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BREAKING BOMBSHELL: NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes with Children, Child Exploitation, Pay to Play, Perjury » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

BREAKING BOMBSHELL: NYPD BLOWS WHISTLE ON NEW HILLARY EMAILS: MONEY LAUNDERING, SEX CRIMES WITH CHILDREN, CHILD EXPLOITATION, PAY TO PLAY, PERJURY Source: BREAKING BOMBSHELL: NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes with Children, Child Exploitation, Pay to Play, Perjury » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

THE LIST=> Hillary’s Filthy F**king Potty Mouth Puts Trump to Shame


October 8, 2016

The Clinton campaign (Washington Post) released audio on Friday of Donald Trump talking about hitting on a hot woman in 2005.

Hillary Clinton tweeted out that she was “shocked!” in response to the audio!

This is horrific. We cannot allow this man to become president. https://t.co/RwhW7yeFI2

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) October 7, 2016

Really, Hillary?

This is the same woman who threatened to destroy Bill Clinton’s accusers in 1998.

Hillary Clinton has a long history of violence and abusing and men, women and security officers.

Here are a few of her more memorable lines:

“Where is the G-damn f**king flag? I want the G-damn f**king flag up every f**king morning at f**king sunrise.”
(From the book “Inside The White House” by Ronald Kessler, p. 244 – Hillary to the staff at the Arkansas Governor’s mansion on Labor Day, 1991)

“You sold out, you mother f**ker! You sold out!”
From the book “Inside” by Joseph Califano, p. 213 – Hillary yelling at Democrat lawyer.

“Son of a b*tch!”

“Son of a b*tch!”
(From the book “American Evita” by Christopher Anderson, p. 259 – Hillary’s opinion of President George W. Bush when she found out he secretly visited Iraq on Thanksgiving just days before her highly publicized trip.)

F**k off! It’s enough that I have to see you shit-kickers every day, I’m not going to talk to you too!! Just do your G*damn job and keep your mouth shut.”
(From the book “American Evita” by Christopher Anderson, p. 90 – Hillary to her State Trooper bodyguards after one of them greeted her with “Good morning.”

“You f**king idiot.”
(From the book “Crossfire” p. 84 – Hillary to a State Trooper who was driving her to an event.)

“If you want to remain on this detail, get your f**king ass over here and grab those bags!”
(From the book “The First Partner” p. 259 – Hillary to a Secret Service Agent who was reluctant to carry her luggage because he wanted to keep his hands free in case of an incident.)

“Get f**ked! Get the f**k out of my way!!! Get out of my face!!!”(From the book “Hillary’s Scheme” p. 89 – Hillary’s various comments to her Secret Service detail agents.)

“Stay the f**k back, stay the f**k away from me! Don’t come within ten yards of me, or else! Just f**king do as I s ay, Okay!!!?”
(From the book “Unlimited Access”, by Clinton FBI Agent in Charge, Gary Aldrige, p. 139 – Hillary screaming at her Secret Service detail.)

“Why do I have to keep proving to people that I am not a liar?!”(From the book “The Survivor,” by John Harris, p. 382 – Hillary in her 2000 Senate campaign)

“Where’s the miserable c*ck sucker?”
(From the book “The Truth About Hillary” by Edward Klein, p. 5 – Hillary shouting at a Secret Service officer)

“Put this on the ground! I left my sunglasses in the limo. I need those sunglasses. We need to go back!”
(From the book “Dereliction of Duty” p. 71-72 – Hillary to Marine One helicopter pilot to turn back while en route to Air Force One.)

“Come on Bill, put your dick up! You can’t f**k her here!!”
(From the book “Inside The White House” by Ronald Kessler, p. 243 – Hillary to Gov. Clinton when she spots him talking with an attractive female at an Arkansas political rally)

“You know, I’m going to start thanking the woman who cleans the restroom in the building I work in. I’m going to start thinking of her as a human being”
-Hillary Clinton
(From the book “The Case Against Hillary Clinton” by Peggy Noonan, p. 55)

“The only way to make a difference is to acquire power”
(From the book “I’ve Always Been A Yankee Fan” by Thomas D. Kuiper, p 68 – Hillary to a friend before starting law school.)

Trump talks smack with men.
Hillary Clinton abuses people.

