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But “We the People” aren’t going to back down from anyone.
Media is too big
Michigan patriots - please get out and support Ken Beyer for the District 4 chairman position.

He’s a fearless and honorable man.

He knows the elections were stolen and fights every day to restore the Republic. He has my support and endorsement.
Forwarded from The Prisoner's Record (EOJ Always)
Media is too big
The need is GREAT!! The time is NOW!! Help our political prisoners retain competent attorneys - DONATE NOW - J6LEGAL.ORG 🇺🇸🙏🏻❤️

Let’s compare the January 6 “insurrection” to the riots on January 20th, 2017—Trump’s inauguration day. Hundreds if not thousands of Antifa anarchists and communists rioted and committed arson on J20. They threw rocks, smashed windows, assaulted police with projectiles, terrified customers in businesses they vandalized, and set SUVs and limousines on fire, destroying them, all in hopes of stopping the peaceful transfer of power after the lawful election of President Donald J. Trump.

235 J20 suspects were charged with various felonies, and were liable to serve between 25-70 years in prison, with fines as high as $25,000.

“But a funny thing happened on the way to justice: they were quickly bonded out, then the judges rigged the cases to free the defendants.”

An example:

U.S. Superior Court Presiding Judge Lynn Leibovitz, a George Bush Jr. appointee, forbade prosecution from using phrases like “Antifa” and “Black Bloc,” and just before deliberations threw out the felony riot charges. Just two defendants were convicted, but Leibovitz suspended their sentences. Only one of the 235 defendants, Dane Powell, did any jail time, and it was only 4 months.

Let’s contrast that with what happened at the J6 protest to stop the Electoral College count and ensuing Big Steal.

The J6 protesters weren’t bonded out, and some are in solitary confinement. The feds arrested more than 570 J6 protesters—more than twice as many as they arrested for the J20 mayhem—and charged many with “civil disorder,” “obstruction of an official proceeding,” and “violent entry into the Capitol building.”

Forwarded from Jarrin Jackson
Biden’s DoD authorizing 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

Some say that’s not an escalation & wont lead to war.


1. An Abrams tank aint just a big car (Research the Battle of 73 Easting)

2. Commitment of logistics is aiding/abetting war effort (research Lend Lease Act)

3. Abrams tanks are not for intended defense; expect the Ukrainian narrative to change to: “We need more tanks to push the Russians out” which will escalate into “We need air power to soften up the Russian defenses” which will escalate to “We need ground forces to secure the ground we take.”

Vietnam escalated with a battalion of Marines to secure an airfield.

Biden just sent a two armor companies for general purpose.

War by winter.
Forwarded from The Patriot Voice 🇺🇸 (TPV John 🇺🇸)
Media is too big
SHOCKING: Pfizer Director Physically Assaults James O'Keefe & Veritas Staff; Destroys iPad Showing Undercover Recordings About “Mutating” Covid Virus; NYPD RESPONDS!

I said yesterday how I said that Jordon Trishton Walker would NEVER be able to show his face in public again…

Make his pathetically GUILTY sorry ass the MOST FAMOUS person on the internet!

Then, put him in front of a Nuremberg style tribunal with the rest of Pfizer execs for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!!!
Thank you St. George, Utah. Off to Grand Junction!