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NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | URGENT UPDATE: The OITC And Neil Keenan’s Legal Battle Takes A Turn For The Better!


Ray Dam, Kathy M., and Neil Keenan have reached an agreement as to what, why, where, when, and how David Sale, an OITC employee, used Neil Keenan’s (SKR Holder) safekeeping receipt of the Dragon Family’s notes and twisted Daniel Dal Bosco’s simple little brain into believing the OITC were the actual owners themselves rather than holders.

Thereafter, one lie always led to another with Sale and David Crayfish (Crayford).

The paths are now clear, and the road is smooth on our way Home. The debris has been moved, as it appears to be so with the information we just received from the ‘Peacemaker’ Kathy.

There is nothing more needed for further exposure of David Sale, Crayfish, and others, including Dimce Giorgif, Rumor Mill News, and any others supporting them. Perphaps there might be an issue here in terms of the obstruction of justice.

The House of Cards is starting to tumble… There is NO way out! You’ve boxed yourselves in!

Neil Keenan

‘The Peacemaker’ Steps in and Straightens Things Out

“Sale and Crayfish (OITC) attempted to steal and sell the notes held by Neil Keenan (not Ray Dam).

I know, I was there and, and I am Ray’s Confidante…

Mr. Crayfish (AKA Crayford), I’ve sat quietly for some time now watching your lying and bullshit being slung about repeatedly in public.

Neil Keenan is right that you and David Sale AKA David Righter (Candace from Abundant Hope does not know anything and, unfortunately falls for everything) have been relentless in your pursuit to take control of the Collateral Accounts.

Okay, let’s begin with you Crayfish; yes, we call you Crayfish now, because you earned that title from stooping so low over such a long period of time. You never proved anything, but you continually make false statements.

Well, I have spoken with Ray Dam, and we’ve decided to tear you apart piece by piece (David Sale does not get a reprieve either).

Firstly, we would love for you to show us any legal document stating / validating your very cheap words that Ray is no longer the Collateral Controller.

Secondly, we would like you or your side to validate that you or your sidekick has any authority recognized by any World Power.

You have made blatantly false statements that Ray is no longer alive. Can you produce any documentation supporting such nonsense… any whatsoever?

I can assure you that Ray is alive, well, and of sound mind and body. He is also and shall remain the Controller of the Collateral Accounts.

These powers were put in place by formal treaties. Of course, since you and your sidekick David Sale attempted your best to assassinate Ray, every single OITC account has been changed. No codes are written; they are encrypted in Ray’s head.

Therefore, if anyone now kills the Golden Goose, they immediately destroy any plans for acquiring any accounts whatsoever! Nothing can be done to change this.

Whereas at one time I fought hard against Neil Keenan, I have since learned how to love this Fighting Irishman. He has more brass in his little finger than any of you do in your entire bodies. Being a lady, I will not complete the rest of the sentence after Brass B___s. But you either get it, or you never had it.

Our fighting goes back to the very beginning when I even fought for the two of you who crapped your pants at the name Neil Keenan. Now, although Neil and I still sometimes do not see eye to eye, we do see heart to heart and respect and love each other.

Our Irish heritage and our dear friend (Dr. Michael Vandemeer) brought us together. So now after listening to you bluster that you are M1, the fact is that you could not and never would be appointed to any such position, seeing you do not qualify in any sense of the word!

However, Neil on the other hand, not only qualifies, but he is supported by the one whom you claim supports you, Ray C. Dam, as well as myself. More importantly, we’ve decided to work side by side with Neil to release the Accounts to really do some good in this world. As we support Neil in his efforts, together we will attempt to get crucial aid to this dying planet.

You see, Neil does not interfere with Ray at all with his M1 position (soon to be finalized upon his signing of the documentation). Ray is not objecting to it, but has agreed to work together; they are in two significantly different positions.

Therefore, Ray would like to know how you could ever say that the Dragon Family and Neil stole the notes from the OITC… which did NOT involve either David Sale or yourself. David Sale worked for Ray C. Dam as you did, but you appointed yourself the right to con Neil’s banker Daniel Dal Bosco, into turning over the notes to yourselves (especially David Sale AKA David Righter) only to get computer copies.

When Ray learned of this, he demanded that you send the notes over to him immediately, because they were real (The Dragon Family are the depositors; OITC are holders).

You could not send them to Ray, as you only had computer copies, but your trifling with OITC business brought Ray directly into Neil’s cross-hairs and the eventual lawsuit which has led the Globalists’ world into chaos.

