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Trump seeks big increase in career-technical education money

By JEFF AMY February 10, 2020

President Donald Trump is proposing a $900 million increase in education spending to teach skills and trades, in what would be a historic federal infusion into a spending area that’s been stagnant for years.

The announcement Monday follows Trump’s State of the Union push for career and technical education and is in line with increasing emphasis on the idea that there should be stronger career paths for students as alternatives to a four-year degree.

“It’s maybe the largest investment in CTE ever,” Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said during a briefing to education groups after the administration released its budget proposal.

Career-technical education is already widespread, with 92% of students taking at least one career-technical class in high school, according to federal statistics. More than a third are described as concentrating in career-tech, taking at least two courses in a particular sequence.

The spending increase is proposed in an Education Department that Trump is once again seeking to cut overall, this time by 8%. Trump has signed previous budgets that ignored his education cut proposals, with Congress instead increasing funding.

Of the money, $680 million would flow through states to local schools and colleges through what’s called the Perkins program, named after longtime Kentucky congressman Carl Perkins. Career-technical advocates have long argued that spending on the grant program isn’t keeping up with rising costs. Jarrod Nagurka of the Association for Career and Technical Education said it would cost $400 million just to catch up with inflation over the past 15 years.

“America needs this historic rebirth of innovation and access to high-quality CTE,” said Scott Stump, assistant secretary for career, technical and adult education.

Kimberly Green, the executive director of Advance CTE, which represents state career-technical directors, said that new money would allow for more instructors, more spaces for students, updated equipment and course instruction, and programs aimed at new demand areas.

“It not only closes the gap, but it actually allows new investment,” Green said in a telephone interview Monday. She said that career-technical education increases could win Democratic backing as “one of those things that have gotten bipartisan support.”

In states like Mississippi, an increase in funding could help update instruction, said Aimee Brown, the state’s CTE director.

“We’d be able to replace outdated equipment in some of our CTE centers that hasn’t been updated in 10 or 15 years,” she said.

Brown said new money also could aid a shift toward higher-demand career sectors, as called for under the 2018 renewal of the Perkins law, and help more high schools create career academies. Such academies are meant to more closely link academic and career instruction on one campus instead of having students take academic and technical courses that might not be closely linked and might be on separate campuses. Now, Brown said, districts seeking to make that shift have to rely on local tax dollars and grants.

Trump’s plan also calls for a sharp increase in funding for a competitive grant program for new and innovative programs, and seeks to increase fees on immigrants seeking workplace visas, funneling some to higher career-technical spending.

The education budget proposes a number of other changes:

—The document would roll up dozens of current federal aid programs into one $19.4 billion block grant that would go to states and local school districts. The largest of those is the Title I program, which provides $16.3 billion in funding to high-poverty students and schools nationwide. But the block grants would include many other programs, including aid to after-school programs and charter schools.

Overall support would be cut by about $4 billion over the current level. DeVos said the change would follow the spirit of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act by handing power back to the states, reducing federal intrusion and the amount of effort required to report on how federal dollars are spent. But some groups see it just as a funding cut.

— The budget again seeks to create “Education Freedom Scholarships” by diverting $5 billion in federal tax revenue. That money would be funneled to scholarship granting groups in states, in a setup that now largely allows for vouchers to private and parochial schools.

The educational freedom plan is backed heavily by DeVos, but most traditional public school groups broadly oppose it. American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten called it a “scheme to funnel taxpayer money out of public schools and into private schools.”

— Trump also seeks an increase of $100 million in funding for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and increases for historically black colleges and universities and other colleges that serve minority groups.


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Wife of NSA Inspector General helped him plot Trump coup in Ukraine

And that’s putting it mildly! Pour yourself a drink, kick your feet up and read this very lengthy and involved chapter in a tale of an attempted coup and take down of America ~TiLT

Wife of NSA Inspector General helped him plot Trump coup in Ukraine

Jan 3

Mrs. Robert Storch (above), also known as Sara Matilthe Lord. Her husband is NSA Inspector General.

Storch her photo from 1992 frowning image.png

Storch marriage announcement NYT 1992 image whole story.png

Lord Sara image as wife of Storch.png

Sara M. Lord, Mrs. Robert P. Storch, recruits Ukrainian law students to investigate Trump supporters.

Sara was a former Justice Department attorney now in private practice.

Her husband, Robert, is Inspector General for the NSA. He is a lawyer for the Justice Department.

Mrs. Robert Storch, Sara M. Lord, helped train the last class of 39 from July 21st through July 26th, 2018.

As “investigators” using computer software.

In Dnipro, Ukraine.

Investigating who?


National Security.

Unable to say.

The FBI installed a surveillance server in Kyiv, Ukraine.

In U.S. Embassy offices there.

Shared with the FBI.

Source is a joint FBI/Ukrainian crime unit press release dated Feb. 3rd, 2016.

The joint crime unit is called NABU or National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine.

NABU FBI gave them server Feb. 3rd 2016 image with photo.png

From the same press release, here are pictures of the FBI server and other computer hardware in Ukraine:

NABU FBI equipment one photo.png
NABU FBI equipment two.png
NABU FBI equipment three.png
NABU FBI equipment four.png

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Storch are partners in the coup to impeach President Donald J. Trump using Ukraine and the:

NABU is a partnership between the FBI and Ukrainian prosecutors.

