherence to Federal law 52 USC 20701 that election officials must preserve digital ballot images for twenty-two (22) months for federal elections, to enable auditing.

11. During September 1-24, 2020, Dr. Shiva used Twitter to educate his nearly 260,000 students and followers, from a systems science approach, to appreciate the realities of these two systemic system problems that he had identified. He tweeted, shared posts, did videos on his own experience during his primary election campaign, the mechanics of the weighted race feature that denies one person one vote, how ballot images were being deleted – thus thwarting forensic audits, and the slogan of his U.S. Senate Write In campaign: #StopElectionFraud. The Long Fuse Report documents that at that time, the infrastructure co-architected by these Defendants was being only used to surveil him and actively analyze his ‘influence and reach’ to gauge his threat severity. During this period, Twitter never took any action to silence any of his tweets (see Exhibit C) or deplatform his tweets or his Twitter account.

13. On September 24, 2020, Dr. Shiva tweeted out about destruction of digital ballot images by Tassinari and Galvin, which went viral on social media. In response to this tweet, Defendant Galvin had his office respond with a press release disputing Dr. Shiva’s tweet. Galvin’s office also officially filed a complaint with Twitter through their dedicated Partner Support Portal (“PSP”). Galvin’s office is a “Trusted Twitter Partner,” which means any complaints from them receive a higher priority response than some normal private citizen complaining to Twitter. The Playbooks explain this in detail.

14. On September 25, 2020, Dr. Shiva posted a threaded tweet sharing four (4) screenshots of emails that explicitly named Defendant Michelle Tassinari, (“the September 25, 2020 Tassinari Tweet”). Tassinari holds many positions of power at the key intersection of governmental and non-governmental members of the infrastructure established to censor domestic speech:

a. State Election Director of Massachusetts;
b. Chief Legal Counsel for Massachusetts Secretary of State Galvin;
c. President of the National Association of State Election Directors (NASED);
d. Executive Committee Member of the DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure
Security Agency’s Election Infrastructure-Government Coordinating Council (CISA EI-GCC);
e. Member of the Advisory Board of the MIT Election Data & Science
f. Member of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (US EAC); and,
g. Member of the Council of State Governments

15. The September 25, 2020 Tassinari Tweet went viral and revealed her personal role in destroying digital ballot images. This time, unlike the earlier official response, Tassinari had Amy Cohen, the Executive Director of NASED and someone who commanded immense influence through relationships that Cohen had forged over years in Washington DC, as shown in Exhibit A, to do ‘whatever it takes’ to get Dr. Shiva’s tweet removed.

16. Tassinari and Cohen’s coordination with Twitter and using the relationships they had forged, resulted in Dr. Shiva’s tweet being removed and Dr. Shiva being locked out of his Twitter account for most of the one month period leading to the general elections on November 3, 2020. Tassinari had used the relationships and the infrastructure to benefit her personally i.e. removing the tweet that revealed her violation of federal law. The deliberate silencing of Dr. Shiva on Twitter in the midst of his U.S. Senate campaign just prior to election day, severely crippled his last month of efforts including: raising money, reaching out to voters, sharing his message, etc.

17. On October 20, 2020, Dr. Shiva filed a lawsuit and sought to enjoin Galvin from further silencing him on Twitter. On October 30, 2020, this Court held a TRO hearing Case 1:20-cv-11889-MLW
and elicited testimony which gave us the first glimpses of the infrastructure designed by the Defendants i.e. the “Trusted Twitter Partnership.” In her affidavit, Tassinari had concealed the Trusted Twitter Partnership and her use of the infrastructure through Amy Cohen to do ‘whatever it took’ to stop Dr. Shiva from spreading the news of Tassinari’s violation of federal law. This Court ruled in Dr. Shiva’s favor, ordered Galvin to stop contacting Twitter; Galvin to stop contacting NASED; and, ordering Galvin to respond to Dr. Shiva’s speech on Twitter with his own speech. At that hearing, this Court also indicated that it was more than likely that, per the Blum test, Dr. Shiva would prevail in his lawsuit in demonstrating that Twitter’s action was State Action.

18. Dr. Shiva would discover, later that Tassinari’s and Cohen’s influence and coercive power far outweighs that of the average state election director.

