Watch: Pelosi Hit With Attack Ad From Republican Super PAC

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Source: Watch: Pelosi Hit With Attack Ad From Republican Super PAC

Talk about a rapid response.
One the same day Democrat bigwigs traveled to a Republican congressional district to launch their latest effort to con American voters into giving them back control of Congress, a Republican-backing super PAC launched an attack of its own.
And the images spoke for themselves.
In a 30-second recap of images Americans have become all too familiar with in the Trump era, the Republican-allied Congressional Leadership Fund ad reminds voters of exactly what the Democrat Party really stands for these days.
Check it out here:


One of the best parts about the ad is the deliberate targeting of Nancy Pelosi, a lightning rod for Republicans, but even for independents who were sickened by the Democrat abuse of power during the Obama years.
It’s not an accident that Republicans got control over the House of Representatives – and ended Pelosi’s reign as House speaker – in the 2010 election, after the disastrous two years that Democrats had the House, Senate and White House during Obama’s first term. The House of Representatives is where the real fight is.
For their dog-and-pony show on Monday, according to CNN, Pelosi and Co. traveled about 80 minutes outside D.C. to the congressional district of Rep. Barbara Comstock, a Virginia Republican whom Democrats hope to unseat next November.
That might be good “optics,” as the political pros would put it, but the Congressional Leadership Fund’s ad goes the idea one better.

As the ad makes clear, the battle against Pelosi’s Democrats isn’t based on one congressional district – not Comstock’s district in Virginia, or Pelosi’s ragingly liberal district in San Francisco.
The 2018 midterms, when all 435 House seats are going to be on the ballot, are a national election about the future of the Trump presidency, and the future of the Democrat Party.
Americans have already had a chance to make fun of the new face Democrats are putting forward for the voters, but this isn’t a laughing matter. Americans have also had six months of “resistance” to see what Democrats stand for, and “Better Jobs” is barely on the agenda.
Unless you’re running a window-repair business.
H/T The Daily Caller

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