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Adam Schiff’s War On Johnny And The CA28th District

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By TL Terusa November 5, 2018
1:38 AM

Regardless of who comes out
the winner on Tuesday, the question is what kind of country will we be come
Wednesday morning?  Right now, there’s a war going on in the CA28th
Congressional District, my district, much like many district races across the
country during this 2018 election. The 28th district however, which encompasses
24 cities including Hollywood, West Hollywood, and Burbank, is what most
consider the hub of the entertainment industry.  While the world spins into
a frenzy one insanity at a time, the 28th has not been devoid in this election
of the notable leftist’s attacks on Republican candidates, Trump supporters, or
anyone that doesn’t agree with them. They’ve got their marching orders from
their leaders and it is a call to ‘get in their faces’ everywhere and anywhere.
The problem with their tactics are that Republicans, Trump’s Base and frankly
anyone with common sense fight back.

In order to understand the
depth of insanity here is some background.  CA28 Incumbent Congressman Adam
Schiff is well known as the guy who is looking for Russians.  Schiff is a
career politician; with a cache of dark money; a person who has helped arm the
Syrian Rebels; creating a tremendous amount of donations for his ‘campaign’;
much of which is done through Defense Contract deals he’s made via his elected
position.  These contracts then are outsourced or bid out to private
clients who ”donate” to Adam’s continued career.  He is
their voice, not the 28th’s.  Sadly since Schiff became
representative of the district: homelessness has risen 75%; housing is simply
UN-affordable; and we are not just a Sanctuary city, we are a Sanctuary state


In addition, the documented
history of Adam Schiff’s lineage of relatives who helped finance the Bolshevik
Movement, an event that led to the Armenian Genocide, can be found in Author and
Investigative Journalist, Ara Manoogian’s, latest book “Betrayal, The Promise
Never Kept”. 



The information in this book
stands in stark contrast to what Schiff has convinced 25% of the American
Armenian population in Glendale CA to believe, the largest population of
American Armenians in the nation – in his district.  Schiff vows never to
stop until the US has recognized the Armenian Genocide, despite the fact there
have been three resolutions recognizing the Armenian Genocide in the United
States.  HR220 being one resolution, was co-authored by Schiff no less,
clearly stating that the United States has already officially recognized the
Armenian Genocide. The insanity abounds!  https://www.congress.gov/115/bills/hres220/BILLS-115hres220ih.pdf 

Johnny Nalbandian, a
Constitutional Conservative and Schiff’s opponent is a self made man; has owned
and operated his seafood business for decades; knows how to create jobs; knows
how to do payroll for a thousand employees; and always makes sure everybody
eats.  Johnny’s campaign has been an exciting grass roots journey and quite
frankly The Johnny Jet has become a Movement no matter
how much the entertainment industry in the same district ignores it.

People from ALL walks of life
are volunteering for Johnny’s campaign.   Old, young, in-between and
younger. You can’t help but love this guy. He has spent his life engaged in his
community in ways most people are not even aware of, like making a point to
regularly trek to downtown Los Angeles, or North Hills in California, buying as
much food as he can to feed those in need. He doesn’t look for praise because
this truly is a heartfelt passion for Johnny.

People have only come to know
these things about him because he IS a candidate. He loves this State, this
Country and he has a plan to clean up the 28th, and more importantly
to make it Golden again.  His message has caught on too!  Volunteers
have left other campaigns to come help Johnny, a district they are not even in
because they see someone who truly cares and that they are inspired by.  So
the Johnny Movement continues to spread and it doesn’t look like Adam can stop
it. WWW.VoteJohnny.US

Oddly enough, with the growing
popularity of Johnny’s campaign in the immediate 28th district
spreading like wildfire from house to house and neighbor to neighbor apparently
got Schiff’s base very nervous.  Must have been that Movement thing.  Schiff’s minions, knowing the media wouldn’t report it, went into attack mode.

They raged into a full frontal
onslaught against Johnny and his team.  Johnny has had continued threats of
being assassinated; had his campaign trucks vandalized; and he has been
physically assaulted.  His Campaign Manager was also threatened to be
killed!  All done in the name of Adam Schiff and his staunch supporters at
the Armenian National Committee of America Western Region (ANCA-WR).


ANCA currently seems to be at
the forefront of these criminal activities and refuse to disavow so far. This is
yet another group whose sole purpose is to garner a voice in the government for
their personal agenda’s and why they whole heartedly support Adam Schiff’s deep
pockets. Their agenda’s aren’t necessarily for the good of the 28th
district either.


