White Folk Better Start Fighting Back!

This is, on its face, full blown RACISM!

Maybe this black girl should hear herself as she, without authority, spouts a public service announcement! What public are you serving? Just what is your title to demand just blacks in your “non identified” safe space at a public university? I am completely offended by your prejudices! Shame on you! How dare you! Knowing what racism feels like should give you the humility to be better, but you’re not better. You’ve succumbed to one of the greatest sins of all, racism! You see color only, and that is sad and disgusting.

White folk better start fighting back against this full blown racism against people of color who happen to be white!

SHOUT THEM DOWN! CALL THEM WHAT THEY ARE! RACISTS! RACISTS! RACISTS! Whites are people of color that are being targeted for the color of their skin! STAND! SHOUT THEM DOWN EVERY TIME! RACISTS!

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