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Mayor Cries After City Council Member Denies Her ‘White Privilege’

The most racist term in America has become ‘White Privilege’ a term and agenda created by the left. In fact it is the arrogance of American privilege that allows these haters of freedom to start a race war and it is not just ludicrous, it’s dangerous. Haters are always going to hate. Lovers will always love. True colors are the mantra of today and you are seeing it everywhere. It is getting easier everyday to see the people who fell under the subjugation spell and were told to call it ‘resistance’. Whether through choice, indoctrination, GMO foods, fluoride in the water, or Chemtrails in the air, there is an actual physicality that has taken place and appears to be hitting the frontal lobe area. They are devoid of actually seeing and discerning truth, this is not some reach, this is how they see the world – through broken lenses. It’s not clear if they can return to a normal life and this is a matter of National Security. We cannot have the undermining of America from mentally misguided citizens become even remotely possible, these people are clearly not in control of their faculties. This agenda needs to be stopped at every conversation, every argument, every time someone calls you out for being white, shout THAT IS A RACIST TERM. Stop division no matter how dumbed down you’ve become. Trust me we’ve all been dumbed down at times in our lives whether by choice or not, the trick is to ‘See the light Not the White’.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbCLqwITKyU&w=460&h=315]

#WhitePrivilegeLie #AmericanPrivilegeArrogance