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: Populist Morning Report | Another Attack Near Barcelona | The Populist

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There was another militant attack overnight outside Barcelona when a car plowed down a walkway along the beach. 6 bystanders and 1 police officer were injured. Police killed 5 suspects in a shootout, who were wearing fake suicide bomb belts. They are linked to an earlier explosion that killed 1. They have no known links to jihadism and have arrested 3 suspects, but have not said if any is the driver from the Barcelona attack.
A moment of silence is being observed in Barcelona for the victims gathering in the city’s main square to demonstrate that residents are not afraid after yesterday’s attack. Meanwhile, 4 suspects have been arrested in connection with Thursday’s attacks.
Pres. Trump tweeted condemnation of the attacks and cited a false story about American General John Pershing who battled Muslim fighters in the Philippines about 100 years ago using bullets dipped in pigs blood. His tweet is being debunked today by historians who are challenging his version of the story and his conclusion that such hardball tactics worked.
Pres. Trump will be joined by Vice Pres. Mike Pence, Sec of State Rex Tillerson, and Defense Sec. James Mattis along with other advisers at a National Security meeting today. Mattis will discuss the US military strategy in Afghanistan. He says the administration is moving closer to a decision on the Afghan plan.
In Lexington, KY city leaders unanimously voted to remove 2 statues of Confederate generals from downtown. Councilman Bill Farmer said it is the right thing to do. The decision has attracted attention from White Nationalist groups who want to rally in Lexington. The police chief says they are prepared. The removal resolution faces one more hurdle, a vote by the state’s military heritage commission.
In Annapolis, Maryland a statue of former US Supreme Court Justice Robert Taney was removed from the Maryland statehouse grounds. Taney wrote the 1857 Dred Scott decision which legalized slavery and denied US citizenship of African Americans.
A memorial service has been planned in Richmond for Virginia State Trooper Burk Bates who was killed in the helicopter crash while he was monitoring the violence stemming from the White Supremacist rally. A funeral service is planned for tomorrow for the pilot LT. HJ Cullen will be held tomorrow.
There has been a mass burial in Sierra Lione of hundreds of victims of the mudslide near the capital. More than 400 were killed and rescue workers search for hundreds still missing. The President and other leaders along with Christian and Muslim religious leaders attended the burials.
Authorities in western Montana are calling for new evacuations after a long burning wildfire flared up. It broke out a month ago and has scorched more than 23 square miles and people living in hundreds of homes were told to get out.

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A moment of silence is taking place in Barcelona near where terrorists attacked tourists. Authorities are searching for the driver of the original attack that plowed into dozens of people that killed 13 and injured more than 100.
Overnight, authorities shot and killed 5 men who were trying to carry out an attack on a seaside resort south of Barcelona. They were wearing fake bomb belts. 3 other men have been arrested bringing the total to 9 in the attacks that are all connected.
Pres. Trump condemned the terror attack and Vice Pres. Pence issued a warning to other would-be terrorists saying that the US and our allies will find and punish those who are responsible. Vice Pres. Pence is cutting his vacation short to meet with the President for a national security meeting.
The number of people killed in Sierra Lione’s mudslide has increased to 400. 600 are still missing and people are still searching through tons of mud and debris looking for them.
Following a published interview with White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon who said there is no military solution in North Korea, Sec. of State Tillerson says economic and diplomatic pressure on N. Korea is backed by US Military power and that US and allies are prepared militarily to respond if necessary, but military option is not preferred.
The Coast Guard has expanded a search for 5 missing soldiers to 50 miles off the coast of Hawaii. So far only debris has been found.
A settlement has been reached in the lawsuit filed against 2 psychologists who were paid $80 million after coming up with torture techniques that some maintain are not torture. Republican AZ Sen. John McCain says they are torture and says he would know because he was a prisoner of war during Vietnam. The ACLU says 1 of the 3 men they filed the lawsuit for died in his prison cell.
On Wall Street, stock futures are flat after the Barcelona terror attack when the DOW plunged 274 points.


Thousands of people have commemorated the victims of Thursday’s deadly attack in Barcelona. After a minute of silence, the crowds broke out into applause and chants of “we are not afraid” in a show of defiance against the attacker who drove into a crowd killing 13 people. The suspect is a 17-year-old man of Morrocan origin still thought to be at large.
Just hours after the attack in Barcelona, police shot and killed 5 people who tried to drive a car into a crowd. They appeared to be wearing a suicide vest, but it has been determined they were fake vests. The men are linked to the Barcelona attack as well as a massive explosion which destroyed a house and killed 1 person on Wednesday night.
The international Red Cross says that as many as 16 million people are affected by some of the worst monsoon floods in South Asia in recent years. More than a third of Bangladesh and Nepal has been flooded and many communities are still cut off without proper shelter, food or clean water.
The number of people confirmed dead by in mudslides in Sierra Lione has passed 400 and hundreds more missing.
A Taiwanese man wielding a stolen Samurai sword has been arrested after slashing a guard outside the Presidental Palace of Taipei. The attacker was overpowered by other guards. A Chinese flag and a hammer were found in his bag.
Popular Somali referee Osman Jama Dirah has been shot dead as he left a mosque in the capital Mogadishu and it is not clear who killed him. He was one of the most popular sports officials in Somalia and had refereed since the 1990s.

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