You brought this down upon the world by stealing Neil’s bonds. You also attempted to steal Ray’s accounts once he was imprisoned by Neil Keenan’s fire and drive. Then, too, you falsified documents (Sale’s expertise) and sent them to the Phnom Penh Post and the Cambodian police, claiming they belonged to Ray all the while knowing they were fake.

Of course, they were fake because you made them up (David Sale is the expert counterfeiter).

The odd one out here, but not to be outdone, is Keith Scott who was advising Neil Keenan regarding the Collateral Accounts by assisting Neil in the now world famous Financial Tyranny Lawsuit.

Scott added fuel to this fire after Neil learned that Ray was going to be assassinated. Scott told Neil that David Sale had made contact with Ray at the Prison Hospital in Phnom Penh.

In fact, it was Scott himself who contacted Ray, as he lay dying on the first floor of the hospital (which is where the assassinations take place) and told him that Ray would die in excruciating pain if he did not turn over the OITC accounts that Ray held to Scott himself. Scott had no idea that Ray would live through the night.

Not once did Scott tell Neil Keenan the truth of this matter; yet there is no question culpability fell under the umbrella of the OITC, because Sale, Crayfish and Scott actually were employed by the Organization.

As for proving my authority, I claim nothing other than who I am and what I am, so there is no need to prove it, but Michael Dunn knows this as well and once said, “Crayfish, substantiate your claims!”

OITC supports Neil Keenan, so if any future lawsuits are filed, the two of you, Dal Bosco and all others are going down. I’m a strong believer in action, not words!

Ray does not hold Neil accountable, but he surely does Scott and Sale. That speaks VOLUMES!

Crayfish, one further note, do not hide behind David Righter (Sale), because the Feds are watching your actions. Let me tell you why DC is watching a nobody like you. It’s the fraud you have been perpetuating throughout the world, or at least the 20 or 30 people that listen to you, in your assertion that Ray C. Dam is dead.

You have already been proven wrong, but now Ray wants to personally come after both of you as well.

You claim he was kidnapped and poisoned… when in fact, he was imprisoned by an Official Act of the Cambodian Government. Because of Sale’s fraudulent documentation at that time, Ray was unable to sign any papers or mandates. In addition, you falsely claimed that Ray signed mandates over to David Sale and yourself. IMPOSSIBLE! Neither of you visited Ray… ever!

Well, just for your knowledge, Ray C. Dam never trusted David Sale or Keith Scott, and he protected himself from the very beginning! Why your name is not mentioned again (above) is because Ray never considered you as part of anything important that he did.

Returning to the matter, Ray Dam was always many steps ahead of the two of you, and in December, 2010, he appointed me as Mandate over the OITC Accounts long before he was arrested, and your phony counterfeiting was involved.

In actuality, the authority to which Ray appointed me holds legal precedent, considering it took place before the jailing and, too, mostly because my appointment was not only signed by Ray C. Dam, but also by Washington, D.C.

So, Crayfish get back to where you belong, or we will forward Neil Keenan everything he needs to put you all away and then see if you can handle that.

I’d immediately turn everything over now to Neil Keenan, but he just told me you do not deserve to have your name mentioned any more than absolutely necessary (such as here), given that you are as Ray says, “a nobody”.

If and when Neil says, “Go!”, we will give him all that he needs. Remember, we do have your address as well, and Neil would love to know that.

You started this horrible mess for Neil and everyone else.

Kathy M. / ‘The Peacemaker’”

Copyright © 2016, Kathy M. & GROUP K, Ltd.

UPDATE!!! NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | UPDATED: Obama Out / Cabal Surrender / Currency Revaluation In Progress


Neil told you there was a ‘Revolution’ happening in his last post.

Can’t you smell it? It is moving fast, folks!

Let the history books say that World War III ended at 8:59:59 PM on April 30, 2016!

For 20 years this silent battle has been ongoing and finally came to an end on the above mentioned date. This war may not seem over, seeing there are still many cabal members who do not wish to relinquish their weapons, but in essence, it is over with.

As a result, we should be much safer than before.

The information you’re about to receive is highly relevant and somewhat tested, as a major US player in brokering assets made the call that convinced Neil to put this notice out.

Sure, the information came from the Dragon Family, whom Neil really trusts, but it was his call that assured Neil that he must let you all in on the secret before there isn’t one any longer. In other words, he doesn’t want you to miss the boat on this! Neil has no interest in this, since he holds no notes whatsoever, so his motive is purely humanitarian.