Johnny has filed all the
appropriate reports with all law agencies.  He also wrote a letter to Adam
Schiff and ANCA asking them to disavow these crimes of terrorism against the
community being done in their name.  He has received nothing from Schiff
and ANCA went so far as to make a statement not disavowing anything but instead
condescendingly claiming these are baseless charges; and threatening anybody
supporting Johnny who makes false accusations against them; that these
complaints are coming from people outside the district; and defiantly stating
the 28th knows full well who the better candidate is; or that somehow
Johnny isn’t qualified to be a Congressman.  Schiff isn’t qualified to live
in this country considering his actions that are being exposed are now bordering
treason and ANCA apparently has no regard for the people of the 28th District
either but want their puppet to stay right where he is.  Follow the link



In addition let me just state for the record, I
live in the 28th District.  While helping Johnny’s In ‘n Out campaign we
handed out flyers to patrons leaving the establishment which Johnny had cleared
with all businesses on the property.  While doing so cars were moving
continuously so you had to be fast to get them to everyone who wanted one.  A small foreign car with two young gentleman inside approached asking for a
flyer.  The driver said he likes politics while the passenger looked over
the flyer and smugly made the statement “Oh, that’s the guy they’re going to
assassinate” now laughing.  Before I could even respond, the light turned
green and they were gone.  So this author is testifying to being witness to
what some in the community consider ‘funny’ or scary enough to make you not want
to come out and support Johnny.  But they don’t know Johnny’s base or the
people who reside in the 28th district.


The campaign has been anything
but easy. It’s been a battle every step of the way and no one has worked harder
than Johnny!  The beauty of his movement has been phenomenal and I feel so
lucky to have been a part of it.  Regardless of Tuesday’s outcome I’ve made
a life time friend through Johnny and many more because of him. The 28th doesn’t
have to look any further to see who the better candidate is. We know who is
owned, bought and paid for and we know who is not owned by anybody and has got
what 28th needs, a fresh start.  In no uncertain terms it’s Johnny!  #TakeOutTheGarbageJohnny #VoteJohnny #Vote

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US elections, rigged and computer codes. ELECTION FRAUD!

Heard of YANG Enterprises? Prob NOT??

July 29, 2016 Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, PhD

Heard of YANG Enterprises? Prob NOT??

Clinton Curtis testifies before Tallahassee dais, voter fraud is real, just ask the patriot that tries to tell you so…my favorite: YANG enterprises. hmmm, Clinton Chinese Money…connect the dots people.  THX Patriarch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7R1_ixtlyc

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7R1_ixtlyc]





First, Colorado changed the rules in order to hand all of its delegates over to Ted Cruz without a traditional primary vote, then told the people, “It’s the rules” (after they were changed without explanation).

The Colorado GOP even Tweeted this before deleting it and blaming hackers.


Now the GOP in Indiana and Wyoming are plotting similar ways to ensure Trump doesn’t get any of their delegates.

Via Biz Pac Review:

In a meeting behind closed doors yesterday, GOP party leaders met in Indiana to select 21 delegates that are expected to be anti-Trump, even though voters don’t get to vote for another three weeks in the state, according to Bloomberg News.

This is the same process which occurred in Colorado, where delegates are chosen for candidates ahead of an actual primary election by GOP voters, essentially nullifying votes.

A similar situation is expected to follow in Wyoming, where 14 delegates are chosen at the state primary’s convention, the majority of which are reportedly anti-Trump.

Trump even wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal this week titled, “Let Me Ask America a Question: How has the ‘system’ been working out for you and your family? No wonder voters demand change”:

I, for one, am not interested in defending a system that for decades has served the interest of political parties at the expense of the people. Members of the club—the consultants, the pollsters, the politicians, the pundits and the special interests—grow rich and powerful while the American people grow poorer and more isolated…

Responsible leaders should be shocked by the idea that party officials can simply cancel elections in America if they don’t like what the voters may decide.

The only antidote to decades of ruinous rule by a small handful of elites is a bold infusion of popular will. On every major issue affecting this country, the people are right and the governing elite are wrong…

A similar disenfranchisement is taking place on the Dem side, with Bernie sweeping state to state and still leaving primaries with less delegates than Hillary Clinton.

See how this works?


This isn’t even about who you would personally support in this election. It’s about the fact that the people really don’t have an election.

It’s looking more and more like the system is actually pushing for Trump to split the GOP, a move which would ultimately hand the whole thing to Hillary because angry Bernie supporters will unify behind her just to try and make sure Trump doesn’t win. The people who would actually vote for Cruz don’t seem to care how rigged and corrupt the system is only because it’s being rigged in favor of their guy… as if that somehow makes it okay that they are voting within a totally rigged system.

Have I said it enough? The system is clearly rigged, with mass protests against unfair election protests at Capitol Hill now being blacked out by the mainstream media so more people don’t catch on to the fact that our votes in presidential elections do not even remotely matter.

The question is how much longer are Americans going to continue to put up with this?

It has been made blatantly obvious the entire election process is a complete sham.

