EXCLUSIVE: Kevin McCarthy to be Primaried by America First Challenger Following Ousting as House Speaker

EXCLUSIVE: Kevin McCarthy to be Primaried by America First Challenger Following Ousting as House Speaker

MAGA wants to remove former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy from Congress once and for all.


OCT 30, 2023

After his recent embarrassing removal as Speaker of the House, California Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy is now facing a credible primary challenge from an America First candidate named David Giglio.

Speaking exclusively to Laura Loomer on Sunday evening, the night before officially publishing his press release in which he announced his candidacy, Mr. Giglio says Kevin McCarthy has spent years in Washington serving nobody but himself.

“This campaign is about taking the fight directly to the corrupt uniparty’s front steps,” Giglio said to Loomer. “When we defeat Kevin, the GOP establishment will finally know that the Republican party belongs to President Trump and his MAGA movement.”

“Kevin McCarthy has spent years pretending to be an ally for President Trump while undermining him behind the scenes every chance he gets,” Giglio continued. “Just follow his money. Follow his votes. Follow his actions.”

Giglio rightly believes that McCarthy is nothing more than a used car salesman who will say and do anything for power and money.

David Giglio officially filed paperwork with the FEC Sunday evening to run for US Congress in California’s 20th Congressional District, which includes Bakersfield to Fresno.

“When President Trump wins next year, he needs real allies fighting beside him so we can finally defeat the Uniparty, dismantle the deep state, drain the swamp, and put America First,” Giglio said.

“Despite owing his entire speakership to President Trump, McCarthy refuses to endorse Trump for re-election in 2024. If that is not a sign that he is a snake, then nothing is,” Giglio continued. “It is not only a betrayal of President Trump, but also a betrayal of the Republican base around the country. We must drain the swamp, one race, one representative, and one former speaker at a time!”

“MAGA must not just be satisfied with ousting Kevin as speaker,” Giglio said. “Now it’s time to send him home to retire in Frank Luntz’s basement where he belongs!”

David Giglio will be joining Laura Loomer for an exclusive video interview on Tuesday’s edition of Loomer Unleashed at 8:30 pm EST on October 31st to talk about why he is primarying Kevin McCarthy.

To learn more about David Giglio’s candidacy, you can visit his website here.

WATCH LIVE ON RUMBLE HERE: https://rumble.com/c/LauraLoomer

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