19. Starting on November 4, 2020, when Dr. Shiva was back on Twitter, until January 31, 2021, Dr. Shiva tweeted on all different topics. At this time his followers had grown to 360,000 and his influence and reach had also grown, as documented in The Long Fuse Report.

20. On February 1, 2021, when he once again shared the September 25, 2020 Tassinari Tweet in a video lecture about developments in this very lawsuit, to his students and followers, Dr. Shiva received, within seventeen(17) minutes of the lecture ending, an official Twitter email informing him that Twitter had permanently suspended his account. Those seventeen (17) minutes permitted no time for Twitter to exercise any independent private internal judgment; it kicked Dr. Shiva off Twitter because the other Defendants wanted it to do so. Interestingly, Tassinari, Cohen, and Twitter’s counsel Stacia Cardille (“Cardille”), who has submitted false affidavits in this case, were all together at NASED’sFebruary 1-5, 2021 Winter Conference at which Tassinari and Cohen had invited Cardille to give a talk on “Managing Misinformation on Social Media Platforms,” at the same time that Twitter deplatformed Dr. Shiva.

21. The Defendants, to conceal their coordinated efforts to silence Dr. Shiva, then coordinated together to conceal from this Court the existence of their relationship. Already in this case, multiple of the Defendants have made repeated omissions as well as direct factual misrepresentations via testimony and affidavit. Two of the more recent efforts to conceal the truth from this Court include:
a. Defendants failed to disclose to the Court the existence of the Playbooks setting out the means by which they were to regulate speech on social media and the fact that Twitter Legal, Tassinari and Cohen co-wrote them; and b. Cardille, on behalf of the Defendants, misrepresented that Twitter deplatformed Dr. Shiva through internal deliberations within Twitter. Cardille was confronted with the need to explain the 17-minute response time. This would have required her to reveal to this Court that 24/7 live surveillance teams were watching Dr. Shiva’s tweets on 4-hour shifts every day on behalf of the Defendants, as documented in the Long Fuse Report. Cardille chose to conceal this fact and filed a false affidavit instead.

22. The Long Fuse Report analyzed Dr. Shiva as the test subject, the canary in the coal mine, the first U.S. Senate candidate deplatformed during his election campaign, to see if the infrastructure works as designed, in order to next be employed against a sitting member of Congress (which is now underway as this lawsuit is being filed). In fact The Long Fuse Report, recommends in its closing chapters that political speech not be given preferential treatment – openly challenging the highest protection afforded by the First Amendment – and bringing the United States back in line with the British Commonwealth.

Dr. Shiva previously uncovered for the first time the existence of a “Trusted Twitter Partnership” between the Government and Twitter.

In his latest report, Dr. Shiva exposed the existence of  The Long Fuse Report which is as momentous in US History as the discovery of the Pentagon Papers.

UPDATE–  The hearing is tomorrow…

Tomorrow’s hearing will be on August 4, 2021 at 2PM

And, the public can attend via Zoom provided they register at

They must choose the hearing date Wednesday, August 4, and select ‘Judge Wolf.’

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Watch The Ad that Fox won’t play:


    T E L L E V E R Y B O D Y Y O U K N O W !!

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Episode 1,123 – Massive Revolts Against Covid Restrictions

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Kassam: Concern And Worry Has Turned To Rage

Source: Kassam: Concern And Worry Has Turned To Rage

Concern and worry has turned to rage, and they discuss the ever nearing debt ceiling. Our guests are: Mike Lindell, Dave Clements, Frank Gaffney Stay ahead of the censors – Join us Ai

Source: Episode 1,123 – Massive Revolts Against Covid Restrictions

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117th Congress, 1st Session · The House is in session · Watch Live House Floor Proceedings


Directory of Representatives

Also referred to as a congressman or congresswoman, each representative is elected to a two-year term serving the people of a specific congressional district. The number of voting representatives in the House is fixed by law at no more than 435, proportionally representing the population of the 50 states. Currently, there are five delegates representing the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. A resident commissioner represents Puerto Rico. Learn more about representatives at The House Explained.

Key to Room Codes

A Note About Room Numbering

By State and District

By Last Name




117th Congress

SH: Hart Senate Office Building
SD: Dirksen Senate Office Building
SR: Russell Senate Office Building

Suite & Telephone List (PDF) | XML
All telephone numbers preceded by 202-22

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