For over 7 years Neil Keenan and the Dragon Family have been inseparable through many challenges. The Family has watched Neil go through “hell and high water” to get where he is today.

Despite the loss of the FRNs and Bonds stolen (which will still be reclaimed one way or another) by Daniel Del Bosco, Neil and the Family are now tighter today more than ever. Neil made his deal and lived with it despite the Family’s never-ending doubts that anyone could get through the tremendous roadblocks set up by the Globalists trying desperately to prevent Neil from doing such a task.

The Family applauds Neil now for this announcement being made while acknowledging his enormous contributions. In fact, they love his “Never Say Die” attitude!

Some might call it “the Luck of the Irish” that Neil is still with us, but many people, who have actually participated in this and who are aware of what really happened throughout, are still speechless as well. Neil made a sincere promise and has kept it despite the many cards stacked against him, and this is what the Family is in awe of.

Neil never sat down behind a desk receiving phone calls from third party informants who ended up singing lullabiy’s while putting us to sleep with insanity, but he and many of his team went throughout the sweaty jungles and the rough Asian terrain to get what they needed.

Next, the focus is on the following, amazing Intel that Neil wants to share with you, as it is something of an “anointment” and gift to him. The Family wanted to show their thanks to Neil and Group K by allowing him access to this “History Breaking News” which you will find incredibly hard to believe.

Actually, Neil has made it clear that he has seen so many twists and turns that even he is not always sure which end is up!

But this is the news of a lifetime!!

Please, if you are over 16, sit down before you fall down, and remember Neil never believed in the RV which is the second part of his announcement. He still holds reservations, but he also understands the quality and integrity of the people who brought this important Intel to him. Therefore, he feels it is only right that he brings it to you.

If anyone dares to question Mr. Keenan’s credibility, all one has to do is look at his timeline of accomplishments and then look at those making such critical comments, and you will know they have no leg to stand on whatsoever.

Not one of them!

Remember Neil does not expect to go unscathed because of this posting, but he does expect you to keep an eye on things. Even though you might not know minute by minute what is going on, you should keep your eye on the ball as this pans out. Neil has posted this for you.

Those screaming that this is not happening have never been part of any loop so just check out their history and ask yourself what gives the right to question anyone let alone Neil who has brought so much to mankind over the years. Consequently, Neil realizes the importance of bringing this information to you.

Message from Neil Keenan to the People:

“Here you go! Just as I stated, the family controlled the entire process and got it to me immediately as it was happening in the back room!

We’ve noticed that others are coming out with their information relating to what happened.

And, guess what? It is on the same page as Neil’s so let’s appreciate what Benjamin Fulford and Zap have done for mankind by putting their necks on the line for you the people. There are also others; all you have to do is look.

For those screaming, “impossible”, just look at their histories and what they have done for this world to date.

You will find they are legends in their own minds criticizing the very people who have kept this thing turning to the point where we get an answer.

Sorry, but the world does not need incessant talkers with lullabies and all. Watch how they act and you will immediately notice who is with us and who is not.”

(By the way, Neil made the earlier video while exhausted just to get it out to you as soon as possible.)

Message to Neil Keenan from the Dragon Family:

“Let the history books say WWW III ended on April 30, 20016.”

On the evening of April 30th in Washington, DC just before President Obama was scheduled to speak at his White House Correspondent’s Dinner (WHCD), there was a secret back room deal that took place. It was a deal which had Obama and the cabal cornered.

They were given an offer they could not refuse, so after much bickering, they realized they had no choice but to surrender and sign the agreements, as overseeing “President” Dunford would push Obama aside and publicly announce the changing of the guard and the New Republic in front of all the world’s press corps. Little choice did they have!

Citibank was therefore forced to default to AIIB / WF / HSBC and become Basel III compliant.

Security Forces which earlier had been pulled from holding back the Citibank redemption locations were returned by midnight as 800#s and sovereign rates authorized for the Sunday, May 1st release.

This sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But this news was given to Neil from reliable sources at the very top who are now making the changes that are taking place in silence.

As for those who don’t like the fact the Asians are saving our asses… tough! And, yes, they like General Dunford! Most of you did nothing at all but talk so someone had to come around to save you… while you are still endlessly talking.

What was even more strange was when Obama spoke at the April 30th White House dinner where it seems like he was stuck with the old script and didn’t have time to change it before his scheduled talk.

