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BREAKING: Jill Stein Just ENDORSED Donald Trump! Watch Her Obliterate Hillary!

By Alexander Warren

October 13, 2016

Jill Stein is trying to have her vaccine cake and eat it too

It’s nice to see people coming out and supporting Trump instead of condemning him.

If Hillary Clinton wanted to recruit some of the independent voters, she just lost that chance.

Jill Stein just came out and destroyed Hillary Clinton and everything she stands for.

In the video, she says that “Donald Trump is better” and that “Hillary Clinton more likely is start nuclear war.”

She also goes on to say that Donald Trump wants to seek a peaceful route with Russia rather than basically declaring an air war on them by trying to create a no fly zone over Syria.

Russia has already been very outspoken that they will shoot down any US Planes flying in their controlled Syrian territory.

Stein also goes on to talk about how Gorbachev has said that we are closer toNUCLEAR WAR with Russia than we ever have been because of Hillary Clinton’s policies.

Hillary policies will start a war with Russia that will go nuclear.

Stein brings up a good point that she won’t sleep well at night if Hillary Clinton were to get elected.

I can’t imagine anyone would with the threat of nuclear war looming over our country’s head.

This is Huuuge for Donald Trump! Even the independents are beginning to hop on the Trump Train!

Hillary Clinton was definitely hoping she would win some of the independent vote but not after this.

Everyone is finally starting to see Hillary Clinton for the Crook that she really is.

This country can’t afford a nuclear war let alone the world. We can’t let Hillary put our entire country at risk like this.

Donald Trump is the best option and he will find a peaceful solution with Russia rather than starting WWIII.

Obama was the one that laughed that the Cold War was over, but he has only continued it in the darkness.

Please share this everywhere! Hillary Clinton must be stopped!

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