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Some vile and detestable Antifa counter-protesters tried to disrupt the rally today. This particular demon shouted “F**k Ashley Babbit” within earshot of her mother, Micki Witthoeft. Evil.
“For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Romans 8:38-39
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Erin and I attended a prayer vigil outside the DC gulag last night. The national anthem was sang outside the prison walls. The prisoners signified their hearing by flashing lights from their narrow windows.

Lord hear our prayers.
DC Gulag watch. Standing in prayer with my friends.
These gentlemen have been providing a constant vigil for 50 + days outside the gulag.
08.22.2022 Prayer & Donation List

Prayers at 8:50PM ET on Live Voice Chat: 🔗

We pray for all J6 families every night, nearly 900. Links are posted below for the families that we have come to know.

J6 Hostages in Washington D.C. sing the National Anthem in defiance of oppression and torture: 🔗🎤Play Link

Rachel Powell

Joseph Hutchinson

Matthew Council

Jessica Watkin

Aaron James

Jonah Westbury

Isaac Westbury

Robert Westbury

Chris and Cynthia Price

Ron Mele

Joseph Hackett

Sgt. Kenneth Harrelson

Scott Fairlamb

Couy Griffin

Derek Kinnison

Erik Warner

Felipe Martinez

Paul Johnson

Jake Angeli (Jacob Anthony Chansley)

Kyle Young

Christopher Worrell

Jack (Wade) Whitton

Michael Foy

Robert Gieswein

James McGrew

Guy Reffitt

Joseph Lino Padilla

Douglas Jensen

Peter Stager

Julian Khater

Ryan Nichols

George Tanios

Shane Jenkins

Daniel Goodwyn

Paul Hodgkins

Dominic Pezzola

Tim Hale

Jennifer Heinl

Jon Mott


David Judd

Luke Coffee

William Isaacs

Steve Quick

Mike Quick

Zac Martin

Joe Biggs

Victoria White

Daniel Warmus

Kyle Fitzsimons

Karl Dresch

Isaac Yoder

Shawn Witzemann

Thomas Sibick

Richard Barnett

Felicia Konold

Cory Konold

Charles Donohoe

Rasha Abualragheb

Kenneth Joseph Owen Thomas

Kevin Tuck

Enrique Tarrio

Jonathan Gennaro Mellis

Andrew C. Taake

Justin Stoll

Albuquerque Head

Kristina Malimon

Christopher Joseph Quaglin

Thomas Ballard

Jeff McKellops

Chris Alberts

Timothy Hart

Lonnie Coffman

Steve Rosatti

Alex Harkrider

Brian Mock

Robert Morss

Kash Kelly

Sara Carpenter

Jenna Ryan

Jacob Lang

Jeffrey Brown

Gina Bisignano

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Lisa Eisenhart

Eric Munchel

Ethan Nordean

Pauline Bauer

Lucas Denney

Eric D. Clark (KY)

Marshall Neefe

Ben Martin

Alan Fischer

Jonathan Klein

Troy Smocks

Treniss Evans

Paul Rae

Aurthur Jackman

Nathan Tuck

Edward George III

The Family of the first J6 Hostage who has taken his life, Matthew Perna

Gabriel Garcia

Matthew Krol

Chris Kuehne

Jody Wilson

Thomas Smith

Mason Courson

Devin Steiner

Adam Miller

The Munn family

Barry Ramey

Philip Anderson

Pamela Hemphill

Christian Manley

Donald Hazard

Jodi Wilson

Cole Temple

Zachary Alam

David Dempsey

Brian Jackson

Adam Jackson

Bart Shiveley

Audrey Ann

Stuart Rhodes

Find a J6 family and see them through.
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