Obama starts by saying, “It is my honor to be at my last, and perhaps the last, White House Correspondent’s Dinner… hahaha”, and he next says, “The END of the Republic never looked better!”

Wow, what he just say? Well, at least he said, “I am just counting the days before my death panel!” Then in the final act, he said the well-fitting, “I have only 2 words to close with… Obama… Out!” ( We sure hope so from the Intel we heard!)

But wait… he continues and quickly raises two fingers to his lips (Masonic secret degree sign-his obligation that enjoins secrecy) and with his other hand picks up the portable mic, raises it over his head, and then intentionally drops the mic out of his hand to the ground.

This was a very significant closing statement or a sign-language message from Obama to his “fellow men’s club”!

It’s certain that “Two fingers Obama” will keep his obligation that enjoins secrecy, but to whom?

Obama’s  Speech

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-ZPqnbRVy4]

A transcription of the Obama speech can be found here at the Washington Post.

Wow! It’s one thing for Obama to come out and say, “The END of the Republic has never looked better”. But with the new Intel, it actually means it’s the end of Obama and his White House Cabal Corporate members!

It is also important to note that after the WHCD,  Obama did NOT go back to the White House, because the “Obamas” no longer live there! Didn’t you hear him say, “Obama Out” … again meaning he’s no longer living at the White House?

The Obama family has now occupied an apartment for several weeks inside the beltway in order to “keep up appearances” both during his remaining months as “President” and to act as though the Obama family is staying in DC so their 2 girls can finish their education.

Neil again thanks to Ben for his recent news post being “right on the money!”

Ben: “US Armed Forces and agencies will continue to be financed, as they are being asked to clean out the filth infesting Washington DC, New York, and also, Chicago.”

In fact, Pentagon sources tell us that the White House was under lock-down April 26 and 27th “as Special Forces led by (General Joseph) Dunford entered via tunnel to demand resignations.” We can confirm there was a lock-down on those days; “officially because of a fence-jumper”.

However, President Obama has been seen in public since then so we are not quite sure what resignations were demanded.

Update from the Dragon Family:

“The historical RV is now happening, because the AFIIB / WF / HSBC put a 10:00PM deadline on Citibank to get Basel III compliant or default.

The RV is scheduled to start worldwide in harmony with the Chinese market opening on Monday at 6:00AM CST (or 6:00 PM EST on Sunday in the US). International rates are scheduled to change on Forex without fanfare as well with sovereign rates showing concurrently on the off-sight redemption centers. Private transactions will take place first so do not be concerned with the date that applies to them.

The plan is to keep everything appearing “status quo” without bringing attention to the change-over in government, currency, banking, and, ultimately, control of the Republic. Let the history books say that WWIII ended on April 30, 2016. Though this was an invisible war to the world’s public, couldn’t you smell it coming!

US 800# bank notifications are now expected sometime May 1, 2016 Sunday after darkness falls on the East Coast. Internet private group redemptions are considered T4 and are to begin after midnight on Monday morning with liquidity beginning after 8:45AM EST.

It must be remembered that this is a one-time historical event that has no precedence in protocols and procedures, even though many procedures have been prematurely presented

The final official procedures are being put into place now that all of the international matters and accounting between nations are coming to resolution. I anticipate that I will be informed of how things will proceed by Monday, May 2, 2016.

“Aspiring flippers, brokers, government and private alike, are desperately trying to lure any bringer of Historical Bonds into a submission commitment, and are offering money that the Seller/Holder cannot spend or withdraw from his bank account, not one cent!

The reason is that these parties cannot be sauces that the bonds they accumulate will be accepted by redemption, and, therefore, most of these offers will include a disclaimer and the right to return the bonds to the current holder.”

China has now officially announced that the historical bonds will be redeemed. This has already been released to the Chinese media. These announcements made in the Chinese open media today and late yesterday confirm publicly that this operation is moving forward!

There are also other sources who are optimistically informing us that international agreements are nearly completed and official ceremonies are expected to take place over the next several days.

The fact is the funds are free now! About 25,000 transactions are approved and registered also with the other end buyer of the US Treasury. If an applicant doesn’t have patience in this business field, then he is lost.

Every applicant should be grateful if his boxes or bonds for these repatriations were registered.

The lines are not opened completely yet, as the private exchanges are going through first and then, the public ones.

