Will Trump Be Out-Foxed By RNC Debate Jackals and Keebler Elf Mercenaries?

Will Trump Be Out-Foxed By RNC Debate Jackals and Keebler Elf Mercenaries?


AUG 14, 2023



Will Trump Be Out-Foxed By RNC Debate Jackals and Keebler Elf Mercenaries?

To debate or not debate in the first Republican presidential primary event on August 23rd in Milwaukee?  That’s the question President Donald Trump will answer soon.  Here’s why my former Boss may well tell debate host Fox News and a RINO-infested Republican National Committee to go pound Mar-a-Lago sand.

First, Fox News can’t be trusted to conduct a fair debate.  Fox’s self-anointed King Maker Rupert Murdoch has promised to stop Trump from winning the Republican nomination.  Debate moderator Bret Baier is infamous for prematurely calling Arizona for Biden in the 2020 election.  Most recently, Pudgy Baier has already clashed with Trump in a widely panned interview.

Second, Murdoch’s Fox, on orders from Board Member Paul Ryan, has refused for more than two years to provide broad coverage of Trump’s rallies.  Fox’s CEO Suzanne “Cancel Culture” Scott has also banned Trump’s most effective surrogates from appearing on the network.  So why boost Fox’s sagging ratings, President Trump is surely asking himself – Trump knows his participation would add millions of viewers.

Third, the debate sponsor, the Republican National Committee (RNC), can’t be trusted any farther than you can throw Fox off your TV.  That’s not speculation: In a poll I conducted on my Substack with over 2,500 respondents, over 95% said they didn’t trust either Fox or the RNC to produce a fair debate.

The RNC’s hidden Never-Trump agenda is barely hidden at all.  RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel – niece of the infamous Never-Trumper Mitt Romney — won a hotly contested race against staunch Trump loyalists Harmeet Dillon and Mike Lindell while numerous RNC members are on record opposing a Trump bid in 2024. 

Fourth, Trump’s substantial poll numbers make him the presumptive nominee.  No good can come of a debate-fueled contested primary that drains campaign dollars and resources away from the general election. 

Memo to the RNC: The rival Democrat National Committee certainly isn’t sponsoring any primary debates and pressuring Joe Biden to debate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — RFK is as close to Biden in the Democrat polls as anyone is to Trump in the Republican race.

Fifth, the RNC has set a laughably low bar for getting on the debate stage.  All one needs in three major polls is 1% support plus 40,000 donors – something even I could do in my sleep. 

Because of this low bar, Trump would face off against a Keebler Elves lineup featuring three Never-Trump mercenaries funded by globalist dark money – Mike Pence, last seen sticking a knife in the back of the man who rescued him from political oblivion; Chris Christie, AKA the Pillsbury Doughboy of Venom; and lean and hungry Cassius “Nikki” Haley who never missed a beat in the Trump administration to stick it to the Boss. 

Each of these Koch Network phantasms has ZERO chance of winning.  They are simply in the race to attack Trump; and no good can from allowing them to try to send Trump battered, bruised, and bleeding into a General Election it is critical for the Republican Party to win.

Sixth, falling star Ron DeSantis has been wildly successful at one thing: digging his introverted and socially awkward self into a retail politics hole.  Why would Trump want to throw DeSanctimonious a shovel by sharing a stage with Governor Stiff?

Here’s an Art of the Deal idea for my old Boss: If you really want to put your hand on the Fox stove again and debate, demand at least two concessions from Fox President Jay “Woke” Wall:  (1) ALL Trump rallies must receive full live coverage; and 2) ALL Trump surrogates cancelled from Fox must immediately be reinstated.

Now here’s an even better idea straight from my Substack poll: Forget about bargaining with Fox entirely and go straight to the RNC with these three demands:

The RNC must strip Fox of its monopoly and host all debates itself at a neutral site like Hillsdale College, Regent University, Liberty University, or some other conservative academic institution. 

The RNC must go back to the glorious Nixon-Kennedy, Reagan-Carter past where debate questions were posed directly to the candidates by a broad spectrum of both TV and print media reporters.  In this case, such a Questioners’ Row would include journalists from real conservative networks like Newsmax and Real America’s Voice and real conservative news outlets like The Washington Times, The Federalist, Just the News, Epoch Times, and Gateway Pundit.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, the RNC must broadcast the debates through a live public access feed for ANY network, social media platform, or website to offer to the public! 

This modest livestream proposal alone would bring the Republican Primary debates unfiltered to as many American voters as possible; and it is supported by over 90% of the respondents in my Substack poll.   Can I get an amen and hallelujah?

Peter Navarro served as President Trump’s manufacturing czar and chief China strategist.  Follow Peter at his Substack where this article originally appeared.  Subscribe if you haven’t yet already!

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