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A Win for Sanity

Today we added 60 more names to the Champions for Kids directory of pro-parent, pro-student school board candidates. This brings the total to over 140 endorsed candidates, with 160 requests still to review. You can search by district or zip code here.

This comes as we’ve gotten another win in the battle for sanity. We forced Newsom to finally back off his “vaccinate or test” policy for school and hospital workers.

Every mandate needs to go. I am renewing my call for all California universities to end their ignorant vaccine and booster requirements. You can print/download my letter and send it to the Chancellor of your local university here.

Additionally, momentum is turning against AB 2098, the radical COVID bill that censors doctors. Even a far-left Washington Post columnist has come out against it. You can still tell Newsom to veto the bill; if he doesn’t, I believe the courts will strike it down.

But on another front, insanity is returning in full force: at the gas pump. Our warnings have come to pass as prices are on the rise again in California, even as they decline elsewhere. The farcical Select Committee appointed to “investigate” prices has met exactly twice.

The Legislature, of course, had multiple opportunities to pass my gas tax suspension bill. The Supermajority stridently refused, and Californians are paying the price.

Now, these these politicians will pay a price as well. On the campaign trail, they’re frantically trying to deny what they did. But by forcing a vote on the Assembly Floor, we got them on the record; even “fact-checkers” are calling out their denials as false.

55 days remain until Election Day, and the stakes get higher every day.

Help me prevail in November

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If You Love President Trump’s America First Agenda You Need To Read This!

CA27 Congressional District 2020 Candidate, Beatrice I. Cardenas, Still on the Ropes for Child Abuse

January 29, 2020

On Tuesday, January 28th the Republican Candidate Beatrice Ivette Cardenas, running for Congressional seat in the 27th District, appeared before a criminal court regarding her arrest on November 28th, 2019 as per documents originating from the December 3rd, 2019 arraignment at the Alhambra Courthouse in California.

Beatrice Ivette Cardenas was charged with:


In addition Ms. Cardenas’ x-husband retained a Restraining Order against her which remains in affect. Cardenas was also ordered by a California judge to attend 26 anger management classes and to have no contact with two of her children for the next three years, pending the pretrial hearing.

A February 27, 2020 9AM Pretrial hearing has been scheduled.

This scheduled hearing is “6 DAYS” prior to the March 3 Primary Election where she remains on the ballot for the CA27 Congressional District. For Ms. Cardenas’ sake and her family’s, I truly hope she gets the help she needs.

Please share this article throughout the 27th District. We need stable, America First, Conservative Candidates! Sound the alarm! Most of her constituents remain unaware of Ms. Cardenas’ history. Beatrice I. Cardenas must resign from her candidacy immediately.

Judy Chu is the current CA 27th District Representative, she’s a Democrat – enough said. There is one Republican running against them both. His name is Johnny Nalbandian and he is a true conservative who supports the Trump Doctrine!

Facts speak for themselves and ANYBODY can look this up because it is public record. Here is where to go: www.lacourt.org/; click on ‘Find A Case’ on the left; type in the the case number which is on the court document above; Click on Alhambra Court House and have fun!

Do yourself a favor and find out about your candidate who wants your vote! Don’t get duped! President Trump must garner America First candidates only this November, not more spying Dems in wolves clothing. ~TiLT

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