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As I have mentioned previously, some of the great warriors for liberty emerging in America are women. They don’t want their children to grow up under totalitarianism. They are braver than men in fighting for their children.
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Germany 🇩🇪
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Federal employees: remember that our friend Tori has set up rooms in which we can generate lawsuits that protect employees of various government agencies from the clot shot.
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FEDERAL EMPLOYEES - It's all yours -
Jump in - Make your own side groups outside from prying media eyes. This is your SPRINGBOARD.
We will make sure your lawsuits are PERFECT.

All of you know how to VET members 😏 I can help too.
Everyone has access to "email look up" Remember Telegram has disappearing messages etc?

TS+ Federal Contractors

TS+ Employees of DOD

TS+ Employees of DOE

Employees of the AG

Employees of the State Department

TS+ Employees of the Treasury

TS+ Employees of the Justice Department

TS+ Employees of the FBI

TS+ Employees of the CIA

TS+ Employees of the NSA

TS+ Employees of the NRO
Federal Employees: It occurs to me that because Telegram is in some sense Russian, you should shield your IP when using this. Also, create a unique non-government email address for use with this site.
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