It’s like Mark Twain said, “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

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Dear NESARA Supporters,

The environment we are all subjected today is not just epic, it’s legendary!  We are living in and witnessing a crossroad like no other ever witnessed in America. The founding fathers would be proud of those who have awakened to the last death knell of America and have chosen to stand up to try and save her!  This is the call to all who consider themselves patriots.  This is the call to all who love and support America, Americans, the US Constitution of the Republic of these United States and more importantly liberty!  This is your chance to make a difference.

For years the NESARA Task Force has manipulated, brainstormed, commandeered and implemented several campaigns to get NESARA announced and implemented.  What once was one way to circumvent the perversion of the Constitution and forge a path for NESARA to be announced has now faded into the bowels of battles won and lost by a long line of true patriots!  Over the past decade the NESARA Task Force has been connected to and involved with very high level trades called Private Placement Programs run by the Feds.  Because of our work we were able to introduce millions of people to the opportunity of possibly turning their fortunes into unbelievable gains and as most of you know the powers that be, have succeeded in blocking our complete success for the sake of NESARA and the trades have all but dried up.  Partly because these PPP’s, as they are called, have always been illegally manipulated by the Feds which makes these opportunities the first to go in an economic downward spiral.  Needless to say that path has grown very narrow.

We have also been working with a Humanitarian Based Sovereign Bank whose intent it is in partnering with individuals who have Humanitarian Projects they would like to see get off the ground.  This was a wonderful opportunity for all of you who have some very important projects that people need and we have received hundreds of these awesome projects!  While on a NESARA business meeting last December, 2015, we were told that the bank would not be taking in any more humanitarian projects because they are waiting for the US dollar to implode.  That is what we were told and that is what every sovereign international bank is doing.  They are waiting.  This is unfortunate but this is the reality of what is happening in our world today.  Some people are calling it a ‘reset’, some are touting total despair but the broader picture is we have to wait to see where this lands because there is no stopping a complete worldwide economic change that is going to affect every single human being living now and into the future. The good news is once things pick back up again our contacts will be accepting more Humanitarian Projects to possibly get funded and we’ll be ready for them, so keep those ideas coming!

There is no doubt our government has been absconded by traitors.  This is not news; it is just a fact.  We can ignore it and hammer out a new direction or we can look at it and USE it to hammer out a new direction.  There are always new opportunities and some have arisen which we are looking into; as well as working out the details on how to approach it; be successful at doing so; while bearing in mind there are currently other ways to circumvent that path of removing the chokehold on America.

There is a populist movement happening in this country and the presidential election is a direct reflection of the sentiment of American’s disgust with the status quo and corruption permeating throughout Washington D.C. In fact, there are two anti-establishment candidates truly challenging the status quo.  However, the only one who appears to be right for the job is the one the establishment hates most and that should be your first clue that this is the guy we need.  Donald J. Trump



Americans need to understand the enormity of this movement and the man leading it.  This is the biggest populist movement the corrupt political system has ever seen in the Republic of these United States of America, it transcends everything we hold dear because Americans are truly standing at a crossroads.  Will we stand for liberty or will we roll over only to hand our children and future generations a global lifelong fight to set things straight  in maybe another hundred years?  The suffering that our children are looking at is not just frightening it will be a nightmare of suffering, pain, indignities and loss of all hope. Under a global rule of tyranny this planet will never be the same nor its inhabitants. 

The usurpers and creators of the now perverted political system along with it’s minions are running ‘hysterically’ scared.  They are using every last dime of their ill-gotten gains to try and silence the voice of the people by smearing, discrediting and silencing any anti-establishment candidates!  Why? It is because the likes of Donald Trump has flat out challenged the global elite ‘INTERNATIONALLY’ in their “scheduled” attempt to fulfill the final death blows to all sovereignty across this planet and replacing it with a one world governance!!  This is complete culture assassination not to mention the final completion of worldwide serfdom.  Bernie Sanders, another anti-establishment presidential candidate, has also felt the burn of the globalist elite because the populist movement has spilled over into his campaign! The only problem with Bernie is his self proclaimed identity as a socialist and that is not what America was EVER intended for regardless if we have become more socialistic over the decades – IT HAS BEEN BY DESIGN MIND YOU!
TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty); forced migration by way of intervention based on lies to the American people; NAFTA; the economy; jobs and the sucking sound you hear as that and your income continue to disappear.  All of this along with the overall rape and pillage of America from corporate interests; to degenerate radicals; to the indoctrination of your children to turn on you, these anti-establishment candidates thought America was still worth fighting for and this is quite possibly our last chance to stop the total loss of a once great nation and its children.

