Justice Department Rapidly Collapsing On Jan. 6 Investigation; Critical Path On Jan.6; DOJ’S CAMPAIGN TO SILENCE POLITICAL DISSENT IN AMERICA

Julie Kelly is the leading reporter on the government’s overreach in prosecuting the case against the Jan. 6 protesters. She is followed in the next segment by Darren Beattie, whose Revolver.News has broken major stories about how the feds set up much of the destruction and violence on Jan. 6, and refuses to take responsibility. Beattie also discusses the new report at Revolver.News on how “wokeness” is embedded in the federal government as part of a strategy of fundamental transformation of the American republic.

Source: Justice Department Rapidly Collapsing On Jan. 6 Investigation

DOJ’s ‘Shock and Awe’ Campaign To Silence Political Dissent In This Country

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