Trump signals concern over U.S. workers, economy: ‘We can’t let the cure be worse than the outbreak’

As companies begin to shutter permanently and Americans lose their jobs, president grapples with the impact of a lengthy shutdown of U.S. economy Image

Trump Oval Office

President Trump addresses the nation about coronavirus.

White House By Sophie Mann – Last Updated: March 23, 2020 – 9:27am

President Donald Trump is responding to mounting criticism about the U.S. economy effectively being shuttered the over the past several days, as a result of the coronavirus. Late last night, he tweeted that the country “can’t let the cure be worse than the outbreak,” signaling to workers and business owners that he understands the gravity of their businesses closing and jobs disappearing.  URL to Embed

According to Bloomberg, last week the president began private conversations about how to get the American economy back up and running.

Wall Street’s top executives speculate that global markets will remain in a state of free-fall until it is understood, at least approximately, when the U.S. and Europe will re-open for business. 

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