Law Professor Responds to WOKE University

This video below was recorded just several days after the infamous Jan. 6, 2020 Democratic attempted coup of the United States of America. This was no insurrection, this was a blatant coup-making junta takeover, just like the dozens of country’s that THIS country manipulated into a puppet regime. Worst of all it was on your dime, all of it. How does it feel America? Karma’s a bitch, ‘idn’t’??

If you’re one of those patriots who just got to the party and ready to do something about it? Welcome. Now GO LOCAL. Become Precinct Chair of your party, election workers, poll workers – dig in, learn the rules (Robert’s Rules of Order) and figure out who is trying to cheat and stop it before it infects the process. Every State is like a country where Federal laws become secondary in all but a couple of cases such as Safety through National Security and the Borders. That’s how a Constitutional Republic works. Go here if you want to help take back America:

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