INUNDATE POTUS' SOCIAL MEDIA WITH CONTENT HE NEEDS TO SEE!!   Trump Cut Off From Infowars, Unvetted Media – YouTube

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Inundate the President’s Social Media accounts with Infowars, Breitbart, Drudge Report, The Gateway Pundit, WND – ANY NON-MSM story that the President needs to hear about – Do It Now! It’s up to us to make sure POTUS knows from every town, city and state of any illegal activity going on trying to undermine America and his Presidency. It’s up to us WE THE PEOPLE because the enemy is here, it’s within, it’s your neighbor, your boss, your pastor or your own family, it’s every corporate owned company bent on bending or just plain eradicating our justice system, our laws and turning order into chaos. What’s it going to be America. What side will you choose?
Trump Cut Off From Infowars, Unvetted Media

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