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Big Tech Hypocrisy: The Taliban is allowed on Twitter while President Trump is banned?
DC has failed to rein in Tech Giants. State level conservative leaders are the last line of defense!
Stand with Conserative state Leaders and STOP Big Tech censorship.
Fight back now. Once you lose this battle you never came back those freedoms!
OK fight fans you’re gonna like this on Saturday night DJT and I are going to be announcing the Evander Holyfield vs UFC legend Vitor Belfort fight as well as the Tito Ortiz vs Anderson Silva fight on PPV by Triller. Triller is one of the only social platforms if not the only social platform that didn’t remove my father’s page so we want to support them. Should be awesome with hours of Trump commentary. In talking to my dad about it earlier in the week I couldn’t believe how much fight knowledge and history from the good old days he had and still remembered it was really incredible. Check it out Saturday Night.
Nailed it
THOUSANDS of illegal aliens are camped out under a Texas bridge, rushing to America because they know the Democrats want to give them amnesty. The border crisis is OUT OF CONTROL. Tell Democrats to abandon their amnesty plans and secure our border.