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Forwarded from The People's Audit
Welcome to the party pal...
Attention New Jersey patriots
Forwarded from The People's Audit
Media is too big
The People's Audit Is ALWAYS WATCHING

We can detect and show you every registration that was moved to inactive as well as re-activated each month.

We also detect suspicious changes to name, birthdate and address that might be identity theft in our voter rolls.

We need your help to expand this monitoring into key states like Texas in time for the March Presidential Primary.

We are thankful for all the current monthly contributors who made this system possible in Florida. Please share this video to help raise funds for this critical expansion.

If you can give, please consider being a monthly contributor to the cause:
Forwarded from The Prisoner's Record (EOJ Always)
A report from two of our regular visitors to the DC Gulag:

“This is a picture of Anthony (Tony) Griffith praying on J6.  He was sentenced to 6 months in prison and must report to prison in OKC on October 18th.  We met him in March at his trial and have stayed in touch with him and his wife since then.  Tony is a strong Christian who was compelled to pray against the travesty of abortion in this country while at the capital on J6.”

Please keep Tony and his family in prayer.
Forwarded from Midnight Rider Channel 🇺🇸 (Karli Bonne)