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Informed consent is one of the most important fundamental aspects of medicine.

It allows the patient to be informed about a particular treatment or procedure, in which the patient can evaluate the risks and reward.

Many patients were not offered informed consent for Covid vaccines, because their doctors and providers believed what the CDC and FDA were saying.

If your doctor couldn’t see through this propaganda and offered you a rushed vaccine without any long-term safety data, it might be time to find a new doctor.

I would highly recommend patients to review our service GoldCare.com.
Tucker Carlson has called for doctors to apologize for “wrongly recommending the COVID vaccine.”

“If you hurt someone unintentionally, you have to say, ‘I’m sorry.’”

He’s right. Too many doctors failed their patients.
Who agrees with Tucker?
We were right:

- COVID was created
- Unvaccinated were blamed for the failure of the jabs
- Natural immunity is better than vaccinated immunity
- Masks were ineffective
- Children were harmed from lockdowns
- COVID death rate was inflated
- Children don’t need the jab
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The medical industrial complex is so grossly corrupt that they would rather risk patient lives with a rushed patented treatment or vaccine, instead of recommending and allowing a cheap and safe alternative which is not a “profitable solution”.

The system needs change.
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The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit dismissed a lawsuit filed by a group of students who raised constitutional challenges against Rutgers University's policy mandating that all students and employees be required to take the COVID-19 shot.

It is ILLEGAL to mandate any drug under EUA. The fundamental right to refuse vaccination falls under bodily integrity which is a human right.

Any school that violates human rights is not worth attending. Repost if you agree!
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Health care is driven by Big Pharma, not by patient health.

When a patient seeks care, they seek to find remedies to health ailments, they do not seek to enrich Big Pharma.

Too many doctors, on the other hand, seek to enrich themselves and Big Pharma over helping patients.
The only institution more corrupt than our political system is the medical industrial complex.

Don’t trust an industry that profits off of you being sick.
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When Lilly initially tried to get Prozac approved in Germany, it was rejected because they had concluded Lilly could neither prove what fluoxetine actually did, nor show which clinical picture Lilly was using to diagnose depression.

To "fix" this issue, the pharmaceutical industry banded together to “expand the definition” of depression and over the years sponsored a variety of initiatives and patient groups to do so.

The corruption and greed of Big Pharma are on full display. Repost if you agree!
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We must reject the WHO Pandemic Treaty in order to safeguard our freedoms.

Please sign our petition at whocontrolswho.com
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Our children are in danger.

- The mandating of untested vaccines
- Gender reassignment surgeries and treatments
- Exposure to radical progressive curriculum

How have we gotten to this point?

We must do better.
If Pfizer apologized, would you show forgiveness?

Lies and disinformation are not a mistake, especially when those lies are used as a pretense for profit.

Some things are unforgivable. Pfizer’s deception is an example of such a thing.
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The FDA has finalized a rule allowing certain clinical trials to operate WITHOUT obtaining informed consent from participants. The study cannot pose more than minimal risk to humans and must include appropriate safeguards to protect the rights, safety, and welfare of those involved.

Pushback against the new rule suggested the changes would allow institutional review boards (IRBs) to compromise on standards more and more, adding that the term “minimal risk” is far too vague and could be misinterpreted or abused.

Eliminating informed consent puts EVERYONE at risk. Repost if you agree!
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With considerably low efficacy rates, mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines” caused more deaths than saved lives, according to a new study whose researchers called for a “global moratorium” on the shots and “immediate removal” from the childhood immunization schedule.

“... For every life saved, there were nearly 14X MORE DEATHS caused by the modified mRNA injections,” the study authors said.

The COVID shots have never been safe and effective. Repost if you agree!
BREAKING: Senator Rand Paul has confirmed he will investigate Fauci’s ‘secret trips’ to the CIA before COVID-19, as he believes Fauci may have been involved in a cover up

“It makes me think there’s really something there that they’re hiding.”

Who wants Fauci held accountable?

Interesting note in this report: “The medical examiner could neither confirm nor exclude Covid vaccination as the cause of death.”

The CDC’s track record on Covid has been filled with wrong predictions and disinformation.

This is the tip of the iceberg.
I trust a computer virus to protect my data more than I trust the CDC to protect my health.
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The Bible doesn’t oppose medical care, it strengthens it.

The malicious medical malpractice doctor-patient relationship that has existed in our country for years should be no more.

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The CDC uses scare tactics to incentivize people into getting an annual flu shot - despite studies repeatedly showing that flu shots have been from zero to less than 50% effective in preventing type A or B influenza over the past several years.

According to the CDC, the annual death toll from influenza (36,000) is GREATER than the well documented 1968-9 'Hong Kong flu' pandemic (34,000). How do they get those numbers?

The answer is data manipulation. Are you surprised?