To uncover corruption?

Or cover it up?

Lord in Ukraine July 25th 2018 image.png

Lord three person standing from left photo.png

Mrs. Robert Storch is standing, third person from the far right, without her glasses. The latest Sara Lord recruiting class of 39 Ukrainian law students used to spy on Trump supporters from Ukraine. Students were called “NABU Detectives”. They all are fluent in English.

NABU July 2018 school detectives Lord image of two articles.png

NABU student shirt Criminal Justice in Action photo.png

Lord NABU 2008 and 2009 image.png

Storch Mr Mrs June 25 2009 full article image.png

Sara M. Lord, aka Mrs. Robert Storch, are in Ukraine June 23rd, 2009.

They are attending a meeting of the State Audit Service with top officials from Ukraine.;jsessionid=DBD12FDCF98BBB16576FFC8C766FBD75.app1

Storch Mr Mrs photo two best.png

Bottom far left is Mrs. Robert Storch, Sara M. Lord. Sitting next to her is husband, Robert.;jsessionid=DBD12FDCF98BBB16576FFC8C766FBD75.app1

Storch Mrs only far right June 25 2009.png

Pictured at the bottom, far right in short sleeves, elbows on the table, is Mrs. Robert Storch, Sara M. Lord.;jsessionid=DBD12FDCF98BBB16576FFC8C766FBD75.app1

Who represented the U.S. in Ukraine during 2006 to 2009?

  • Sara Lord
  • her spouse, Robert Storch
  • Bill Taylor
  • George Kent


The same Bill Taylor and George Kent who testified against President Donald J. Trump at the House Impeachment Hearings.

Taylor is U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine.

Kent is Assistant Secretary of State.

Kent’s office is with Taylor and the FBI in Kyiv.

Taylor Bill ambassador to Ukraine photo.png

Kent George photo one.png

George Kent (above), Assistant Secretary of State

FBI Kyiv Ukraine office map image.png


Robert Storch failed to fully disclose his involvement in Ukraine with NABU and Ambassador to Ukraine, Bill Taylor, dating back to Dec. 2007.

Setting up NABU.

All three of them:

  • Storch
  • his wife, Sara Lord, who was also working as a Justice Dept. attorney for the FBI in Ukraine at the time
  • Taylor

His sworn testimony to the Senate and House was necessary for his appointment as Inspector General to the NSA.

Storch failed to disclose in written testimony on July 5th, 2017 to the Senate that:

  • he was applying for the position of auditor at NABU on May 25th, 2017 while being employed to the Justice Department
  • he was in Ukraine six times in 2016 and 2017

Six times?

Doing what?

Destroying evidence so that no one would know that the FBI was conducting surveillance on the President from Ukraine?

These disclosures, however, were made on live television in Ukraine on May 25th, 2017.

The video of Storch’s interview with the Ukrainian Parliament on May 25th, 2017 is below:

Please fast forward to the 58:58

Storch omitted this Ukraine video from his testimony to the Senate on July 5th, 2017.

Storch replaced Henry Ellard as Inspector General for the NSA on Dec. 22nd, 2017.

Storch never disclosed his role in setting up the NABU/FBI crime task force to President Donald J. Trump either.

Or that the task force was conducting illegal surveillance from Ukraine on:

  • 30,055 American citizens
  • Trump’s family, supporters, campaign workers, and key donors
  • Trump himself

In Storch’s defense, the Senate never asked to hear it.

Or read the transcript.

Who was supposed to disclose it to the President?

Who did Robert’s background check?

Peter Strzok or Andy McCabe?


Storch Interfax story imag March 21st 2017.png

“Robert Storch . . . was recommended by the US Embassy in Kyiv.”


NABU logo.png
NABU FBI Embassy press release June 29th 2016 image.png

NABU/FBI started a joint crime unit on June 29th, 2016.

At the same time the FBI was trying to get a warrant to spy on the Trump family and campaign team.

From May 2016 to Oct. 2016 the surveillance on Trump was illegal.

Surveillance without a warrant.

It was finally approved on Oct. 25th, 2016.

And backdated to May, 2016.

The FBI moved their surveillance collection point to a server in Kyiv, Ukraine on Feb. 3rd, 2016.

In offices of NABU.

From there, the data was sent back to the FBI in Washington, D.C.

Who said so?

Nellie Ohr. She was a contractor for the FBI and CIA.

With top secret clearance.

She helped write the Russian dossier to take down Trump.

Her husband, Bruce, was once the fourth top ranking official in the Justice Department.

Nellie testified that the Russia dossier was delivered to her in the U.S. from the NABU unit in Ukraine.

Bruce and Nellie Ohr photo only two.png

Bruce and Nellie Ohr (above)

NABU Embassy Yayanovitch top panel image.png
NABU Yoyanovitch middle panel end.png
NABU Embassy Yayanovitch bottom panel.png

Pictured in the above press release is Maria Yovanovitch (middle).

She was the former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine.

She testified against President Trump in the House Impeachment events.

Harry the Greek Patreon Twitter headline.png