Machiavellian MITCH McConnell strategically endorses President Donald Trump

Machiavellian Mitch McConnell Strategically Endorses President Trump 

March 6, 2024 | Sundance | 255 Comments

Those who understand the long history of Mitch McConnell as a Machiavellian-minded Senate Leader well understand how this is playing out.

John Thune’s prior endorsement of Donald Trump sets the stage.  Nikki Haley withdrawing from opposition to Donald Trump, on behalf of the financial and professional political class who underwrote her effort, was a transparent predicate.

Now comes the Machiavellian leverage move by Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, who falsely positions his support without conditions as a lull toward a duplicitous intent.

In the background, the DeceptiCon move will be to support something akin to California Democrat Senate candidate Adam Schiff as an installment move within the upper chamber.

Schumer/McConnell planning for Thune’s installation with an agreement to acquiesce appointment of Schiff to replace SSCI Chair Mark Warner as a background move to impede the threat that a successful Trump reelection represents.

That’s the type of senatorial ploy we should expect.

If MAGA has not learned these lessons by now, then nothing has been learned about the nature of opposition.  That is simply the way of the UniParty Senate.

(Via ABC News) – Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, a longtime critic of Donald Trump and a frequent target, on Wednesday endorsed him in the 2024 presidential race.

“It is abundantly clear that former President Trump has earned the requisite support of Republican voters to be our nominee for President of the United States,” McConnell said in a statement Wednesday, just after Nikki Haley suspended her campaign.

“It should come as no surprise that as nominee, he will have my support,” McConnell added. “During his Presidency, we worked together to accomplish great things for the American people including tax reform that supercharged our economy and a generational change of our federal judiciary – most importantly, the Supreme Court.”

“I look forward to the opportunity of switching from playing defense against the terrible policies the Biden administration has pursued to a sustained offense geared towards making a real difference in improving the lives of the American people.”

Advisers close to Trump and McConnell had been in talks for six weeks over an endorsement, sources confirmed to ABC News, as well as an overall strategy to unite Republicans to win back the Senate in November.

The conversations between the two campaigns went through a single channel: Chris LaCivita, a top campaign adviser to Trump and Josh Holmes, a longtime political strategist to McConnell. (read more)

Break the cycle of abuse. Learn the dark arts of how our national abusers operate.

There is no intent on “uniting Republicans” in the general sense that is sold to a gullible and victimized public.

Our focused emphasis is always directed to the wrong syllable. This is not accidental.

EXAMPLE: Remind yourself when Republican Senator Lindsey Graham expressed outrage at the Christine Blasey Ford construct against SCOTUS nominee Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Graham pointed national attention inwardly toward the political construct. Never once did Graham identify Monica McLean (FBI), Michael Bromwich (DOJ), David Laufman (DOJ) and/or the Lawfare operation who controlled Blasey-Ford. {GO DEEP}

This type of intentional omission and deflection is purposeful.  This is simply how the Senate operates.