Pieczenik: Clintons Behind Deaths of 10,000 Haitians » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

Jamie White | Infowars.com – OCTOBER 4, 2016 141 Comments
Pieczenik: Clintons Behind Deaths of 10,000 Haitians
Bill and Hillary Clinton are directly responsible for the deaths of 10,000 Haitians as a result of their Foundation’s incompetence and corruption in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010, says Dr. Steve Pieczenik.
“It was negligence,” said Dr. Pieczenik on The Alex Jones Show Tuesday. “They brought in Nepalese soldiers who had no idea what they were doing, the Clintons had no idea, Bill Clinton as usual was completely incompetent as was Hillary, and they had all kinds of cross-purpose activities going on.”
Had there been no incompetency and “specific malfeasant behavior” by the United Nations and the Clinton Foundation, those 10,000 lives could have been prevented with simple vaccines.

“They were specifically negligent,” said Pieczenik. “Because of the E. coli sepsis that they created defecating in the water. So there’s criminal charges involved.”
“Not only were they robbers, they were murderers.”
Dr. Pieczenik also pointed out that the Clintons’ own daughter Chelsea called out her parents and the UN in a letter for their disastrous relief effort.
“If we do not quickly change the organization, management, accountability and delivery paradigm on the ground, we could quite conceivably confront tens of thousands of children’s deaths by diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid and other water-related diseases in the near future,” she wrote.
The UN has recently admitted to the scientific community’s hypothesis that cholera introduced by UN peacekeepers is responsible for the 10,000 Haitian deaths in the months following the 2010 earthquake.
Pieczenik explained that Trump should demand an auditing of the Clinton Foundation before the election because once they’re audited all their transgressions with the law will be laid bare.
“You’ll see the connection to Haiti,” he said. “You’ll see the connection to the Russians. You’ll see the connections to the Saudis.”
As we’ve reported years ago, the Clintons’ “humanitarian” involvement in Haiti has only made the country poorer and more dependent while they financially enrich themselves and their cronies.

NEW LEAK: Clinton Foundation Hacked – Conservative Outfitters


On Tuesday the hacker known as Guccifer 2.0 released another round of leaked documents. The document dump contains hundreds of thousands of documents and donor databases from the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation.

From the Guccifer 2.0 website:

“Many of you have been waiting for this, some even asked me to do it.

So, this is the moment. I hacked the Clinton Foundation server and downloaded hundreds of thousands of docs and donors’ databases.

Hillary Clinton and her staff don’t even bother about the information security. It was just a matter of time to gain access to the Clinton Foundation server.

Here’s the contents of one of the folders that I got from there”


NEW LEAK: Clinton Foundation Hacked

As you can see, the private server of the Clinton clan contains docs and donors lists of the Democratic committees, PACs, etc. Does it surprise you?

Here are some docs for example

A small list of donors master-west-tracker-2-5k-1-1-2010-7-10-2015

NEW LEAK: Clinton Foundation Hacked

Financial corporations’ donations hfscmemberdonationsbyparty6101

NEW LEAK: Clinton Foundation Hacked

It looks like big banks and corporations agreed to donate to the Democrats a certain percentage of the allocated TARP funds.


NEW LEAK: Clinton Foundation Hacked

Here’s a link to some other docs:


I can’t post all databases here for they’re too large. I’m looking for a better way to release them now.

Keep following…

P.S. I’m pleased to congratulate Wikileaks on their 10th anniversary!!!

Julian, you are really cool! Stay safe and sound! – Guccifer 2.0

‘Wednesday Hillary Clinton is done’: Reports Julian Assange’s announcement on Tuesday will finish her

October 2, 2016 | Tom Tillison

Is it the October surprise?

MSNBC’s Jesse Rodriguez posted what could be interpreted as an ominous reemark on social media last week regarding Julian Assange.

…ominous if you’re with Team Hillary.

According to the “Morning Joe” senior producer, the founder of the whistle-blowing platform WikiLeaks will be making an announcement from his balcony next Tues, October 4.

Assange appeared on Fox News just a few weeks ago and repeated previous claims that his organization has significant documentation that could be damaging to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

He said that WikiLeaks may release some “teasers” from the collection of documents “reasonably soon — as early as next week.”

Assange’s group leaked nearly 20,000 emails from the Democratic National Committee that showed the party effectively rigged the primary against Clinton rival Bernie Sanders. The revelation resulted in the resignation of DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Donald Trump pit bull Roger Stone was quick to speculate on a possible end result of Assange’s reported announcement, posting on Twitter that Hillary Clinton is “done” on Wednesday.

Social media users seemed to like Stone’s prognostication:

Of course, considering the unusual string of bad luck that has befallen others who may or may not have had damaging information about the Clintons, social media users begged Assange to be careful.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter: