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Thanks for all the great comments in the post above guys, I really appreciate it and thought it was a little bit of a unique way to do some personalization which isn’t always so easy but rallying around the Father’s Day weekend seem to work pretty well. Glad you guys like it.
Guys my thoughts on this memorial day weekend and what it means to so many of my fellow Americans and seemingly was totally missed by Joe Biden and Kamal Harris. Now before you give me the argument that they fixed it… Let’s remember after the outrage they had teams of people probably trying to fix it it wasn’t them and it wasn’t on their own volition.
Guys. Our good friend @SarahHuckabee is running for Governor of Arkansas because, in her words, “America is great because we are free. But today, our freedom and the rule of law are under attack.”
The leftists have been going after her since day one and she’s proven to be a loyal fighter for the MAGA movement.
Help her by donating to Sarah’s’ campaign for governor here!
My long form thoughts on moron Dr Fauci. We all knew it and as usual Trump was 100% right but the media did everything they could to make this total Fing loser into a hero. Well now we all know and they’re better be an inquiry.
Media is too big
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