President Trump Tweets In Support Of Laura Loomer’s Candidacy

(Gateway Pundit) – On the same day that several accounts retweeted by President Trump were deleted or suspended by the tech-left censors at Twitter, President Donald J. Trump just RTd an account with a huge following that regularly encourages its followers to support investigative journalist turned congressional candidate Laura Loomer.

Loomer has been one of Trump’s most vocal and effective advocates, even after beng banned from literally every platform known to man, often referred to as THE MOST BANNED WOMAN IN THE WORLD. She has made waves as a first time candidate, out-raising her Democrat opponent and GOP primary opponents in the most recent fundraising quarter, as reported on by TGP. Our sources tell us that this upcoming quarter could be even bigger for Loomer.

President Trump’s willingness to RT something discussing the deadly effects of illegal immigration and open borders is not only brave, but much needed for the American public to see. Showcasing his support for Loomer is something that will undoubtedly bolster her campaign and stature in the America First. Unlike other candidates, Laura Loomer is not all talk.

In January, of 2019, Loomer made international headlines and trended on Twitter, which she is banned on, when she brought a trio of illegal aliens to Nancy Pelosi’s California mansion. She hopped over Pelosi’s wall with the illegals, pitched a sanctuary tent, and decorated the tent with pictures of Americans who had been murdered by illegal aliens.

Video: Laura Loomer Is Running For US Congress In Florida

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