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Parents, Who Do You Trust? The Government or Your Child's God-Given Immune System?

Original piece by @VigilantFox, which was inspired by the loving concern for the health and safety of my niece.

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BREAKING: Florida Supreme Court grants Gov. Ron DeSantis’ request for a grand jury to probe human trafficking and sanctuary cities that aid and abet the coyotes

Forwarded from General McInerney
US government buys 105 million doses of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine for fall "booster" injections, with an option of 195 million more doses.

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Credibility in the Dumps: You're Better Off Not Taking Guidance from the CDC

Dr. Robert Malone:
"Shockingly, according to The New York Times, the CDC has been withholding data all the way through the outbreak [on] the justification that if they had not withheld data, it would have increased vaccine hesitancy, which is another way of saying, 'If we told you what's really going on, you wouldn't take the jab,' to speak plainly."


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Forwarded from The Vigilant Fox 🦊
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Emergency Abuse Authorized: By Statute, These Jabs Should Have Never Been Permitted

Dr. Robert Malone:
"Most of these agents [the shots, remdesivir, and so on] are being allowed by the FDA under [a] special clause called 'emergency use authorization,' and if the medical emergency declared by the executive branch is terminated or there is or had been an effective alternative to these experimental products, then by statute, these experimental products could not have been emergency use authorized."


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MARICOPA 🚨 Ballot mail analysis. One way to gain extra ballots for nefarious purposes is called "ballot cracking." Maricopa shows signs of widespread ballot cracking operations in excess of 53,866 2020 election ballots. Ballot cracking is a technique when ballots are undelivered or returned as "undeliverable," individuals crack open the ballot, vote on the ballot inside, place it in the return envelope and either do not sign the ballot or apply a bogus signature. If the county elections do not do signature verification, ballot cracking can go undetected. Returned as undeliverable ballots are the MOST SUSCEPTIBLE to ballot cracking. When returned to the county, these ballots simply "disappear."
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Dr. Zev passed away Thursday after a valiant fight against cancer. He was a special friend of ours at Defending The Republic.

Dr. Zev Zelenko was a courageous and outspoken advocate for preventive treatment of COVID. He graciously took time from his non-stop schedule to be interviewed for our documentary, Doctor's Orders.

He was a hero who is responsible for saving countless lives through the early treatment protocol he developed for COVID. He was, of course, mocked and shunned to silence but he never stopped trying to help people stay well. His legacy is one of brilliance and compassion. He was a gift from God for the millions of lives he touched. We pray his family feels the peace that only God can provide.

We stand by his recommendations and urge you to learn about them and follow. Zelenko Protocol.

Rest in peace, Dr. Zelenko. We will continue the fight you started.

Video from our documentary, Doctor's Orders. Available here: https://rumble.com/vqjt12-doctors-orders.html
Forwarded from KanekoaTheGreat
Thank you Dr. Zelenko for all you have done and shared for humanity.

I will always remember what you told me when you first messaged me:

"The world will be redeemed by acts of goodness and kindness."

My condolences, thoughts, and prayers are with his family, friends, and loved ones.

RIP my friend.