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The election irregularities, infusion of private monies, and illegal conduct surrounding the 2020 presidential election brought the integrity of our election system into question for many Americans. Our government was built around the understanding that “we the people” would be engaged and involved. One of the primary reasons we are engage in this process is to ensure the American voice is rightly represented through our vote.

2020 was an unprecedented year in many ways and Americans are at a crossroads deciding who we will be as a nation. But in order for the voice of the American people to be accurately heard and represented, we must first deal with protecting the integrity of our vote.

The answer is what our Founders originally intended – an active and engaged citizenry.

We The People are the solution, if we are willing to be.

American Voter’s Alliance chooses to engage the election integrity issue from the standpoint of equipping and empowering engaged citizens with the tools, resources, connections, and the training needed to make a lasting impact. Our three primary areas of focus are: Litigation, Legislation, and Grassroots.

In order to unlock the full benefits of our resources and content, become a member and join our robust community. It is only through each of us engaging and taking personal action that we will be able to leave an ongoing legacy of freedom for generations to come.

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