In addition, based on Mr. Trumps iconic status and personal success, it appears that Donald J. Trump, possesses the skills, strength and tenacity necessary to take on our major issues and corruption!  More importantly he is also a man of the people.  In fact that is exactly who are representatives were historically supposed to be!  Regular everyday people NOT career usurpers!  By all looks and talking points Mr. Trump is a lion ready to pounce because he is angry about the exact same things Americans are angry about but who simply do not have a voice locally let alone from D.C. He is pushing all the right buttons because Mr. Trump – like the rest of us -knows we are getting the shaft! 

YES WORLD: Donald Trump has finally awoken the beast. Americans ARE sick of Washington D.C. corrupt politics and it took ONE man to brilliantly awaken and give Americans a real voice right smack dab in the middle of a presidential election! One man who had enough guts, along with the support of ALL those who know, love and are personally backing him, Donald J. Trump, a self-made business man and an American icon, stepped into the arena to speak on behalf of America simply because he loves this country and saw we are in danger of losing everything beloved about America! But when he did he also took on the world against America and the enemy IS within. If you think that does not take a tremendous amount of courage you are clueless. No one is perfect in this world but Donald Trump is perfect for the job at hand! This man deserves 100% of our support and prayers. Tell your friends. America is at a crossroads and we have a chance to profoundly change things for the better of America, for the better of America’s children and quite frankly for a much better future for humanity. Get out and vote for Donald Trump!  This is the time to really let your civic duty and voice kick in!
Do not let the global elites win by silencing us! Do not let the sovereignty of this nation slip away. If you are a true patriot of America, you must vote for Donald J. Trump. There is no other candidate who is for America more. ALL of the other candidates are bought by corporations and donors owned by the global elite who will never truly do American citizens’ bidding. The two party system is a joke and we all know it! Especially when you see the likes of the Republican party eating their own and supporting Hillary Clinton because they simply can’t support someone who represents the people like Trump; A man who cannot be controlled to change laws, regulations and make back room deals in our enemies favor!  Trump simply cannot be bought and the global elites are pulling out all the stops, including the Bush’s, Clinton’s, Romney, Gingrich, Haas and many many more, who are globalists that think they can outsmart you but quite simply can never be trusted.  Keep your eye on the ball folks because the dark cabal is going to do everything it can to keep you from supporting the American Way!


NESARA and the return of True Constitutional Law can see the light of day with a President Trump and the timing could not be more crucial!  Do not hesitate to tell your friends and families.  Pray for his health and support him in every way possible.  Americans MUST unite before America is gone!  #StandUnited


The NESARA Task Force


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zw14EY6jdQc]

‘Black Power’ Public Event Ejects White Woman After She Challenges “Donald Trump is Racist” Statement » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

‘Black Lives Matter’ activists try to force cameraman to leave for bringing

Source: ‘Black Power’ Public Event Ejects White Woman After She Challenges “Donald Trump is Racist” Statement » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


Story may destroy Cruz’s five point lead over Trump in the Badger State

Kurt Nimmo | Infowars.com – APRIL 4, 2016 19 Comments

Corporate Media Covers Cruz Sex Sandal on Eve of Wisconsin Primary


The corporate media is finally following the Ted Cruz sex scandal.

Infowars reported on the story last week.

The candidate’s phone number is reportedly included in the D.C. madam’s “black book” of clients from the 1990s. Cruz married his wife, Heidi, in 2001.

According to the Emerson College Polling Society Cruz is ahead of Donald Trump in Wisconsin, but only by a mere five points. The sex scandal story may diminish his lead and hand 18 delegates to Trump. The Wisconsin primary is less than 24 hours away.

During a town hall in Madison, Wisconsin, Cruz was asked by Megan Kelly of Fox News if he engaged in adultery.

“I have not. That attack was complete and utter garbage. It was complete lies. And it came from Donald Trump and his henchmen,” Cruz said. “Those reports, they’re not a little bit true, not slightly true.”

“It’s completely made-up nonsense. It’s simply not true. I have always been faithful to my wife. I love my wife. She’s my best friend in the world. This is the kind of garbage the Trump campaign engages in. You know why? Because they can’t debate substance,” Cruz said.

As the sex scandal emerged last week Cruz held a rally featuring the “strong women” in his life, including his wife, mother and former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina. After dropping out of the race Fiorina backed Cruz.

According to the Emerson poll, in hypothetical general election matchups Hillary Clinton beats both Trump and Cruz. John Kasich, however, beats Clinton.

Roger Stone believes Cruz is finished. He will be out of the race by April 26, according to the political consultant.

Stone also believes Cruz may be guilty of voter fraud.

“Having worked very hard to collect evidence of voter fraud and irregularities in Oklahoma, Kansas, Utah, Hawaii and Texas, frankly, they ought to put the handcuffs on him,” Stone said on Saturday, “because the Trump people can go to credentials and challenge the seating of hundreds, literally hundreds of Ted Cruz’s delegates who were fraudulently elected.”