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Going live now tune in and learn.
If the threat of White Supremacy to the republic is so real and so prevalent, why does it seem like they have to outsource all of the hate???
The LA Dodgers are bowing to the woke mob and are now giving an award to a sick blasphemous anti-Catholic group of activist drag queens during their pride night baseball game. Sign a letter to the Dodgers and tell them to keep politics out of sports! Enough is enough. Fight back here and let them hear your voice.
A #DeSaster of epic proportions:
Ron’s robotic rollout is just another reason why we don’t have time to roll the dice on a swamp-controlled RINO.

And I’ll have much more to say on Triggered 6 pm ET with Sen Tommy Tuberville. You will not want to miss it.
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Guys live at six with legendary football coach Tommy Tubberville… Who also happens to be a US senator from the great state of Alabama. We’re gonna be talking football, great rivalries, strategy on the gridiron, and in politics and so much more I’ll also get into great detail on the #DeSaster Of The DeSantis Rollout. Tune in live at six or bookmark for later.
Going live now!!!
FLASHBACK: Ron DeFraud doesn't want you to know that he stood with Fauci to pressure into instituting a DOMESTIC TRAVEL BAN in the USA to stop Americans from traveling across state lines during covid.

Fortunately, Trump said NO to Ron & Fauci's tyrannical plan.
Everything you need to know about the ATF pistol brace ban. It’s not too late IF you want to act you have till the 31st to get your stuff in the mail. I’ll take you through it all here. Biden's ATF Pistol Brace Ban: What You Need to Know | TRIGGERED Ep. 35
Real Whistleblowers Come Forward… house weaponization committee member and congressman ⁦ @RepGregSteube ⁩ Joins tonight at 6 PM tune in. TRIGGERED Ep. 37
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Guys another major episode of Triggered with Army veteran and Florida Congressman Greg Steube

We uncover even more disturbing details surrounding Biden’s efforts to undermine our military, plus the behind the scenes panic inside the DeSantis campaign

Check is out 6 pm ET ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Drug cartels, terrorists, and violent criminals are flooding into our country at an alarming rate due to the Biden administration’s weak border policies. Sign the petition demanding a secure border & leftist politicians their insane policies have failed!
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Hey guys, tonight on Triggered we have the one and only Judge Jeanine Pirro.

She’s got an awesome new book out from Winning Team Publishing called “Crimes Against America.”

6 PM EST coming right up on Rumble. Make sure you tune in!!!