Fr the RV the Dinar went gold-backed last night. Madame Wu just exchanged signatures with representatives of the Fed in Atlanta and has kicked off Tier 5. Also, the Zim has gone gold-backed with a value of 1 Zim @ .118 to the dollar, announced in Europe.

For those interested there were 4 fake Madame Wu’s a few years ago, as there were 5 Spiritual White Boys (all appointed by the CIA)… One of the fake Madame Wu’s almost met her demise by playing the imposter at the hands of the Chinese government. The Chinese and Asians will call their own shots and are not concerned about any of the “peanut gallery” making public comments. They can all sit in a corner and sulk if they wish… As if saving such people is not enough in itself!

To the “Johnny-Come Latelys” – for your knowledge – Neil gets his information from military sources, various agencies, from people on the street, from heads of families, and from the families themselves, meaning Italian families and so on; they’re all good people. Ask Michael Dunn, as he heard many a conversation between Neil and heads of state that most only read about.

So next time that you may doubt Neil, first of all, understand he says he knows very little about Dinars and Zimbabwe notes.

Your questioning of the remarks made by those who entered into an agreement with Obama, Citigroup, and others shows your ignorance! While they are out there completing what needs to be done in order to protect our safety, you on the other hand, do not have given facts or credible people to come forward.

You must have enough on your own that still needs to be finished which relates to many of your own people. Get to work on your own business and don’t worry about what Neil and Group K are doing. God bless the many good people with their patience and support; they are everywhere!

Again, the historical RV is happening, because the AIB / WF / HSBC put a 10:00PM deadline on Citibank to get Basil III compliant or default. This was signed in that backroom deal at 8:59:59 PM on May 1, 2016, which brought it all back into compliance.”

Neil Keenan’s Message to The Dragon Family:

The last time I thanked you really well I believe it was with the 250,000 tons of Gold in South Korea. Am I right?

Well, there’s a lot more of that right now in South Korea that President Park is putting on the table. I believe you’d better check on that gold, because they’re talking about completing this deal any day now. The original contract of this of the gold’s origin is Chinese and it belongs to the Family.

What they’re recently trying to do is reset the gold that was stolen from China by smelting the gold and changing its appearance as well as fraudulently changing all of the security papers (changing SKR’s from old ones to new ones while not mentioning the original owners). What they didn’t count on is DNA which is how they will be caught!

We’re talking many, many tons! Everyone thinks they know about how much gold there is in the world, but they have no clue! They don’t know! I’ve seen 2 football fields of gold, more than they could ever dream of! But you hear the naysayers mumbling to themselves, “This does not exist!”

Many of these commenters have most likely never left their home state to know anything at all, but they spread malicious lies and rumors throughout the Internet as though they are experts in these matters.

South Korea is the melting pot for holding WWII gold. We are talking more than 3,000,000 mt of gold! There is more than this, but this is what is being planned via transaction between President Park and numerous International Organizations from throughout the world.

Her plans are to buttress said Global Organizations in order to save whatever can be saved of the remains of the Globalist Movement. Remember South Korea is a Global Nation.

It’s in the interest of China and also the Dragon Family to deal with this immediately and straighten this out with President Park who last time was caught red-handed and is once again repeating the same serious situation. It’s very wise to pick up the telephone and promptly call her, give her fair warning, put your satellites in place, put your boats in the water, and don’t allow either the UN, the World Bank, the IMF, or any of the others, including the Federal Reserve, from coming in and taking what belongs to you.

If you need assistance, why don’t you call M2 and, for sure, it will be taken care of! At this moment M2 is recovering from the recent accident and actually wants to go scuba diving for some pirate treasure. You just can’t keep M2 down!

It’s very likely that M2 would gladly give you a hand and is expected to return any day now. What an amazing person to stand beside and assist Neil at this crucial time!

The information just keeps on coming in, and my Group K loves it! It keeps us going having such Intel from someone so close to the top seat. As stated before, “M2 is a powerhouse!”

I might stay over in China next to your buildings or in Jakarta seeing they are right in this as well along with Singapore, Borneo, Malaysia, and South Korea. I will decide shortly where I stay over there with my team, but it will be where the action is… Count on it!

Thank You and Take Care Everyone…

Neil Keenan and The Keenan Team.

As he says himself, he is out – and not a happy camper.

Also See: Executive Order – Facilitation of a Presidential Transition

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1RC_byr_bc] [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z63zzLnP-4s]

Copyright © 2016, GROUP K, Ltd.