Save the Christians of Iraq from genocide

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Christians are being ethnically cleansed throughout the Muslim world. Yet, that gets a tiny fraction of the media attention, and none of the political attention.

So, who will save the Christians of the middle-east from genocide?
I’m in Northern Iraq right now, to see the Christian refugees, ancient Christians called Chaldean Christians, who still pray in Aramaic, the language of Jesus himself. They’ve fled Muslim terrorists who kill Christian men and rape Christian women and girls as young as nine years old.
These Christian refugees can’t go to the United Nations refugee camps. Because those refugee camps are dominated by Muslim radicals who attack Christians. So the most vulnerable people never get help. And it’s why Syrian refugees to the west are overwhelmingly Muslim — they’re being chosen from these Muslim camps.
I want to do something about this. Here’s my plan.
1. World-class journalism
I’m bringing a team of journalists with me to Iraq. Faith Goldy, the outstanding investigative journalist, passionate Christian. And three videographers. We’re going to tell the story that hasn’t properly been told yet: the deliberate ethnic cleansing of the oldest Christian community in the world, in the Biblical land of Nineveh.
We’ll provide updates from our trip. But we also want to make a documentary film, of a quality that we could distribute through a major network. To wake people up. To raise the alarm.
2. Christian-focused humanitarianism
It’s heartbreaking what’s happening in Iraq. So we’re not just going there on a journalistic mission, we’re also going on a humanitarian mission. I want to see for ourselves who is making the biggest difference on the ground, and then I want to raise a million dollars for them.
We’re going to do this by crowdfunding, through two separate bank accounts. Will you please help us?
Journalism: The first crowdfunded project is journalism, including our documentary film. We need to pay for our plane tickets, accommodation, our camera equipment, our own meals on the ground. The total cost to produce the documentary will be about $25,000. That’s not humanitarian aid — that’s to make the journalism, to make the documentary.
Humanitarianism: The other bank account is completely for the Christian refugees. We’re putting it on a transparent website, so you can see every penny that goes in, and we’ll show you every penny that goes out. Other than a small website processing fee, 100% of all donations there will go to the Christian refugees.
If you can, please contribute both to our journalism fund and to the humanitarian fund. We need money for both. But if you can only donate to one, please give to the humanitarian fund.
I’m going to try to save the Christians the best I can, with the tools I have — a passionate camera crew, and a promise to give 100% of our crowdfunded humanitarian relief to the people who need it the most.
You can watch all the footage from our trip below.


Help Save the Christian Refugees in Iraq from Genocide
Published on 10 Jul 2017 – Ezra Levant is going to northern Iraq to report on the persecution of the nation’s ancient Christian sect. The Rebel is also bringing this community much needed food supplies.

Inside a Christian refugee camp in Erbil
Published on 12 Jul 2017 – Ezra Levant reports from a Christian refugee camp in Iraq. The Rebel’s mission is to tell the story of Christian persecution, and provide humanitarian relief, too.

Islamists Erase Christian History in Iraq
Published on 12 Jul 2017 – Faith Goldy visits Nimrud in Iraq where thousands of years of Christian history has been all but erased bi ISIS. Now we must look to the future and determine what we can do to preserve what remains of this nation’s ancient Christian society.

ISIS attack on Christians in Qaraqosh: “Not a single home left untouched”
Published on 12 Jul 2017 – Faith Goldy reports from the roof of a desecrated church in Iraq, high above a town where Christian houses had been marked for destruction by ISIS.

Telskuf is Free From ISIS, No Thanks to Us
Published on 13 Jul 2017 – Faith Goldy is on the ground in one Christian town targeted by ISIS in northern Iraq. Telskuf is now liberated thanks to Peshmerga forces on the ground, in tandem with US led coalition air strikes in the skies but Canada had nothing to do with this Christian town’s newfound freedom.

After ISIS defeat in Mosul, what’s next for Christians?
Published on 13 Jul 2017 – Ezra Levant continues to report from Iraq as news breaks that Mosul has been liberated from ISIS.

Giving aid to Christians in Telskuf
Published on 14 Jul 2017 – Ezra Levant reports from Telskuf, a Christian town in Iraq that has been conquered twice by ISIS but recently retaken. The Rebel is there to hand out food to the returning Christians.

What can change the future for Christians in Telskuf?
Published on 14 Jul 2017 – Faith Goldy reports from the ancient city of Telskuf where some 1,400 Christians lived before it was invaded by ISIS. The Rebel is handing out food and families here are finally getting the help they need however, the future of this Christian town is in doubt. Watch as Faith explains.

“Feminist” Aid Forgets Women
Published on 14 Jul 2017 – Faith Goldy reports from Dawudiya Camp in Iraq as she explains what she found in her hunt for Canadian flags associated with various aid organizations so she could determine where Canadian taxpayer money is going.

On The Frontline of Terror in Iraqi Kurdistan
Published on 15 Jul 2017 – Faith Goldy reports from the front line of Peshmerga controlled Iraqi Kurdistan, bordering a territory controlled by the Shia militant group Hashd al-Shaabi, who receive their marching orders from both Baghdad and Tehran. Watch as Faith explains the concerns about a new terror group once ISIS forces are pushed back.

Parallels between ISIS and Nazis revealed in Christian “ghetto”
Published on 15 Jul 2017 – Ezra Levant reports from the Christian cemetery in Telskuf, which was desecrated by ISIS in a manner reminiscent of the Nazis campaign against the Jews.

ISIS reduced this thousand year old Christian community to a “ghost town”
Published on 17 Jul 2017 – Batnaya, Iraq was a Christian town for a millennium until ISIS reduced it to rubble as part of their ethnically cleansing program.

Iraq’s Christian Genocide
Published on 17 Jul 2017 – Faith Goldy takes us into the torched and hollowed out chapel of a Church in the Chaldean Christian town of Batnaya to show us never-before-seen footage of the terror wreaked by ISIS towards Iraq’s native Christian population.

GERMAN graffiti in a church desecrated by ISIS — here’s why
Published on 17 Jul 2017 – Ezra Levant is one of the first Western journalists to come to the Christian town of Batnaya, Iraq since it was liberated from ISIS. Over 80% of its buildings are rubble, but the church received the brunt of the destruction: Statues were beheaded, bullet holes are everywhere — but one detail was especially shocking.

Abandoned Christian homes tell poignant story
Published on 18 Jul 2017 – Ezra Levant tours the deserted Christian village of Batnaya, Iraq, whose residents were driven out by ISIS.

Inside a camp for Christians and Yazidis, the “forgotten refugees”
Published on 18 Jul 2017 – Ezra Levant reports from a camp for “forgotten” refugees — the Christians and Yazidis who don’t get the same attention (and donations) as Muslim ones.

Meeting “righteous” Kurdish Muslims who protect Christians
Published on 20 Jul 2017 – Reporting from Mangesh, Iraq, Ezra Levant is in a Christian refugee camp, and talks about the “righteous Muslims” protecting Christians from attack by ISIS.

Demographics throw future of Middle East Christians into doubt
Published on 20 Jul 2017 – Ezra Levant is in Erbil, Iraq, a once-bustling city rebuilding after years of ISIS attacks. It is now home to thousands of Christians who fled there to escape Islamic persecution.

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